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Tuesday, October 1, 2019


It was THE YAPPY BUNCH's first time to go to Subic as a family and even if there were asungots around (bwa ha ha ha ha) we were still having loads of fun.

If you're following this silly little foodie blog, you would know that it doesn't really take much to make us happy, as in mababaw lang ang mga kaligayahan namin. I would always tell the kids that as long as we are together we're going to have loads of fun no matter where we are.

That's why for this weekend, even if we're in a simple (yet lovely) resort, with asungots (who are like family naman, ha ha ha ha), and without doing the other activities that Subic is known for (meh we're lazy), THE YAPPY BUNCH still had a memorable and awesome time!

Check out part two of our super SUBIC weekend! We enjoyed it so much that we're raring to have ANOTHER part two! He he he he!

Good morning!!!

Only my bunsoy baby is awake. He he he he he!

We woke up the others for brekky!

Resort breakfasts may be nothing to some but I think it's still an opportunity to build memories with the boys. Besides, delicious food and family chatter is the best way to start the day!

Yup! That's why we really wake up the boys and dress up decently for it. There's no way that the Yub and I will enjoy our vacation food without them.

Breakfast time!!

There was an option to stay outside but the airconditioned room was so inviting. Tee hee!

Breakfast was simple yet so filling in MOONBAY MARINA.

You know us, as long as there's garlic rice, bacon (or danggit), eggs, and coffee, we're so fine na!

See the plates at the next table? There was actually an option to have your food delivered via room service. That may be good but we wanted to go down and experience breakfast in the resto.


Later on, dear Jelo joined our table.

The little ones wished to go to shoreline and do what they did before.

Fast driving on the open space (don't worry, nobody was there).

Master Mati and I hung on for dear life at the back. Ha ha ha ha!

The Yub let Andre and Jelo drive a bit and both did so well.

They were so happy afterwards that they were game for some photos!!!

Sige magsama kayo. It's still going to be me and my number one guy!!!

The Yub thought of throwing out rocks for some stone "skipping".

The boys followed suit.

Yup. It took about thousands of years for those rocks to go to land. Thanks boys for ruining their "mission".

KIDDING! Ha ha ha ha ha!

It was hot but it was also fun hamming aroudn with the boys.

Don't worry, I gave them sunblock.

Go Yub!

The boys were so impressed when he made the rock skip twice before sinking underwater.

This was another memorable family time for us!

Afterwards the boys (with the exception of Master Mati) wanted to do some swimming.

They were joined by friends Sasha, Fritz and Jeorgina.

Go kiddies!

The Yub and I were the usual bantays with pareng Jojie!

I don't really mind waiting especially if I have my traditional tall glass of mango shake. He he he he!

Afterwards, it's time to go. That means we're going to do our usual "around the room" pictures!

Drunk shot (our favorite)!

Terrace shot!

(Andrei's face is so sinister here).

Sala shot!

Hall shot!

Room number shot!!!!!!

Huy Mati may bigote ka na?!!!!

Say bye na to Subic Hampy!

Bye beds!!!!!!!!

The little lords were sad to go but they wanted to see their Lola na din.

Lesgow Master Mati!

Checking outs!!!!!!!!!

Though MOONBAY MARINA may be strict in some aspects (which I appreciated in a way because it's for our security din), they were considerate naman in other things that matter. They were also very nice pa!

Yohoo! This was a fun Subic getaway for summer with the BP (Bawal Panget) Family!

He he he I may have jokingly referred to them as asungots up above but really, I super love them. We all have our differences but we all share the same values and love for family. That's why when we're together, it's always an awesome time!

The Beeeyooootipul Girls....

And our handsome guys!

Syempre, the best pa din because I'm with my pogi boys...

(Though they would often run away from us to join their friends..... GRRRRRRRRRRR!)

What's great about our group is that our boys are friends with the kiddies. That's why they don't mind these group getogethers at all... In fact, they looked forward to it!

We all cannot say good bye yet so we had a late lunch at this Japanese restaurant  we saw by the road.

Check out our blog on WASHOKU JAPANESE DINER!

It was a great weekend! Till our next summer getaway BP Group!

And it's really time to go home.

Woah... Look at the clear roads. I don't mind long drives if the view is like THIS.

When I got home I cooked some Chicken Sesame Udon for my Mom!

We have had a long ride but I'll NEVER be tired to do THIS for her.

(If it's not yet obvious by now, our language of love is FOOD!). 


That was truly a fun weekend with the family and I'm happy that the Yub and I have finally bought the boys to Subic!

I was actually eyeing some other resort that was more popular and, as they say, IG worthy. But when I saw it, it was like KEKEKEKWEEENNNNNNNNNNG, we were thankful for our stay in MOONBAY MARINA!

Thankful too for our BP Asungots!! BWA HA HA HA HA! They made the stay MORE fun!

JUUUST kidding of course! Let's see if you guys DO read my blog! CHE!

Till our next getaway dear YAPPY BUNCH!!!

Waterfront Rd, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
(047) 252 9718




  1. Binata na talaga si Master Mati, may bigote na :) The place looks wonderful, Ms. Jaz ❤

    1. Hiyaaaaaaaa Yanna!!!

      Naku korek! He doesn't want to be called as "baby" na talaga at binata na nga daw siya. Noooooooo! Huhuhu! Iwawax ko bigote niya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Yeah it's nice especially for the affordable price niya. We all enjoyed.

      Have a great weekend dearest! mwah mwah!


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