Monday, April 11, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH was in Maragondon, Cavite for Holy Week. And, like how my family has been doing for the past 36 years, we were fulfilling our religious tradition of setting up our "Santos" for the procession for two nights. 


It's Friday and my family our "karo" was already finished and participated in the procession the night before. It will be rolled out again tonight along with the other "Santos" from other families.

THE YAPPY BUNCH started the morning with going to different churches, visiting a hanging bridge, then playing basketball at an empty court. It was a VERY hot day so it's only elementary that we'll be going home SO thirsty and hungry.

YEHESS!!!! This would definitely answer that "hungry" part.

Grilled Fish!

Sinigang na Tanigue!

Vegetables rolls PLUS Lumpiang Shanghai! 

Grilled Liempo!

Steamed white rice!

Don't worry, we're doing our "fasting" in some other ways.

My plate!!!! My first-time-to-get-but-later-on-I'll-pack-it-up plate!

I'm DEFINITELY going to eat with my hands for lunch!!!!

Eating with my brothers and sisters!

Even if we were all eating already, Andrei was still busy watching THE ROBE, a classical movie starring Richard Burton. It was the story of the roman Marcellus, who wins the robe draped over Jesus after he was crucified. Normally I would demand that he stop watching and eat with us. But since he was so engrossed in a religious movie that he may learn a lot from, I allowed him to eat in front of the television.

While we were resting, the procession for the dead Jesus passed by.

It was a solemn procession with no marching band by the Roman Catholics. This certainly made my husband stand still and say a prayer.

That night, we all got ready for the second procession this Black Friday.

Saw Rocio and Mati huddled up and watching something. I really like it when the cousins get along. Normally they would tease and punch each other.

Waiting for the procession to start.

Like my make up??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

YELFIE (Yap Selfie)


Our beautiful "karo" adorned with colorful flowers and bright lights.

While waiting, the little lords lit up their candles.

I guess Andrei got tired of waiting that he passed the time burning ants. He he he he he!

Me and my sister!

We heard the Church bells signifying the start of the procession. We waited outside our house for our "Karo" to pass by.

Waiting... waiting...


It was Mati and my cousin Rogee's turn to stir our "karo" this time.

It's Mati's second time to stir our family "karo". Hopefully it would also be a tradition for him to do so every year until he has his own family.

As for the rest of the family we stayed at the back to offer our candles and prayers.

It's a very long walk along the streets of Maragondon, Cavite.

(Check out PART ONE of our Maragondon Holy Week 2016 for a look at all the participating "karos").

Go Mati and Rogee!

Our "karo" was always behind the marching band that plays the usual religious songs. It's good that we're stationed behind them because it attracts extra attention to our "karo".

Ate Jojit and dear Rocio!

Karen, my Kuya Jay's wife, was sick that night and wasn't able to join the procession.

Me, the Yubhub, Andrei, and some weird photobombers at the back.

Newly weds Anthony and Ate Jojit with Cio!

Mati said that one of the most difficult parts in steering the "karo" is with the road that goes downhill.

Of course, they exerted effort in not rolling all the way down to kingdom come. They did get help too from our staff that pulled the weight from behind.

Sniff! Sniff! My Mati is so grown up na talaga!

I remember how 6 years ago, my Dad had a small bench constructed at the back of our "karo" for the little lords.

This is so that if they get tired during the long walk, they could just sit on it.

And now, he's already steering the "karo" like a real grown up.


There was still a long way to go.

I'm sure Mati and Rogee did not mind.

Half way through the procession, Kuya Jay took over for Mati.

Good job little guy!

And we're done!


Too bad that my Mom and Dad were not able to join us for this year's Holy Week. We're hoping next year, the family will be complete.

Hay naku my brother and tita Saling didn't want to join the pic! Boo! He he he he he he he!

The little lords!


I'm sure next year master Mati will be taller than me.

After dinner, we passed by the Aglipayan church to pray for Jesus.

Andrei really stared at His statue.

Then, it was time to do our yearly EXPLORINS! Yep! That's what I always call it!

We love walking at night time and enjoying the serene calmness of the evening. I don't think we could do this in Manila. (Baka maholdap kami! Ha ha ha ha h aha ha!).

We passed by dark houses and bright houses. It was a great walk.

After a long stroll, we finally get to Mati's favorite, 7 ELEVEN.

I was supposed to get the same Strawberry Filled Donuts from the night before but they ran out of it.

We have this running joke in THE YAPPY BUNCH where we hide from somebody who got so into at what he's doing. Tonight it was Andrei and we decided to go outside and watch him from there.

Tee hee!

After our prank on him, the little Androse was SO angry!

If you want to rile him up, just say 7 ELEVEN.

Tee hee!

We're such a mean family. I know.


The next day it was time to say good bye to my Dad's ancestral home in Cavite. Until the next family event!

We all packed up after breakfast!

Our Santos were all cleaned and covered ready for the next procession.

Till next year....

Our going away pic with THE YAPPY BUNCH, Kuya Jon, Ate Jojit, Anthony, and our household staff.

Thanks for all the help!

Good thing the drive home was clear!

That wraps up ANOTHER year for our GATDULA Holy Week in Maragondon, Cavite. I apologize if this blogpost is not something you could learn from but it does record the solemn AND fun time that we had there as a family.

Don't worry, a LOT of this will follow every year. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


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