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Wednesday, May 29, 2019


I know what you must be thinking...


Not only that, it's KIMPURA again on MY (belated) birthday. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Yep some time last March my dear HS friend Sandra invited me out to treat me on my birthday. When she asked me where, the usual "tug-of-war" of who will name what place, erupted. FINALLY, fickle minded me decided on Italian. So Sandra arranged for this restaurant she loved in Greenhills.

Then at the last minute while I was on my way to the venue, I texted her "Sandz, will you get mad if we switched to Japanese na lang again?" (I said "again" because we'll already been changing and re-planning the venue).

Her answer was, "He he he... Sige Japanese" -- you'll get the impression that she's about to wring your neck.


So KIMPURA it is because she hasn't eaten there yet and we felt that it was the best choice for Japanese in the Greenhills area.


Once again, my KIMPURA loyal heart (and tummy) is happy!!!!


KIMPURA baby!!!!

It's a birthday date with my dear friend Sandra from High School!!!


He he he he! She doesn't like solo shots.

Could you guess who among us is the studious one while the other disturbs her friend while reviewing for a quiz??? He he he he he he! 

I don't think I need to tell you who, right? Let me also add that Sandra was a heart throb during our time (DURING OUR TIME DAW O!!!!) that MANY guys during school fairs would only talk to me because they want to get to know her.

CHE!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Naaaah... It's okay. I'm proud to be her friend!!!!

Ordering up!!!

Truth be told, whenever THE YAPPY BUNCH are in KIMPURA, we would order the dishes that we would be sure to finish. (Syempre para tipid na din... ha ha ha ha!) With dear Sandra she was like "Order lang ng order!!"

Hala! Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm not used to that!!

Tuloy whatever the manager recommended, she ordered!


For starters, we got the KIMPURA Take Sashimi Platter (P795.00)!

Yummmm.... This consisted of a combination of local and imported sashimi!

Now this is just too beautiful to disturb. He he he he he!

KIMPURA Gindara Teriyaki (P850.00)!

Because Sandra said we should have some fish!

KIMPURA Mixed Tempura (P495.00)!

I've always loved the Tempura of KIMPURA because the breading doesn't over power the seafood and it's always light and crispy!

When Sandra looked at our spread she felt that something was lacking. 

She knows how much I LOOOOOOOVED steak and got the KIMPURA Sukiyaki Teppanyaki (P585.00)!

YOHOOO!! Let's eat!!!!!!

I also ordered some Tekka Maki (P165.00) just because I cannot NOT have it in Japanese restaurants.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with dear Sandra!

Thanks pretty friend!!! Don't worry, on your birthday I'll treat you too.

How about in JAY J's INASAL??

Kidding! They own that. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh yum! 

HEY!! That's my piece!!!


Wow... This was more than enough for little ol' us!!!!!

KIMPURA never fails to make me happy. Everything was just SOOOOOOOOO good!

YEHEYYYY! And at the end of that Japanese feast, I got my complimentary birthday dessert!

I'm so happy..... I want to thank the Academy.... my family..... see?? I did it!!

He he he he he he!

Of course, a birthday wouldn't be complete without a birthday song!

Plus, birthday wish!

Uuuuuy.... Pacute my blow!


Well not quite. Ha ha ha ha1

Hay naku! We were sooooo busy chatting that we only got to eat a bit and itong si Sandra nagdidiet pa. We just had it all to go.

Could I have this to go too???

When we went outside, she saw a sampaguita vendor and bought one to give to me. Alay daw niya sakin.

GINAWA AKONG SANTO?? Ha ha ha ha ha!

See? She might be this quiet and studios heartthrob but really, she's as crazy as me. I'm just loud. Yun lang. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thank you soooooo muchos dear Sandra for the birthday treat! I know we don't get to meet as much as we wanted to but you always remain as one of my special friends way back when I was innocent and young.

INNOCENT AND YOUNG DAW O??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you again and hope to see you soonest!!!

Mwah mwah!!!!!!!

Ground Floor, Parking 1B, O Square Greenhills, Ortigas 
Avenue Corner Wilson Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
Phone Numbers
02 8225308 / 02 8225329



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