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Since 1980, my family has been participating in the yearly procession for Holy Week in Cavite. Before, there was only a number of "karos" going around the simple town. But now, many have joined in on this religious ritual that has also been the "panata" or sacrifice for Catholics.

The same could be said for my family: back in the 80s (ay ang tanda ko na!) it used to be just the 6 of us with my uncle and lola from Cavite. Then my Mom's sister, Ninang Saling and family also made the commitment to help us out every year. Then the spouses came.. And the kids... Plus our "Angels" and "Macho Men" who are now like family to us. Even if we're supposed to be there to observe the Lenten Season, it has become a family reunion/vacation every year!

And for 2017, it became another unforgettable one!

We usually go to Cavite on Thursdays but since we were off early that day, we decided to drive straight to my Dad's home town.

Yep! We're in high spirits now but after 4 friggin hours of being stuck in traffic, we started to get "car" fever!

Now who's laughing now???

We had a stopover at my family's favorite restaurant in Cavite, PILITA'S RESTAURANT! I remember that I've been eating here since I was a little girl. It's great that the boys are now with us.

The PILITA'S fried rice was so good!

The Camaron Rebusado had larger pieces of shrimp this time BUT it also cost a lot more. For 4 pieces, it was priced at P260.00 would you believe??? Ha ha ha a!

Blog post coming soon!

We arrived in Cavite VERY late. But nothing would stop me from having my midnight snack of Antipolo suman and coffee!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The little lords were tired but excited! They can't wait for tomorrow.

The next day....

Good morning Cavite!

I woke up later than my usual schedule that I was not able to have breakfast with my Ninang Saling and Kuya Jon.

Good thing the boys waited for me until I finished with my bath.

Ahhh... Our breakfast spread!

Fried Tuyo and Sunny Side Up egg!

Saucy Corned Beef!

Tomatoes and Onions with a dash of fish sauce!


The Chinese Dimpol and Master Mati!

Me and the Androse!

My plate! My proof-as-to-why-breakfast-is-the-best-meal plate!!!!

After eating, somebody got in a food coma! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Our karo of 37 years is finished! Kuya Jon, Ninang Saling, Tito George, and our Macho Men were so fast that they finished before we could even pick up a flower.

Between the two, it is Andrei who was so excited for Holy Week.

He just loved the whole experience and is always excited to go to Cavite. It may not be obvious (because he could get naughty at times) but my bunsoy is a very religious boy!

For their free time, the boys worked on their Kumon!

Yup! Because studying is ALWAYS important!

After Andrei finished with his Kumon, he went outside to help out our Macho Men in the grilling of the pork liempo for lunch.

Yummm! This is such a staple for our Sunday lunches!

Thick and juicy pork liempo for everyone!

Andrei really stayed outside with Joseph and helped in the fanning and flipping of the pork. He could choose to stay inside and watch Avengers 2 (like what his Daddy and Kuya did) but he was so committed to the grilling!



Indian mango!

Grilled Liempo!

Courtesy of Andrei! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Adobong Mussels!

Everything was so delicious but this was my favorite!!! The sauce was so garlicky and seasoned so well that we all can't help but slurp on the whole thing.

Sinigang sa Miso na Tanigue!

The soup was sooooo sour! Just the way I liked it!

To complete that "kamayan" experience, I chopped up some green mangoes, tomatoes, and onions then tossed it with bagoong. Winner!

For dessert, we smothered our faces with ripe mangoes!

Somebody is ready to attack...


My siblings were stuck in traffic so we started with our delicious lunch!

My plate!!!! My full but happy plate!

Tee hee!!!! Don't worry Kuya Jay, Karen, Rocio, Ate Jojit, and Anthony, we'll leave you some food!

Or WE'LL TRY rather!


After a long and relaxing nap, we woke up for the procession.

But since the mass took sooooo long, we still had time to eat!

The menu for that night was the Chinese Dimpol's request...

Filipino Mami!!!!

With tokwa...

Chicken and Pork!

Like what we would do at home, we pick what we want from the mini-buffet...

And fill it up with piping hot soup!

While we were eating, my brothers and sisters were chatting and watching SPY.

My niece Rocio loved chess and played several rounds with Anthony!

Finally the church bell beckoned us to go outside!

The procession is starting!

Kuya Jon and Joseph already positioned themselves for our karo which was number 11.

The family!

(Mommy and Daddy will be coming tomorrow).

Ninang Saling, Tito George, LJ, plus Marie and her kiddies!

My very excited boy!

I love pictures with candle light! He he he he!

The procession involved the different stations of the cross.

The scourging at the pillar....

I see many familiar faces lighting up their own karos.

All were adorned with beautiful flowers.

Sometimes they even have their own music.

As for our karo, we're always behind the Cavite Band. He he he he he! So you'll know of our "arrival" when you hear the band music!

Isn't our karo so beautiful?

We have a long walk ahead of us.

The boys are usually the ones pushing the karo.

While the ladies light it up behind.

We're always thankful for the perfect weather come procession time.

Our town in Cavite is like a subdivision. There are small streets were people watch from their homes....

And bigger areas where the crowds converge.

They usually do so at the plaza.

And areas with no houses to make them go away.

Rocio and Karen!

For 37 years, it's always St. Veronica who's behind us.

For tonight, Kuya Jay said Mati and Anthony should pull our Karo. But during the road downhill, the Chinese Dimpol helped out.

And then Mati went back.

After praying the rosary, Karen, Rocio, and Ate Jojit chatted while walking.

We still have a long way ahead but it's so worth it.

Yay! We're done!!!

The night would be more perfect if Mommy and Daddy were with us. Hopefully, the long walk and observance of the procession gave the Lenten Season more meaning for everyone.

And we're back at home!

It's time to eat again!

Some went for the noodles while some attacked the fried chicken Ate Jojit bought.

Some however, dug into my special Cream and Cheesy Mashed Potatoes!!!!

It was an accidental creation that i thought of doing last Christmas: Mashed potatoes topped with garlic, cream, then loads of cheese! Pop it in the microwave until the cheese bubbles then VOILA!!!!

Just sprinkle some green onions (for extra texture and taste) and you got yourself A VERY delectable bowl of mashed potatoes!

Rocio really requested for this even though it won't go well with anything!

After filling up on Mami, Chicken, and Mashed Potatoes, it's time to do our usual night time activity...


We want to go ghost hunting but the Chinese Dimpol said it might be dangerous now to go to dark places.

Rocio and Mati settled for the house that the real life couple of KISAPMATA (the movie) went to. 

Plus for some reason, there were a lot of barking dogs that night. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And as ending to our EXPLORINS, we went to 7-Eleven!

It was a very hot night and so perfect for slurpees!!!!!!!!

Mati is addicted to slurpees! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Going home, Karen met up with us and while walking we shared some more stories.

Hay naku naughty Andrei talaga!!!!

When we got back, they all finished another movie and decided to call it a night.

As for me, my night will never end until I have my coffee and midnight snack!

Yep! Even if the Chinese Dimpol is sleeping already. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I apologize if my post doesn't have enough religious information or appreciation. It's just that I usually keep most of my spiritual realizations to myself but I do want to share with you our experience for this Holy Week. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone with my light-hearted post that also included the food we enjoyed.  

Watch out for part two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep! This was 9 years ago!


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