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Tuesday, May 28, 2019


The bunsoy Andrei recently learned that they will have his confirmation in school and he was beyond excited. It may not be obvious (because he's very  naughty) but he's the most religious one in the family, and got very curious with what's going to happen in the confirmation. We picked out his godparents and he counted the days till the date of the ceremony.

Yun lang, dear Andrei is sooooooo unfortunate to have an eng-eng Mommy. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

You see, we are Filipino Catholic. So I thought that like in his first communion, they were fine with mix religions in the ceremony.

OH I WAS SO WRONG. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Turns out, you HAVE to be Roman Catholic to be able to be confirmed in Andrei's school. Ha ha ha ha! Oh well. I guess I was sleeping when they taught that in High School.

Andrei was soooo mad. Tee heee.....

ANYWHO, I guess it was a blessing because we discovered that Master Mati hasn't been confirmed as well. He attended this mass confirmation with his lolo in Cavite when he was about 3 years old and has forgotten about it. That's why he's open to having another one. With that, we made plans and listed down the godparents that the little lords wished for. The great thing too was that since we have our own schedule in our church, the little lords would be the only confirmants. We appreciated the solemnity and privacy that our own schedule would give. At least, we won't have to wait and crowd around with about a hundred students, parents, and godparents.

Now where to go after the ceremony?

It's quite difficult to look for a venue close to our chosen church because it was a Sunday, and most restaurants don't accept bookings that day especially for big groups.

So imagine my relief when CAFE MARY GRACE in Powerplant Mall agreed to my request and offered to put us in their function room at no charge.


This was a far cry from another restaurant whom I made arrangements with where I was at the mercy of the sungit receptionists. I loved the food as I've been there before but they were not very welcoming.

In the end, we cancelled our reservations in the first restaurant and went for CAFE MARY GRACE because of their friendliness and helpful attitude. The great thing too is that since it's in a mall, there would be a lot of parking spaces and our guests could shop around after our early lunch.

So yay! See how everything worked out for the better???

I guess sleeping that day in religion class was meant to be! Har de har har! Kidding!!!

Congratulations dear Mati and Andrei!!!!!!!!!!

Proud to be Aglipays!!!!!!!

We attended mass in that church that Sunday as required by the bishop. He he he he he...

It's nice to see the other Aglipays in the city.

Our family arrived on the dot and we waited for the Bishop to start the ceremony.

Confirmation time!!!!

We were the only ones in church for the confirmation and we appreciated the solemnity of the event.

Little Isha and Hiley stayed with my Mom.

Andrei getting blessed.

And given a small slap.

Same goes for Mati.

And there's that light slap reminding him to be brave in spreading and defending his faith.


Congratulations to the newly confirmed Aglipays!

We appreciated how the Bishop talked kindly to the kids and made it very personal. As a result, the little lords have a new love of their religion and faith.

Mati's and Andrei's Ninongs and Ninangs!

For Mati...

Ninong Jonahs, Ninang Ann, Ninang Karen, Ninong Allan, and Ninang Maan (with dear Ivy attending in her place).

Manong Fred is also a ninong but nobody wants to substitute for him. Ha ha ha ha ha!


For the bunsoy Andrei...

Ninong Jon, Ninong Jay, Ninong Syoti, Ninang Jojit, Ninong Anthony, and Ninang Mariane (dear Hennie stood in for her).

The confirmants' picture with their lovely Lola!

And the priest who gave them their seminar a week before. He was very nice too!

According to Andrei and Mati, they liked him because he was so funny and they learned a lot.

Congratulations my dear boys!

We're all so proud of you!!!

For our "post confirmation" treat, we all headed to CAFE MARY GRACE!!!

CAFE MARY GRACE is one of the popular restaurants in the new wing of Powerplant Mall.

You can't beat the homeyness and appeal of CAFE MARY GRACE!!! 

They serve delicious food too!

The CAFE MARY GRACE function room!

Isn't it pretty?

We were supposed to be seated at the long table but I was concerned that we might catch the afternoon heated. So I asked to be transferred to the next tables.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!

The young (once) table!

Allan and Ivy!

Yub and Syoti!

Me and Hennie!

BB Aning and Jonas!!!!

The Yap siblings... Missing Maan.

The kiddie table -- Isha, Andrei, Hiley, and Mati!!!!

The anti-pictures table! He he he he he! Thanks to the other side for smiling. Tee heee!!!!

Uh... I guess I won't be able to get one by one pictures because my family hates it when I do that... He he he he he!

So, kami na lang! He he he he!

Ordering up!!!

We told our family/guests that this would also be me and Eric's birthday treats for me.

Yes! We love "treating" two birds with one stone!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with our families!!!

(And friends who are like family as well...)

We love you all! Thanks for coming!



CAFE MARY GRACE Artichoke Dip (P278.00)!

This was a light but yum appetizer. I got many more for the whole group.

CAFE MARY GRACE Mushroom Soup (P80.00)!

Pareng Jonas was so cute because he asked pa if he could order this (Whyyyyy???? Ang bait ko kaya!!!).


He he he he! Kidding!

CAFE MARY GRACE Carbonara (P349.00)!

A default order for kiddies!

Mushroom Pasta (P418.00)!

I'm not sure what this is but it looks like another mushroom pasta.

CAFE MARY GRACE Chorizo Pasta (P358.00)!!!

Dear Hennie controls her carb intake but she said this was sooo god that she ate more than she should.

CAFE MARY GRACE Seafood Pasta (P390.00)!

The Tomato Perfect Plate (P458.00)!!!!

This value meal comes with salad, Puttanesca, and a plate of Tiramisu!


CAFE MARY GRACE Salmon Pasta (P368.00)!!!

This is the only dish I've tried in CAFE MARY GRACE because we would order it in meetings. I liked it so much that it's the only dish I'll get whenever I'm in CAFE MARY GRACE!

The kiddies were so happy with the privacy of their own table.

CAFE MARY GRACE Cheese Pizza (P538.00)!

The cheese overloaded the pizza that the thin crust got a bit soggy. He he he he! But it was still VERY good!

Since its' only 11:00am, some went for the breakfast! I was tempted to do the same but I was controlling my carb intake (nagpasta naman....).

CAFE MARY GRACE Tocilog (P348.00)!

CAFE MARY GRACE Tapsilog (P438.00)!

CAFE MARY GRACE Vigan Longganisa (P420.00)!

The Yub and I shared the bill!!!!

Got a bit peeved though that CAFE MARY GRACE claimed they cannot accept 2 credit cards for payment when we're used to other restaurants doing that. (Good thing I have cash). Just realized that I should've requested for the bills per table to be split. Siguro naman pwede yon. He he he he........ #stillcantmoveon 

Oh well...

In the end, we're just all so thankful for our families and friends who shared this special day of Mati and Andrei. No exag or bs here but we really feel so blessed to have you all in our lives.


Again, congratulations to my FOREVER Aglipayans!!!!!

This is for you Daddyowzers!!!!



Second Floor, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 4781850



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