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Friday, May 31, 2019

BUDDY'S (2019)

When the Yubhub celebrated his birthday last March, he only requested for 3 things:

A. To attend mass.
B. To have BUDDY'S for his birthday dinner.
C. Not to receive ANY gifts from yours truly..... 

He he he he.... Okay fine. Only 2 out of 3 is true.

Anyways, it's fine of course but I was just concerned that my senior citizen Mom might not be suited for BUDDY's especially that the popular restaurant is always jampacked and standing room only. But she was SOOOO game and said how everything would be fine (after I raised my worries). See? She's not pintasero of a place (Unlike some people I know. Nitpicking fakers).

Good thing that when we got to BUDDY's, the place was nearly empty and we were able to have Yub's cravings ASAP (after a few minutes that's when the people came jamming the place up.)

I love it when our guardian angels help us out. I guess they're "hungry" too! He he he he he!!!

Or maybe, that's their "birthday gift" for the Yub this year! He he he he!!!



We're in BUDDYS!!!!!!

How lucky are we that the usually full BUDDY'S in Jupiter street is empty? And this was at 7:00pm ha?? So truly meant to be!!!!!

Ordering up!!!!

The Yub was excited. It has been a LOOOONG time since his last meal in BUDDY'S, his favorite restaurant.


Me, the birthday boy, and the photobomber!!!!

Master Mati, Mommy, and Kuya Jon Jons!!!!

The bunsoy Andrei showing us his selfie powers.

We also invited our pilot, Mang Henry, to join us kasi inaantok na ata siya sa gutom.


Le bill!!!

In BUDDY'S you pay first then eat later. He he he he...

YOHOOOOOO! Food is here!

BUDDY'S Chami (P225.00)!

Not so far behind is the BUDDY'S Pansit Lucban (P225.00)! My favorite in BUDDY'S!!

Would you believe that when we were just going out, the Yub and I could finish a whole order of Pancit Lucban, Sisig, then 2 cups of rice???


And we would be sooo happy afterwards. Haaaay.... #highmetabolismmemories

BUDDY'S Sisig (P175.00)!

Sizzling and saucy! We love this over rice.

BUDDY'S Sizzling Pork Chop (P197.00)!

We would always get this with extra gravy! YUM!

We started Yub's birthday feast with a prayer.


I forgot to add that we also ordered a double Pepperoni Pizza (P259.00)!

The Yub loved the pizza in BUDDY'S because the sauce was sweet and Filipino style!

My plate! MY BUDDY'S PLATE!!!!!!!!!

Almost done...

Awwww... the bunsoy baby is really attacking that pork chop!!!!

Good times as always in our favorite BUDDY'S!!!!!

Thanks Yub hubbers for the treat!!!!!


Belat my ate and hub were not able to join us so we got the food ALL TO OURSELVES!!! (They got so inggit when they learned about it....)



2948 Kakarong Corner Barasoain Street, 
Olympia, Makati City
02 2469069 ext:604

When we got home, that's when we sang to the Yub a HAPPY BOITHDAY!




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