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Monday, June 3, 2019


For the Yub's birthday, I was supposed to treat him to our favorite HOUSE OF WAGYU because I saw that they had a promo for BPI credit cards.

Lo and behold, the 50% off promo was only extended to BPI Visa cardholders e I have Mastercard lang. Ha ha ha ha ha! Drats. Though there was also a 30% off promo, the kuripot in us cannot bring ourselves to pay higher because we're already set on the 50% discount (Yup, we have that kind of reasoning. Ha ha ha ha!).

I was not in the mood anymore to celebrate because I got so irritated that our original plans didn't push through. With that, the Yub suggested that we go for HOUSE OF MINI'S, the more practical and, come to think of it, happy choice for us.

You see, HOUSE OF MINI'S is not just a restaurant -- it's also the happy haven where the kids of 80's had their first experience of sizzling steak in a, supposed to be, fine dining setting. I could still remember my excitement where as a little girl, I got my own small plate of bread, then served with the salad and soup courses. Then, there's the thrill of anticipation as the server pours the hot gravy over the steak then I duck behind the table cloth so that I wouldn't get splattered from the sizzle. He he he he he!

So many happy foodie memories!!!!

The Yub knows this and I think it is one of the main reasons why he invited me to go to HOUSE OF MINI's instead.

"Treat ko!" He said consolingly. He knew I was on my way to monsterhood. (Ako na nga nakaligtas sa pagbabayad, ako pa brat no? Ha ha ha ha ha!)

To be honest, the Yub didn't need to exert extra effort to stop me from turning into the hulk. I actually became excited with the thought of eating in HOUSE OF MINI'S again!!

Hey, it may not be as sosy wosy of HOUSE OF WAGYU, but promise, I'll be more than willing to go to HOUSE OF MINI'S anytime. Because corny as it may seem, HOUSE OF MINIS is like a foodie home to us already.

Now you wouldn't say NO to the prospect of celebrating where your heart is, right?


We're at HOUSE OF MINIS!!!

You know how impromptu your dinner plans are when you wear something similar to the restaurant tablecloth. He he he he he!

I always loved the log cabin inspired design with dimmed lights of HOUSE OF MINIS. When I was a kid, this was my definition of fine dining!

Yep! Life was so simple back then!

The complimentary salad!!!

The HOUSE OF MINIS salad is always the same old shredded cabbage, sliced carrots with cucumbers, then with a big dollop of thousand island dressing. Even though I have discovered more exciting salads now that I'm all grown up (with discriminating taste... HA), I still find this comforting.

Le complimentary mushroom soup!!!

The Yub slurped that creamy soup with so much feelings that you'd think he was watching a Nicholas Sparks movie.

The powerful appetizer triumvirate of HOUSE OF MINIS!


I got the HOUSE OF MINIS T-Bone Steak (P385.00) my favorite cut of all!

Wohoo! Check out that sizzle!!!!!!

As for the Yub, he got the HOUSE OF MINIS Porterhouse (P415.00)!

The cut may look smaller but it's all meat!!!


If you plan to take pictures in HOUSE OF MINIS, maybe you shouldn't sit by the window. I don't have anything against the Greenhills tiangge but having imitation bags and shirts along with the tindera might divert the focus on them.

While the Yub and I were eating too the tindera at my side thought that, for some reason, the mirror was one way because she proceeded to adjust her tight shorts oblivious to us.  As in take out the bit of shorts stuck in her inner thigh...... Weird!!!!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well...Good thing we love the steaks so much that we didn't lose our appetites after seeing that.

My happy Yub!

Me and one of my favorite comfort food!

Whenever we have "reasonably-priced" steaks, I would usually go crazy with the condiments and add Worcestershire, Seasoning, and Hot Sauce!!! Sometimes it's just more fun that way.

Sorry that the hot sauce made the steak look like it had zits. H ah aha ha h aha!



HOUSE OF MINIS complimentary dessert.


Though our plans didn't push through, the Yub and I were still happy with how our night turned out. Would love to go back here again with the boys because I'm sure that, like us, they missed this too!!!!



Lower Ground Level, Shoppesville, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 7211410



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