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Friday, April 5, 2019


One night, I was craving for Mexican food soooo much that I spent an hour in the office looking for restaurant recommendations.

(Remembers something) OOPS! Ah eh.... 1 minute! I meant 1 minute in the office... He he he he he he he he!

(Buti na lang nobody in the office reads my blogs)


I looked up the top Mexican food in the area and came across the name LA CARNITA. It has received many good reviews and it's the restaurant where that viral video of nachos doused in cheese came from.

So LA CARNITA it is!!!!!

It was also the season of hearts so it was perfect for the VALENTIMES season. At least, we'll be going somewhere affordable that I was craving for. Eh you know the Yub, he lives to answer my cravings.

Teka. That didn't sound right. Pero pwede din. He he he he he!

Here's our pre-VALENTIMES date in LA CARNITA! Did it answer my cravings?

Oh you'll see. You'll ALL see!!!

Dan. Dan. DANNNN.....


LA CARNITA had that bright and casual yet homey vibe going on.

We were able to get a table so the Yub proceeded to order.

That cashier guy is scary. Ha ha ha ha ha!

LA CARNITA menu 1....

LA CARNITA menu 2...

LA CARNITA menu 3...

LA CARNITA menu 4!!!

LA CARNITA  is semi self service  where after you order from the counter, they will deliver the food right to your table.


Food is here!

First on the table is a small order of their Cheesy Nachos!

We just got the small one because we were not sure if we're going to like it.

BOY we're we sorry.

If ever I go back to LA CARNITA, it's for THIS basket of crunchy nachos with loads of gooey cheese that's torched (or baked?) for that extra smokey flavor.


I want some more!

Check out that cheese pull.


The Yub got the LA CARNITA La Comida A (P155.00). He requested to just get plain rice instead of the mexican rice they serve with it.

I ordered a LA CARNITA Beef Soft Taco (P95.00)!

Veggies were fresh and the meat was tender but it was just okay.

Sames goes with the hard shell teaco!

I mean it doesn't taste bad but it could be more exciting. The sauces were a bit bland and when I asked for hot sauce, the server said they didn't have any.

Oh well!!!!!

It was not super entirely bad but for me it's just okay. I guess for the price it is enough. Oh well. Was really hoping that if the actual tacos were meh the sauces would make for it. He he he he he he he he! 



For all my complaints, we still finished it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! You know us, we love food no matter how meh it may be!!!!!

Thanks Yub for taking me out for a pre-VALENTIMES date to answer my craving for Mexican food. Mamaya naman, kakaibang craving ang sasagutin mo.




Second Floor, Regis Center, 
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, 
Quezon City
+63 9175518123



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