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Thursday, April 4, 2019


One Sunday, everything was feeling like how I want Sundays to be.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding! (My Mommers would wring my neck). Well usually we would all attend mass then have a Sunday feast at home (where the usual dish in the "starring role" is the Grilled Liempo... yummmm). We never get tired of it and always look forward to family Sunday lunches that I NEVER accept any invite from friends or blogging.

That Sunday however, my Mom said we should just go out for family lunch because she was not in the mood to think of other dishes that would go with our famous Grilled Liempo (or maybe that's her way of telling us that she's getting tired of it? NOOOH!!!!!) Whatever the reason, we're fine with it. As much as we wanted to eat at home though (because Sunday Grilled Liempo was our all time favorite) we're all looking forward to have lunch somewhere else.

Now where to go????

When my Mom asked me where I wanted to go for Sunday lunch, I blurted out the first thought that came into my head "NORTH PARK!!!" And they were all fine with it.

YEHESSS I thought. Because I was soooo LAZY to do some thinking, I just said whatever came to mind. Come to think of it though, maybe I was subconsciously craving for some of my Chinese comfort food favorites from NORTH PARK.

Oh well. Whatever the reason, I'll just think about it after our heavy lunch and before dozing off for my afternoon siesta.

Yup. Like I said. LAZY. 


When we called for reservations, the receptionist said it's first come first served only. We were worried at first that if we came in at 12:00pm (the time after mass) that we won't be able to get seats. Good thing that when we arrived, the place was almost empty. The people came in at about 1:00pm.


Kuya Jon and Andrei (pa-beautiful eyes).

Ate Jojit and Master Mati!

Mommy and Anthony!


Now it's time to EAT!

First on the table is a dozen of NORTH PARK Steamed Pork Siomai (P298.00)!

Honestly it's not as good as what they serve in other dimsum houses but it's still okay.

NORTH PARK Pinsec Frito (P143.00)!

Because it's a mortal sin if you do not get this. He he he he he he!

We then had some NORTH PARK Souffle Fried Rice (P28.00)!

This is one of my favorites in NORTH PARK and I only get to order it when I have an "army" with me.

I made a booboo and ordered the NORTH PARK Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs (P238.00) instead of the squid. Ha ha ha ha ha! We're fine though because the pork was juicy and flavorful.

NORTH PARK Beef with Brocolli (P498.00)! This is a winner everytime!!! Sarap!

NORTH PARK Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (P278.00) with separate sauce.

My Dad always requested to have the sauce on the side so that the fish won't get soggy.

NORTH PARK Lechon Macau (P258.00)! This is another favorite of me and the Yub.

When it's fresh off the fryer, the pork meat is tender and so appetizing with the hoisin sauce and pickles. The skin is mighty crispy too!

We decided to still get the Salt and Garlic Squid (P258.00) because Master Mati was really excited for it. Good thing we did because this was so yum with the rice!!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family in NORTH PARK!!!!!


My plate! My grilled-liempo-less plate!!!!!


Le bill!!!!!!

Thanks Mommy for the treat!!!!!!!!!!

Even if we're always excited for our Sunday Grilled Liempo, it was a refreshing (and delicious) change to have lunch in NORTH PARK. 

What's great too was that because I got soooo bondat with the plates of food with msg (I think), I didn't have trouble sleeping for siesta.

Trust me. I was a beautiful sight. Nakanganga pa matulog. Har de har har.


PS. Compared to their other branches, NORTH PARK P. Guevarra is our favorite because the food is always serving piping hot (and almost boiling). SHEREEEEEEP!



Opposite Petron, P.Guevarra Street, 
Little Baguio, San Juan City
02 7259439 / 02 7212759



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