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Wednesday, April 24, 2019


The Yub and I don't go to Solaire often because it's far from where we live. I have been there for some of their shows (Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, etc) but we only stayed within the theatre area.

One time my officemate invited me and the family to eat lunch at YAKUMI in SOLAIRE because she had a special discount. She said it will be her advance birthday gift to me.

Game!!!!! I answered without any hesitation. I don't even know where it is in SOLAIRE but you know me, when it comes to Japanese I never think twice. Tapos birthday treat pa, so SUGOD MGA KAPATID! ha ha ha ha!

Another officemate was supposed to come with us but they cancelled the last minute. Now who to invite to come with us????

Mam Zeny said I could just invite whoever pa since sayang naman her very big discount. My Mom and Kuya Jon cannot go because they're looking after the business while Andrei naman is on his field trip.

So who else? Hmmmm... Decisions... Decisions.

With that I thought of my kumareng Gail!!!

We were just together last night for her birthday treat to me in DUCK AND BUVETTE. And what better way to say "thank you" by taking her with me to a Japanese extravaganza?

As expected, she said yes. YAYYYY!!! Japanese food here we come!!!

O, iyan na mare "treat" ko sa yo sa birthday mo in December ha?

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! 


YAKUMI was located in the first floor of SOLAIRE in the restaurants area.

The restaurant was soooooooo spacious that you could fit in a many slot machines or casino tables inside. Ha ha ha ha!

Ooooh! Live stations!

Syempre, we were first. Pagbayarin ko kaya si mareng Gail? He he he!

Table setting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yayyy! We're complete!!!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!

The Chinese Siopao, MEEEEEEEH, and THE KING OF THE NORTH!!!!

My pretty inaanak Sasha and my favorite kumareng Gail!

Our lovely server offered us to take their Saturday eat all you can option. 

We thought that this will be the better option for us because most likely we'll order A LOT of sushi and sashimi!!!!

Master Mati cannot decide which to go first.

A while later, our server offered to give us fresh wasabi.

She also let my big guy try it out himself.

COOL! I think this is the first time I've tried fresh wasabi!

Wohoo!!! Happy and hungry for my 44th... este... 34th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAKUMI Crab Salad!

YAKUMI Kaiso Salad!

YAKUMI Gyudon!

They served the rice separately.


It's great how they served the dishes in tasting portions so that we could try a lot from their eat-all-you-can selection without having a lot of leftovers.

YAKUMI Tonkotsue Ramen!

Hold the veggies. He he he he he!


YAKUMI Tempura!

YAKUMI Sushi and Maki galore!


YAKUMI Yakitori meats!


YAKUMI Katsudon!

Wohooo! Let's eat!!!

They only had fish and veggie Tempura in the selection so we ordered an extra serving of Ebi Tempura!

Their prawns were huuuuuge and fat!!!! So yum!

Happy to have our favorite Japanese!!!!

Later on, Mam Zeny passed by to check on us. Thank you for the treat Mam Zeny!!!!!!!!!!

We also got an additional order of the YAKUMI Rib Eye...

And Wagyu!!!!!!!

For dessert, we had a LOT of ice cream!

Each scoop may be small but it was soooo creamy and refreshing.

We also tried out the Panna Cotta and the Fresh Fruits.


Well... almost... He he he he he!

That was surely an unforgettable Japanese feast!!! We were all soooo bondat after.

Thank you sooo much mam Zeny for the treat!!! Mwah! Mwah! Tsup! Tsup!!! Sana sa next discount you won't forget us. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!



Solaire Resort & Casino, 
Aseana Avenue, Entertainment City,
Parañaque City
02 2469069 ext:315




  1. Hi there!

    Happy birthday still though it's quite late!

    I hope you could also try KIWA Korean restaurant there in Solaire. I think it's just beside Yakumi. I could say that KIWA is the best Korean restaurant I've tried so far...hehehe

    Another very nice restaurant in Solaire is House of Zhou. I hope you could also feature these restaurants on your blog soon.

    All the best! Happy eating and blogging!

    1. Hulooooo dear Dave!

      How are you??? Missed you na ah!!!!

      We were actually thinking between THAT and Yakumi pero we suddenly got a craving for Japanese. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Wow really?? I'm sure prices are steep too ha ha ha ha! When my officemate has discount again maybe.

      Will definitely do when we get to try it.

      Thanks again!!! Take care always ha? mwah mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! But hey we finished that ah!!! He he he he he!


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