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Monday, August 13, 2018


I remember when I was younger, my family would go to Dampa paluto restaurants whenever we have balikbayan visitors whom we want to treat to a delicious seafood meal that's hot and fresh. Daddy and Mommy would do all of the shopping while us kiddies would work up an appetite while waiting in the restaurant.

Haaaaaaay! So wonderful memories!

Fast forward to 2018, the Yub and I've been wanting to eat in the DAMPA stretch of restaurants in Manila for soooooo long but we haven't got the guts because we know we don't have the big tummies for it either. The large greasy platters of saucy seafood left a very big impression on our minds that we cannot forget it. You know us, we're so kuripotations and we only want to order what we could finish so we figured that if it's only the 4 of us, our meal there won't be sulit.

But one time, enough was enough. We have waited for sooooo long (emphasis on the soooooo) that we thought, no matter how much our bill would amount to or leftovers we'd have, we'll just take it all home and not go out the next day. The Yub and I have been craving for DAMPA food for as long as we remember that it's time to just GET IT ON.

And that we did!!!!!!

YEHESSSSSSS.......... (cue in Marvin Gaye music).


We finished late checking out museums for our INDEPENDENCE DAY outing that our empty stomachs were growling like hungry hounds. 

It was raining and we were so tired for all that walking but we still looked for the restaurant that the Yub ate in with his officemates.


Wohoo!!! We were so excited to eat!


Bunsoy Andrei and Master Mati!

It's their first time to eat in this type of restaurant so they don't really know the gastronomic surprise that awaits them later. My boys love seafood so I'm sure they will also enjoy the food!

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes!

Yep! Guess what series I'm STILL watching???? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

SHYLIN 1 menu....

SHYLIN 1 menu 2!

And suddenly...

FOOD IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOWZA!!!

I know we were supposed to go to the market to shop for our seafood but we were tired. Maybe next time! He he he he he he!

Take note that what we ordered here are only a HALF KILO of each dish!

SHYLIN 1 Sinigang sa Miso Salmon Belly!

This half kilo of Sinigang na Salmon could really feed 4 hungry diners!

The soup had the right sourness I was looking for and the Salmon belly was definitely fat and tender!!!! 

This was certainly a great start to our lunch!

Master Mati loved Clams so we had the half kilo cooked in Oyster Sauce.

OH WOW! The sauce had the right malinamnam spiciness to it and the clams were fresh! This may be a big platter but it's got nothing on our appetites today!

SHYLIN 1 Crabs in Butter Garlic Sauce!!!!

We were thinking what sauce we'd like our crabs to be cooked in and initially we thought of their best seller, Chili Garlic. We remembered though that the bunsoy was not fond of spicy dishes that's why we changed it to Garlic Butter instead.

It was a great choice because EVERYONE loved it especially the bunsoy! He ate a lot of rice doused with the flavorful sauce of the crabs!

Yohooo! Things are looking good!


SHYLIN 1 Prawns baked with garlic and cheese!

Another great choice for my bunsoy! He had one messy bite and instantly fell in love. He gave us a piece each then commandeered the prawns clean over his plate! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Okay lang. As long as he's eating a lot, we're happy!

For carbs, we got a big bowl of garlic rice and plain rice. 


What a whole lotta food!!! Do you think we'll be able to finish it?

My happy Master Mati!!! He's such a seafood boy and from the way he's chomping up all the dishes, I'm sure he's loving everything!

My plate! My first SHYLIN 1 plate!

My hungry and happy boys!!!!!

Now you see it...

Now you don't!!!!


We finished everything but had a small bowlful left of the Sinigang sa Miso!!!! It's okay. We'll eat it for dinner later. He he he he he!

The shell massacre!!!!

Our bill!!!!

Like I said, we only had the SHYLIN 1 servers buy the seafood for us in the palengke. Based on the high prices of each half kilo, it's really a better idea to do the marketing ourselves. He he he he!

Yes! Kahit pagod pa kami!


Saying that we had an awesome late lunch in SHYLIN 1 is an understatement! We REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, SUPERKADUPER had a mind-blowing delicious seafood lunch!!! After we wiped everything on our long table, we knew we could handle another (and several more) trips to the paluto and dampa!!!!! Kainis that we made such a fuss about going here before when our tummies and appetite could seriously handle the large platters of hot food. It's THAT good!!!!

WE ARE REALLY GOING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Seaside Macapagal, Libertad, 
Pasay City
02 5562026




  1. This is the only place i go to when i visit dampa. Their food is superb!!

    1. Hulooooooooooooo PICHA!!!

      Woah really?? I haven't tasted the other restaurants in Dampa but I feel like I don't need to because the food they serve in SHY LIN is already mind blowing that I can't imagine dishes getting better than what they have.

      Kaya yayyy!!! Wow! I'm craving tuloy and want to go back asap. Ha ha ha ha ha!


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