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Friday, March 29, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH are once again in BELMONT HOTEL for a staycation with our BP (Bawal Panget) Family to celebrate dear Gem's birthday. Every year, Team Navarro would always treat the whole group for a hotel stay during the weekend that's why it's a birthday celebration that we always look forward to!

Of course, I know that I have already blogged about BELMONT HOTEL and our stay there with friends. Still, this weekend gave us a lot of happy family memories that we would like put on record on this silly little blog. This is after all, my online diary.

Sharing with you our simple but very fun (and wet) BELMONT HOTEL staycation with THE YAPPY BUNCH!! Hope we still have some more more mooooore!!!!!!!!


We arrived in BELMONT HOTEL past their check-in time because we came from lunch with KTG mates.

Checking in!!!!

It was already 4:00pm and they said the room is not ready. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Me guess these days that hotels would only fix up the rooms once the guests come in.

Wohoo! Finally we're here!!!!

The kiddies stayed in 7033!

The room of the boys was the first one available.

The two were so excited that they'll be getting their own room!!!!

Thanks Tita Gem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later on, my room with Yub became available too!!!!!

Hi neighbor!

Work area!

Rest room!



May pahawak hawak pa sa pader effect!

After unpacking, the boys dressed up to do some serious swimming.

Up on the pool deck we saw Team Navarro, Team Virrey, and Team Campo!

The kids dove right in!

As long as there's a pool, they're mighty happy!

As for the oldies, we're happy to do a LOT of chatting....

With drinks!!!!!

The Yub and I didn't feel like swimming yet because it was too cold. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Magkikissing kissing na lang kami.


The kiddies also loved swimming in the heated jacuzzi!

We got some fries and pizzas for the children in case they get hungry.

As predicted, they swim until night time.

They stayed most of the time in the jacuzzi because it was heated. He he he he he!

Oooh! I have a new baby!

After a LOT of swimming, we all dressed up for dinner.

We met the others downstairs and planned our route going to Resorts World.

For dinner we went to dear Gem's favorite, Ichiba Japanese Market!

It was a nice night in Resort's World because they had that Chinese New Year thing going on.

Somebody was extra happy with the set up.

We decided to go to the new hotel in Resorts World (I forgot the  name ha ha ha ha ha ha) and while walking best buds Mati and Johans  asked for a snap.

Somebody was not happy about it.

It was nice and classy in the hotel, but the BP Group could fix that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Our cutie kiddies!

After our stroll in Resort's World, we went back to BELMONT HOTEL and had a nightcap in Gem's room.

She set up some cheese, wine, chocolates, and chips for us!

Plus a cake from Team Virrey.

Ignore the dirty "candle". Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


If you're looking for the kiddies, they're so fine without us. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We ended up very late, but nobody showed any signs of wanting to go to bed.

Happy Birthday Gem!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we got to the room however, everybody rushed to sleep.

Except Master Mati. May kachat pa ata. Grrrrr....

The Yub snoozed agad.


The next morning....

The little lords were already awake but didn't want to get up.

Since Mcdonald's was next door, that's where we got our breakfast.

After energizing ourselves with morning grub, it's off to swim for us!

The others didn't feel like swimming, so we had the pool (almost) to ourselves!!! Yayyyy!

The little lords cannot have a morning without a LOT of swimming!

The water was a bit cold but it was perfect with the hot sun.

The Yub was shaking though. Ha ha ha ha ha!

It's always fun to swim with the little lords. I wouldn't mind getting a tan for that. He he he he he.

Plus, who wants to just stay in the boring hotel room? Swimming was waaaaay more beneficial to our systems compared to playing with gadgets.

Andrei and I did our favorite cute cute pose. He he he he he....

For our swimming snacks, we got our favorite...

Fries (with loads of mayo and kechup) and Ripe Mango Shake!

The Mango shake was soooo perfect under the glaring sun!


Making the most of our BELMONT staycation morning!

The Yub and the baby Bunsoy wanted to go ahead. I was left with the big guy because he still felt like doing more laps in the pool.

When we got up to take a bath, somebody was making muni muni.

After we all washed up, it's time for our favorite...

PICTURES AROUND THE ROOM!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Drunk shot.... (we have a lot of this).

On the bed shot...

The kids in their room shot.

Me and the Yub in our room shot...

By our room number shot!


We also have a lot of these too.

Bye rooms!!!!!!!

Checking out.

While the Yub checks out, the little lords were guarding our bags.

Yep! You could never be too sure who could "zoink" your undies. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

This may not be as "starry" as the other hotels, but my family and I still have the best of times because we always make the most of our weekend together.

And BELMONT HOTEL is a great spot to do it in!

Thanks muchos Team Navarro for this uber great weekend!


We love you too BP GROUP!!!!



Hee he he he he!



Newport Boulevard, Newport City, 
Pasay City, 1309 Metro Manila
(02) 318 8888




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