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Thursday, April 11, 2019


For VALENTIMES SEASON, we were supposed to take out the little lords for our family date that Friday. We have already arranged everything: I have made reservations in our favorite Healthy Shabu Shabu, and tickets were ordered for our movie.

However, we were not meant to go out that night. :(

Saying that traffic was terrible is an understatement -- everything was on a standstill!!!!! Well it was a bit our fault too because we thought luck would be on our side for this gimik night and we'll be able to go to Powerplant Mall smoothly from Quezon City.

Yeah. Yeah. On a payday Friday that was also a day after Valentimes. Ang galing namin no? We were too positive for our own good. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

So we broke the bad news to the little lords that Fridate was cancelled and they understood the situation naman. With that, the Yub and I were left to ourselves again (ahuhuuuuyyyy) and since it was still VALENTIMES week, we suddenly had an another date night for the season of hearts.

Where to go???

Syempre, I don't want the Yub to spend a lot. He already took me out yesterday and we're still due to go out this weekend with the family.

With that, I remembered going to this homey food court that is fast becoming one of my new favorites because they're serving my kind of food: CHEAP AND DELICIOUS!!!!


We first came across RECESS FOOD ALLEY when we were searching for the location of that popular food stall, BACSILOG. Good thing we were finally able to find it during one outing earlier that month. Since then we'd always go back to RECESS FOOD ALLEY!

RECESS FOOD ALLEY was like this car garage with many food stalls where they cater to the schools nearby (ex. Xavier) during recess. Take this ha, they're not ordinary food stalls, some are branches from popular restaurants.

They have MOE'S EXPRESS!!! Yipeeee!

Le menu...


Le menu again...

Potato Corner, Chug, and this Tea brand that I forgot the name.


And the popular BACSILOG!

Le menu!

We sat on one of the long tables while the Yub ordered. Later on, the resto guys delivered our hot dishes to our table. 

Food is here so LET'S EAT!!!!!!!

I got the 3 wings rice meal (P185.00) from FLAMING WINGS!

The great thing about FLAMING WINGS is that they serve this plate with rice and dip plus the chicken was fresh off the fryer.

I also got the UNCLE MOE'S Beef Shawarma Rice (P140.00) without the rice. He he he he he!

The rice was not yet ready when we ordered but it's okay. I have rice anyways from my FLAMING WINGS plate!

YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!  Everything was sooo good!!!!

I bought a tall cup of Moonleaf Thai Milk Tea to wash it all down.

The Yub was undecided what to get in RECESS FOOD ALLEY but when he got a whiff of the Pork Barbecue being grilled next door, he immediately went for it.


Yihiii!!! Another VALENTIMES date for us!!!!!

LET'S EAT!!!!!

While eating, I saw that FLAMING WINGS have this Chicken Spicy Pasta for less than a hundred. We decided to get it and take it home to Master Mati.

It was not as good as the popular Charlie Chicken Pasta but my big guy still liked it and wiped the whole thing out.

For dessert the Yub and I shared a cup of FIORGELATO Ice Cream because sweet kami.

Naaaah... We're just nagtitipid. Har de har har!


Simot to the boner... este... BONES!

And just in case you're planning to visit....

RECESS FOOD ALLEY - my new favorite when the Yub and I are craving for our favorites at a cheap price. I really enjoyed this post VALENTIMES date here with my Yub.

You may laugh and go EWWW on us that we had a VALENTIMES date here. If you did, unfollow or block me na because seriously, I don't need that kind of hypocritical mentality in my life.

Like what I would always say "It doesn't matter if a place is classy or dingy. The Yub and I always have the best of times as long as we're together."




 19-B General Vicente Lim Street,
San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila 
 0917 566 6162




  1. alam mo ba that eatery selling the bbq is very popular here. rumor has it that the owner is earning 5-digits per day! we love their sisig, monggo and ampalaya also.

    1. Ha ha ha ha! I really love the name you used mare! It always brightens up my day!!!!

      Woaaaaaaaaaah really??? I tried the barbecue and it was SOOOO good! It was great of Recess Food Alley to allow Eric to eat it there. (Sabagay I ordered a lot din). Would love to try out some of their other grub soon. The sisig will be number one on my list! WOHOO!! Miss you mare!


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