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Monday, February 20, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH are back in DISCOVERY PRIMEA for another staycation and even if it is already our second time, we are still so excited as ever!

And why not? We are going to have another sweet family bonding session with great friends in one of our favorite hotels in the Metro!


That Saturday morning, the Chinese Dimpol and I were at the little lords school to play some basketball and for Mati's taekwondo session.

After that, we drove directly to DISCOVERY PRIMEA!!!

Since we were guests of the hotel, we had valet parking!

Check-in was a breeze especially with the help of dear Isobel from Front Desk!

And what's so sweet was she remembered us from our first DISCOVERY PRIMEA staycation! Woah! Ain't that something? With that, I thanked her so much for making my boy's birthday staycation last time more special!

Check that out HERE !

Naks! Our staycation is getting off on a warm start!

This time though, we're in DISCOVERY PRIMEA to celebrate the birthday of my inaanak Jelo. Team Virrey are not yet here so let's do some explorin's around the room!

The living area simply decorated with balloons and birthday sign!

The kitchen complete with everything you may need for cooking, eating, and even washing clothes. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The birthday cake and luscious brownies prepared by DISCOVERY PRIMEA for the celebrant!

Those brownies are soooo good I zoinked one later on.

Dear Aning booked a 2 Bedroom King Suite for us. Here's the Master Bedroom!

We stayed here last time, now it's Team Virrey's turn.

This beautiful room has a bathroom with tub and TV.


THE YAPPY BUNCH will bunk in the other room with twin beds but I think there was a misunderstanding on this. No fret because DISCOVERY PRIMEA immediately offered to set up an extra bed.

Our bathroom!

MY toiletries! Ha ha ha ha ha!

I have to say that the room is spacious! We still have room to tango!

The cabinets! Now time for us to unpack.


No sooner after we finished unpacking that somebody buzzed in to serve our welcome drinks!

Oh yum!!! If I'm not mistaken, this is a cool and refreshing glass of Peach Lemonade with slivers of Lavender. 

Now it's time to go swimming!

Now where to???

The little lords immediately dove into the DISCOVERY PRIMEA infinity pool!

And who's already there? Team Campo!!!

 Mareng Gail, who was pregnant here at about 8 months is more voluptuous than me! Ha ha ha ha ha!

The DISCOVERY pool had a wonderful view of the Metro skyline!

Don't worry. It's safe to make "muni-muni" at the edge. He he he!


When they swim, the little lords don't fight (for about 10 minutes) and instead look after each other.

Me and the little lords!

If you're looking for the Chinese D, he's watching the finals of UAAP!


Awwww... Sky the Daddy's girl!


Yey! The Chinese D is here!

AND Team Virrey! Wowhoo!

Pretty Mommies!

Yes. We're owning it. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The great thing about meeting up with Team Virrey and Team Campo is that even the kiddies are super friends!

Especially the little lords with the Virrey boys.


Since he was not swimming, we asked Pareng Jonahs to take our picture.

Jonahs: "Teka bakit hindi kayo lumapit?"

Us: "Oo nga naman!"


As our tradition, we ordered some fries for the kids which they shared with the others. 

We swam straight till night time!

I don't think there's stopping us at all!

It's a good thing too that the DISCOVERY PRIMEA pool was slightly heated. All of us, even the kiddies, could just swim on and on and on!

If we didn't have to eat dinner, we would have stayed ALL... NIGHT... LONG!!!!!!!!!!!

Afterwards we all dressed up for dinner!

Of course, THE YAPPY BUNCH wore something nice because we're going to eat somewhere special!

The Glorietta foodcourt!!!!

Believe me, ANYWHERE is special for us as long as we're with family and great friends! He he he he! This was one long table of happiness!

I had steak pa for less than P300! That's a winner!

When we got back to the room, Mareng Chel and Team Quitoriano was there!

The kiddies are now ready to sing to birthday boy Jelo!


Is it obvious that he doesn't like the sparkly candles?

He gave such a cheer when it was done. Ha ha ha ha!

I love our BP Group!

(Missing Team Navarro!)

While the grownups chattered away, the kiddies went into their own little corners....

Tobey, Andrei, and Jelo!

Tiana, Dani, Sky, and Sasha!

And of course, Mati and Johans!

As much as we wanted to pull an all-nighter of chikahan, we still had a day of swimming and eating tomorrow. Besides, DISCOVERY PRIMEA already prepared our beds for us!

The Primea beds were so soft and comfy that the little lords were asleep in no time.

As for the Chinese D, yeah you better sleep na. HA HA HA HA!


It was a blessed day for us in DISCOVERY PRIMEA not just to celebrate dear Jelo's birthday but an opportunity to create wonderful memories with THE YAPPY BUNCH and our long time friends. We may just be swimming, chatting, eating in our favorite food court, and taking pictures but believe me, we are all having an awesome time that we'll never, EVER forget. 

More on Part Two!


6749 Ayala Ave,
 Makati, 1226 Metro Manila
(02) 955 8888


  1. The kids are asleep and Chinese D is waiting for youuuu! hahaha.^o^

    Ang nice ng hotel esp the bed mukhang ang comfy comfy talaga.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Dear Christine patutulugin ko muna talaga siya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Yes it was! Super fluffy and soft! Kaya sleep lahat ang mga kiddies even if they feel like playing pa sana.


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