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Friday, April 13, 2018


Sometime last year, we thought of watching SWAN LAKE because we remembered how much we loved it when we saw the show decades ago with my Dad at the CCP. The swan of the night then was prima ballerina Lisa Macuja and even now that I'm 32 (ahem) I would never forget the way her arms swayed smoothly like that of a swans. Ang ganda talaga!

For the SWAN LAKE we're going to watch in Aliw Theatre, Lisa Macuja was not going to play the prestigious Giselle role but she will be there as the Queen mother. At least she was still part of the ballet and I was curious how her protegee would handle it.

Of course, whenever we watch a show, we would always go for dinner afterwards no matter how late it was. Though I'm not too keen on afternoon shows, it at least insured that we would be having an earlier dinner. So hooray for that. I know it's medyo mababaw but I always get a bit excited whenever we have "theatrical night outs" where you have the complete "package" of a show and dinner. He he he he he he he!

Check out our fun SWAN LAKE show and ARISTOCRAT dinner. As I am writing this, I suddenly had the craving to watch another ballet show AND have dinner.

Yup! Let's not forget the latter. He he he he he he! 

Yohoo! We're going to watch SWAN LAKE!

For the show, it was just going to be my sister, Andrei, Mommy, and her sisters Ninang Saling and Tita Fer.

Don't even attempt at looking for the Yub. Hindi pa kami nakakaupo I'm sure he'll be snoozing agad.

Ew on the duck face ate Jit! Para kang hindi doctor. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

After my Dad passed, my Mom's sisters have been spending a lot of time with us. We enjoy their company and I'm sure my Mommy is happy being with them in these sad times.

Master Mati is more of a movie buff and is not a fan of theatre or ballet shows. 

As for my bunsoy Andrei, he loves it! I think it also has to do with the live orchestra. 

Ayan... date night tuloy kami ni bunsoy!

Andrei groufie!

Our ticket!!!!

After about 2 hours, the cast took their bows onstage.


We enjoyed it but I was somehow more inclined to the one we saw before at the CCP. The Giselle they have here performed beautifully but she was no Lisa Macuja. 

Geez! Even as a Queen Mother who just sat there Ms. Macuja had such stage presence.

We all had a great time with SWAN LAKE. I for one felt the shivers from Tchaikovsky's compositions. 

I sense how my Mom was happy too especially with her sisters.

I asked for a picture with my bunsoy Andrei and he initially wanted to put a jacket over his head. 

"Ano ba Andrei???"

That's more like it!

The show was beautiful and we can't stop talking about it in the lobby.

But hey, it's time to eat na kaya LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The vote for dinner that night was at our favorite ARISTOCRAT!

This ARISTOCRAT branch in Manila is becoming a favorite especially when we watch shows in the area because it's open 24 hours!

It was so full in the main dining area that they seated us in Parkview section.

ROLL CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ninang Saling and Tita Fer!

Bunsoy Andrei and Mommy!

Ate Jowjits and Anthony!


Master Mati and the Chinese Weirdo... ha ha ha ha ha!

They followed for dinner. Syempre! As long as there's a getogether with food, we're THERE!


I always need to have veggies in my system so if there's side salad in the menu (P75.00), we'll go for it.

ARISTOCRAT Calamares (P295.00)!

Crispy on the outside, soft and fleshy on the inside. This was Master Mati's order but we zoinked several pieces from him. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

ARISTOCRAT Chicken Barbecue (P210.00)! This was so sulit because each order came with 3 pieces on a stick!


You'd be CRAZY if you eat at ARISTOCRAT and not order this. HELLO.

Others got the ARISTOCRAT Boneless Barbecue (P190.00) because they're lazy to make hiwa hiwa with the bones y'know.

He he he he he he!

ARISTOCRAT Pancit Canton (P375.00).

Because we're pinoy and we eat pancit with rice!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family in ARISTOCRAT!!!!

Galit galit muna!

Except Ate Jojit who seems to be in disbelief over something.


Nom... Nom.. Nom...

My plate! My beautiful ARISTOCRAT plate!

It's very rare that my picky bunsoy would eat with gusto.

In ARISTOCRAT, he was making namnam to the bones talaga!

For dessert, we had a small order of TORTA DE LOS REYES (P490.00)!

A small order was enough for us because it was so rich and just fudgy all the way.

Bawal din sa mga seniors.

YAYY! More take home for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost done!

Le bill!

Ate Jojit treated us! Yayyyy!

Thanks ate Jojit!

After they've finished eating, the little lords went to my side to make kulit.

Tee Hee!

(Andrei has tingapa...)

Awwww... Wawa Yubhub... All alone. He he he he he he!

It was a wonderful show, a delicious dinner, super fun company, and overall just an awesome night!!!!




432 San Andres Street Corner Roxas Boulevard, 
Malate, Manila
02 5247671 / 02 5247680




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