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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


WOHOOO!!! We're going to BAGUIO!!!

I know that many of you will be saying "BAGUIO AGAIN??? Anak ng...." And honestly, I have also contemplated if I am going to blog about our 3 day trip or not because it's already our second time this year. But for this one though, we are going with my Mommy, and I am positive that this is something I want to document here.

Siguro naman by now you have an idea that my blog is my online diary and not really for monetary purposes right? He he he he he!!!

My Mom is a doctor and she devoted her life to my Dad and the family. She and Daddyowzers were so in love and is one of the sweetest couples I know. They always went out on dates (as in A LOT OF DATES... baka nagbibiglang liko na I don't know... ha ha ha ha! Kidding) and would always do the HHWW (Holding Hands while Walking).  I swear, they're my role models. Yun lang, they don't do many out of Manila trips because of the family business. It's okay. Mommy naman din is just fine staying home with all of us. And if my Daddy is not with her, she'll not go out din.

After my Daddy passed away ( :( ), we were all worried for my Mom because she's sooooo used to him always being there. Now,  my siblings and I really make it a point to not leave her home alone and take her with us. The touching thing too is that even the boys Mati and Andrei don't like leaving their Lola alone. My Mom of course would tell us that she's fine and to not mind her. I'm sure she's okay (she's one of the strongest ladies I know) but we just don't want to. Period. I'm sure my Daddy wouldn't want us to leave his true love behind.

When she agreed to go with us in our BAGUIO TRIP we were so happy (Yup! It's our new tradition to go there every December as one of Andrei's bday celebrations). We really wanted to treat her in the City of Pines because I think the last time she was there was when we were snotty kids (one of my most memorable trips EVER).

So yes, I'll blog about this December BAGUIO TRIP because it will be a VERY special one for me. I want to remember every moment about it because we will be with the number one lady of our lives.

My Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!

And, expect many more blogs about our BAGUIO TRIPS in the future too (hopefully) with my Mommyowzers!!!

We woke up super early so that we'll leave for Baguio at 4:00am!

Halaaaa... It's so traffic in the main roads. Besides the holiday, there were about 4 road accidents that we encountered.

Yay! Finally!!!!!

However, we discovered that Kenon Road was closed! Hala!!! Besides that, one lane in Marcos Highway was closed so there was a major traffic jam!

Cars were on a standstill for about 2 hours in Marcos Highway that we could go out and stretch!

Good thing the weather was cold!!!

Would you believe that we were stuck in traffic for 11 hours???

YUP! 11 FRIKKIN HOURS!!! Nakapunta na ako sa US nito ah!!!

Honestly though we were not that inip. I was more impatient on one 6 hour trip going home to Lucena one time.

I guess a big factor here was that I was with the best company ever -- my family and my Mommy. Believe it or not, the 11 hours just whizzed by and we were not as tired as some people might think. Even the Yubhub agreed (and he drove all the way with a stick shift ah). It helped too that the weather was cold.

YEHESSS! Hay salamat!!!

We're free!!!! FINALLY! But it was already 5:00pm!!!!!!!!!!!

Initially we all made plans to go here and there just in case we're early, in the end NADA! It's too late and we were all tired to do ANYTHING!

The boys were initially panicking that we missed a day of fun but I told them not to worry. Because really, even if we got stuck for more than 11 hours, I told the boys that we still had a LOT to be thankful for:

1) Our vehicle didn't overheat. 
Grabe while we were driving up in Marcos Highway, we saw about 30 cars parked on the side because their engines overheated. I am not exaggerating!!! I guess the uphill and the traffic made drivers step on the ignition harder than usual. Kaya I told the boys we should be thankful that our pick-up did not overheat otherwise that would certainly spell THE END to our vacation.

2) None of us had to go to the bathroom!!!!!
It may be mababaw but I'm so thankful for this. Imagine how hassle that would be that while we were stuck in Marcos Highway and we had to pee or (worse) poop?? There was not a restaurant nor establishment in sight!!! Hay buti na lang!

3) Nobody got hungry!!!! 
Good thing I packed A LOT of snacks and ice cold drinks for the kiddies that we were able to munch on something while stuck in traffic.

4) The weather was cold.
Yup I know we're in BAGUIO already but sometimes our climate has moods and a rainy day would suddenly become sunny. The yakap weather certainly added to our comfort during that long wait. 

5) We had a very patient Yub/Daddy!!
Whenever I tell others about our 11 hour ordeal, my friends would say "Di ko kaya yan!", "Magwawala ako!!", "Di mo ako mapapapunta sa Baguio ng holiday!!", "Magpapapalit ako sayo!!".
But NOPE! We never heard the Yub complain nor say something to show his impatience at all. Cool lang siya and would even say "Don't worry. Matulog lang kayo." If somebody was awake to chat with him, fine. If we all felt like sleeping, go lang din. He would even assist my Mom when going down the vehicle to stretch (our pick-up didn't have a step-board ha ha ha) by taking out the step cross from the back (it's what my Mom used to make going down easier). Like I said, even if this is something that we could do away next time, we were still all happy and in a good mood inside our vehicle. And it was a big help that our driver and sweet lover felt the same.

6) Since we arrived in BAGUIO at about 5:00pm, we didn't need to spend for lunch.
HA HA HA HA HA HAHA! O di ba? At least we got to save money. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Told you. In times like these, being angry would get you nowhere. Just always look for the bright side and be thankful of the blessings. Laging meron yan!!!


We went straight to our home for the weekend, NEWTOWN PLAZA HOTEL!

We didn't know that they'll be in BAGUIO that weekend and staying in the same hotel. One time when we were chatting, we found all that out and were like "YOU TOO???!!!""

See? Great minds think and travel alike!

After having some hot taho, we all went to our rooms to rest.

I treated the family and my Mom by booking 2 rooms.

The Yub and I will share with Andrei.

While Mommy and Master Mati will be together. 

We initially planned to go to Diplomat Hotel, then the President's Mansion, and horse back riding for our first day. But because we were stuck for 11 hours, those were scrapped!

HOWEVER, we were able to fulfill our dinner wish for tonight in O MAI KHAN!

Yep! It's one of our favorite restaurants in BAGUIO and we treated our Mom here.

We were supposed to go home afterwards but then pareng THE FOOD ALPHABET recommended us to go to Burnham Park for the biking.

I said, "But it's night time!"

He answered that at least it was something different. We should try it!

I asked the boys and they agreed. The Master Mati said at least we could remove this from our schedule tomorrow.

As for Andrei, he's game. He's game naman always as long as it's a kiddie activity.

I told my guy I was going to take a picture of him and he did this pose. I was waiting for him to sit down so I could take his pic when he said "Mommy take my picture like this na..."

ABA! May papogi pose pa ang bruho with pursing of lips!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!


Of course, I asked my Mom if she was okay too because she might be tired already.

She answered okay na okay. We're just going to wait and sit anyway. Besides, the weather was soooo chilly that it would be fun to go to the park.

We haven't been in BURNHAM PARK for more than 5 minutes when the Yub set off and came back with munchies.

Great thing too about biking at night was that there were not a lot of people here compared in the daytime. 

I invited my Mommyowzers to have a short stroll around the park.

When we returned, we caught the Yub sleeping. I think he earned this because he has been driving for more than 12 hours after all!

The bunsoy asked for a short extension. Even if it was cold, he asked to remove his jacket that time because he got all hot from going around. 

Afterwards, it's time to go back.

We were all tired but happy. Of course, we could do away with the 11 hour traffic jam, but it was not the worst thing that could happen to us.

So yes, we still had a great day!

The next day, we enjoyed the sumptuous breakfast buffet from Elements in NEWTOWN PLAZA HOTEL.

Our heavy breakfast certainly got us all charged up for our full day ahead!

Eep!!! Good thing we're not going THAT way!

We're going more uphill!


I asked Mommy if she wanted to check out DIPLOMAT HOTEL and she was game because she hasn't been there before.

Other people may pass on visiting DIPLOMAT HOTEL because of is ghostly reputation. As for me, I valued the history and the structure it left behind.

My Mom and I shared the same feelings towards this tourist spot in BAGUIO that's why she's game to go.

If you ask Andrei though, he's still interested with the ghosty ghosty stories. 

As for Master Mati, he wanted me to take pogi pictures of him.


Call me weird or what but I still saw the beauty of DIPLOMAT HOTEL even if the walls were all damaged.

Match that with the chilly mountain weather, our visit in DIPLOMAT HOTEL was enjoyable!

We also checked out the new garden at the back of the hotel.

Just wanna share that for our group pictures, I would usually ask kind passers-by to take it for us. 

In this instance, I saw a guy walking in our direction that I decided to ask him. After the words "Hi! Pwede pong magpapicture??" came out of my mouth, the guy picked his nose (AS IN HE "DIALED" WHILE DECIPHERING WHAT I WAS ASKING HIM) but I cannot take my request back!!!

He was nice naman pero sumisinghot singhot pa from his "call". I was very reluctant to give na my phone (shudders) but he's smiling and waiting. 

OKAY FINE. I thought to myself.

He took our picture and went ahead after we said our thank yous.

After nun, AY SUSMIO mega alcohol, alcogel, wipes, talaga on my phone. Kulang na lang pakuluan ko sya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! 

EEEWWWWWW talaga. Come on guys. When did picking your nose in public become accepted????

INANGKUPUSHNESS. Thank you but... SOBRANG NEXT!!!!! NGIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!

After sanitizing my phone again, I took a pic of Mom with the boys.


The thinking Yub.

Aba! Picturan ko daw uli siya!

No girlfriends till you're 18!

Even if there were a lot of people in DIPLOMAT HOTEL, we still had a leisurely time going around.

The little lords were also so eager on sharing the ghosty stories with their lola.

We decided to check out the structure near DIPLOMAT HOTEL which had the largest display of the 10 Commandments.

This was actually in the Guinnes Book of World Records! Cool!

Before that, the Yub said we should get some ice cream.

Yub: "Magkano po?"
Vendor: "P30 isa."


Then hindi nakatiis because he really wanted the sorbetes: "Mama 4 na sorbetes po."

Pa-grumble grumble pa siya.

My Mom passed on the sorbetes and intsead went inside.

There she saw a lady who showed her the ceremony of prayer during the ancient times. 

It was actually a very interesting talk.

The lady showed Andrei the horn of... I forgot (which made a majestic sound when she blew on it). There were also some miraculous stones.

When I went outside, the Yubhub was at his SECOND helping of sorbetes.

Rekla-reklamo ka pa ah!!!!

DIPLOMAT HOTEL was indeed a great start to our BAGUIO morning!!

Yup! I recommend including DIPLOMAT HOTEL in your Baguio itinerary. It may have gotten a bad rep from the ghost specials and horror documentaries out there but really, you should just focus on the history and the beauty of the place that is personified in its strength. 

Go check it out!!!

It wouldn't hurt though for you to say a prayer before going in and to be respectful of the place. Happy vibes always!

Up next for us is the LOURDES GROTTO!

The stairs leading up to the grotto has a total of 252 steps! When you go up, it's traditional to light a candle and offer a prayer to Mama Mary!

I've always had a special fondness for the LOURDES GROTTO because I remembered going here when I was a kid with my family. Syempre, it was a challenge for me and my sibs to go up on those stairs. 

THE YAPPY BUNCH haven't been here because the last time we were in the area (when we also went to DIPLOMAT HOTEL), the place was so crowded. When we passed by my Mom really expressed her wish to visit Mama Mary and since this BAGUIO trip was also about her (besides Andrei's bday), we drove by. Good thing we discovered that there was a parking area at the side.


Hmmmmm... I need energy for all that steps! I did so with a cup of hot taho!!!

After several flights, my Mom got tired so I stayed with her.

Or is it the other way around? He he he he!

The boys decided to proceed with their Daddy!

A statue of Jesus.

And Mama Mary!

Ahoy down there!

Yes. MORE steps.

There was a warning at the parking lot that devotees should be mindful of their bags because there were a lot of pickpockets there.

Hey guy with the red bag! Sabi nang be mindful of your gamit!

And finally...

Isn't she beautiful?

The boys said their thanks to Mama Mary and made their prayer intentions.

Only my Mom could make us go to LOURDES GROTTO (he he he he) and we're glad we went not only because it's a BAGUIO tradition but it's good that the boys were able to experience going that many flights of stairs for a blessed lady.

When we went down... ABA! May nagshopping na naman!

YEP!!! The hub shopped MORE than me!!!!


I'll stop this here because as usual, this entry is getting TOO long. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Believe me, we went to more places afterwards. You'll see that in the next post.

For a weekend that was SO full of traffic jams everywhere (going to and IN Baguio) I think our family did good in making the most of our trip (maybe my guardian angel was on overtime to make sure that we won't be stuck in BAGUIO too much! He he he he). I guess when you're inspired (to treat out a special lady and bunsoy) and you're with the best company ever (my family!!!!) you'll go through whatever it takes just to have a great time! Of course, you don't really need to go anywhere to have fun with your family, sometimes you'll already have an awesome day just by being with each other in the hotel.


(Nagalit bigla... Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!)

Till our next post!!




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