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Thursday, January 17, 2019


The YAPsters have this tradition of fetching the little lords on their last day of exams ( be it for the 1st, 2nd, or etc quarter) and treating them out to their restaurant of choice. It's more like a good job pat from me and the Yub for the boys that they could eat. He he he he he he!

For that Saturday (yes, the last day always falls on a weekend), I asked my guys what they felt like having for lunch and they both shouted "Korean!!"

I suddenly had an epiphany (yep food does that to me) and remembered how the Yub and I passed by this Korean restaurant going home from work.


What really caught our attention was that they offered this buy 1 take 1 promo for their diners since it was their opening month. And after reading the reviews of their other branches, I was convinced that it was worth a try.

So really, it was density, este, destiny for us. And not because of the buy 1 take 1 deal, or how near it was to our place, but we all had an enjoyable lunch because we loved the food.

Wohoo! Korean!!! Annyeonghaseyo!!!!!!!

Hellooooo boys!

PREMIER THE SAMGYUPSAL was only in Wilson st., San Juan, and so near us.

PREMIER had 2 floors and we arrived just in time. 

After settling in our booth, big groups of people came in wanting a table. I guess they heard about the promo too!

Yun lang we remembered visiting the second floor and saw many vacant tables. Now I wonder why they're making the people downstairs wait pa?

Interesting. Hmmm....


Sorry gutom na ang kumuha!

Now THAT'S more like it!

Yubhub and Master Matthew!

Me and the bunsoy Andrei!

PREMIER menu 1...

PREMIER menu 2...

PREMIER menu 3...

PREMIER menu 4...


We'll take your word for it!

Our PREMIER place setting.

Our server was very nice and friendly. But I guess since they just opened, they're still not used to the restaurant rush. We would have to ask for our banchan or other items several times that I asked if we could get it upstairs. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Good thing they're nice and apologetic naman kaya we were (somehow) fine to wait.

Yayyy! Finally!

The PREMIER Banchan was worth the wait indeed!

Or gutom lang kami??? He he he he he!

Wohoo Kimchi!

Master Mati feasted on the plates of Banchan first while waiting for the meats to be grilled.

Unlike other Korean restaurants, they really use charcoal for their grill.

Our first set of meat!

Sorry I didn't catch what this was. I just trusted our guy to bring whatever's their best.

My bunsoy was so excited to cook.

They served their beef along with the thin strips of pork.

I think we also got some chicken!


While waiting our kind server gave us some spicy Kimchi soup.

We also got a pot of steamed egg.

And seafood soup!

YUP! Everything is included in the all-you-can-eat price!

Sauces were also provided for the meats.


Now let's get back to the grill!

Finally my lettuce arrives!

That beef was SOOOO good that we immediately ordered another one!

Seriously eating.

Oh wow... I remember how the aroma was just awesome!

My bunsoy enjoyed the tender and sweet meat too.

I think that was our first real Korean barbecue feast!!!

I'm happy that my picky eater was really enjoying his first official Korean barbecue.

Other times kasi we had the Korean meats with a buffet (Sambokojin, Yakimix, Sodam). I think this is the first time we had unlimited meats that's so popular right now.

And this is how I'll always eat my Korean barbecue!

Cooking some more.

The big guys were finished na and were already having meat sweats.

Of course, it's me and Andrei again who were last to finish. It's okay. Royalty is never rushed. He he he he he! Kidding!

We're really savoring the food e.

Check out my pretty face.

And we're done.


We really ate A LOT of meat that lunch time!

Our bill!!!!

With the strong popularity of unlimited meats in korean barbecue restaurants right now, we were glad to discover that it all deserved the hype. Talagang sulit siya for hungry families like us. As for PREMIER THE SAMGYUPSAL, this was a far cry from the unmarinated thin cuts of beef and pork in other Korean restaurants. What we had were plates of thick and juicy meat and pork that were already sooooo flavorful even without the condiments or sauces.

Yohooo! It was really a great lunch!

I'm not sure if we'll go back here in a jiffy. Maybe we'll wait until they're already used to the usual restaurant pace. He he he he he he!!! OR, if they have another buy 1 take 1 deal.

But still, LOVE THEIR MEATS!!! YUMMMMMM! I'm craving for it again tuloy.



229 Wilson Street, Greenhills, 
San Juan City
+63 9173132059



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