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Monday, January 14, 2019


One of the original and pioneer staffmembers of TAPE INC, Tita Peng, was visiting from the US, that's why my group the Seniors... este... TITAS of TAPE Inc. planned a ladies night out in her hownor.


I was pretty excited because I don't get to go out often with my TAPE friends as we're all busy with work and family. AND since we're all tanders na, we don't like staying out late too much. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Don't worry, I said "WE'RE" naman.

In deciding where to go, we all chose to go back to GINZADON because we remembered how much we enjoyed our last meal there. And just like before, we all enjoyed the food that energized us to an awesome night. Yup! We were all noisy having super fun that you'd think we were all 20 year olds.

20 year olds jamming to Juan Miguel Salvador.

Egad we're TITAS na talaga.


Yay! Tita Peng is here!!!!!

Ladies night out starts NOW!!!

Wives, hide your hubbies, these hotties are coming!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!


Venue for that night was in GINZADON!

GINZADON was a cozy restaurant in Resorts World Manila that served Japanese and Korean food.

We made reservations for a table because we don't know how full the place will be later on. 


Tita Grace, Tita Flory (my frenemy), Tita Josie, and Mam Zeny!

Mam Zeny will be treating us all for dinner. Yayyyyy!

Mam Leslie, Tita Lorna, Tita Peng, and ME!!!!

Like I said, Tita Peng was one of the pioneers of TAPE INC (starting at 1980), and I replaced her when she left for the US.

Some people would say that we look alike. Would you agree? He he he he!

Ordering up!

Yep! Tita Jo always looks fierce!

Table condiments!

Complimentary refillable Ban chan! We had A LOT of this!

GINZADON place setting.

Yahooo! Food is here!

GINZADON Salmon Poke Salad (P820.00)!

Fresh and fatty Salmon over some greens tossed in sesame vinaigrette dressing. 

GINZADON Tekka Maki!

My Japanese restaurant staple!

GINZADON Miso Ramen (P450.00)!

Tita Grace was craving for some hot soup and ordered a bowl to share.

GINZADON Galbijim (P1,250.00)!

This was Tita Josie's usual order and was willing to share it naman.

However, Tita Flory didn't feel like getting a lot from the bowl so she just zoinked some of Tita Josie' stew when she's not looking.

Oh yes. That's how mature and lady-like we all are.


GINZADON Ebi Tempura (P860.00)!

Because you could never eat at a Japanese restaurant and NOT have Tempura!

GINZADON Yaki Udon (P570.00)!

This was SOOOOO good!

GINZADON Okonomiyaki (P580.00)!

I'm not really fond of Okonomiyaki but I really loved this one!

GINZADON Chicken Teppanyaki in Teriyaki Sauce (P380.00)!

GINZADON Grilled Pork Belly (P820.00)!

GINZADON Fillet of Salmon Teppanyaki (P1,000.00)!

My plate! My puro carbs plate!


Loads of food to eat for the titas!!!!

We were able to finish almost all of it with just minor leftovers. O diba, may asim pa kaming lahat.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding.

We were not ready to go home yet and agreed to have a wee nightcap at Bar 360.

Before going, picture picture muna!

Tee Heee!! We were thankful for kind strangers who would oblige us for the pic.

After a loooooong walk, we rested our tired but cute feet in Bar 360!


There we all got sloshed!

I had a Strawberry Margarita!

Wow! It was as big as my frenemy's face!

Tita Grace and Tita Josie drank Amarettos! 


We watched Juan Miguel Salvador's show and was thrilled when he dropped by our table.

UUUUUY!!! Kinilig ang mga titas!!!!!

In a few minutes, my Chinese Stalker arrived to pick me up. Mam Zen also treated us all to Bar 360 and told the Yub to order what he liked.


Pano yan Yub, dapat ako lang ang lasing para.... ahem ahem...

Kidding. DUH.

I never get drunk by the way because I don't drink alcohol. The Margarita in Bar 360 was very light and was diluted with ice. I admit I'm a coffee addict though.

If I DO get drunk, it's just for "role-playing." Tee Heee!!!!

My TAPE INC friends would often ask me why I always join them when they're much older than me. WELL, besides learning a lot from their experiences and wisdom, I always feel extra young when I'm with them. He he he he he! Yun lang, they usually bully me. :(

Oh well! At least they always treat me since they have more money. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!



 2/Floor, Maxim Hotel, Newport Boulevard Newport City,
 Pasay, 1301 Metro Manila
(02) 908 8887

Ground Floor, Resorts World Manila, 
Newport Boulevard, Pasay City, Metro Manila



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