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Monday, January 7, 2019


I've been a Dabarkads for 10 years and believe me, it's such an understatement how we all look forward to the "culmination" of our employment every year...


When I was new in TAPE INC., many people would tell me how awesome our parties were and that the abundance of prizes were incomparable to what the other companies gave.

Yup! It's true!!!!!

I cannot disclose of course the specifics of what we all received but just take my word for it. As in ang saya saya niya!!!!! We ARE after all the number one noontime show for 3 decades now so I'm sure, the company knew how to take care of their employees.

They know how to get us all fatter too!!!!!!!!

Even if every year we enjoy the same food and have the same flow of program, I still have a blast. Every party is still something very memorable for me. The great thing however was that this year, I attended not one but two Christmas parties where both gave me such wonderful blessings that made me go home a winner. It was truly an exciting way to party the last month of the year in my work life.

Check out my Christmas parties at my former company AND with EAT BULAGA. One was truly unexpected while the other was the same every year.

BUT, both were super nights to remember -- in my heart and big forehead. He he he he he he he!



It's another EAT BULAGA Christmas party!!!!!

Our Christmas party was held on Wednesday so we all went to work and just closed shop early.

We all rode a van going to APT Studios and this early pa lang, I did my usual banter with my lovely officemates. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


It was my first time in APT STUDIOS, the new home of EAT BULAGA, and it was just WOW!!!

Syempre, we didn't lose time for photo ops!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Me with the Admin ladies....

Me with the Titas of TAPE!

They changed the graphics from the EAT BULAGA logo to the cross for the mass.

This was a good shot of us!

After getting our fill of photos, we sat in the audience area to wait for the mass to start.

While waiting...

I decided to take some selfies (I loved the lighting).

Syempre there were objections.


Yeah, we'll make the most out of being naughty and just confess during mass. 


My seatmates for the mass, Tita Josie and Mommy Rissa (Sales Department).

The mass starts later on officiated by Fr. Jeff. He's the same priest in Bossing and Poleng's wedding.

Will behave na for the mass. Ha ha ha ha ha!

After the mass, we headed to the Grand Cobo for dinner!!!!

There was a stage set-up for the mini-program later.

I sat with the Titas of TAPE!!!!!\

I always have the best time with them because they're game with anything!!!!

Yep! Even if seniors na sila! HA HA HA HA HA HA!

(Thank gulay they don't read my blog. Ha h ha ha ha ha!)

Tita Florie, Tita Grace, and her Dad, Mang Johnnie!

Mang Johnnie used to work at EAT BULAGA also.

Mam Zeny and Ms Lorna!

Me and Tita Josie!!!!

Time to eatyyyy!!!!!

There were 3 buffet set ups of LA COMIDA but it was arranged for the hosts and our table filled with seniors (he he he he kasama ako don) that food will be served to us.

(You'll see some of the lines above in my picture with Ms. Josie).

Roasted Calf!


Steamed Lapu Lapu!

My plate!!! My super full plate!!!!

The small round things are Scallops by the way. And still SOOOOO yum!!!!!!

For dessert, it's always my favorite: Bibingka and Puto Bumbong!

After I finished eating, we were called for one of my favorite parts of the Christmas party....

The giving of Christmas bonus(es) from our President!!!

(This is different from the 13th month pay ah!)

Tita Flory and Mam Zeny regulates the order of the line. Yes magugulo kami! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Wohooo! I'm near!!!

I'm last from Admin because I'm "YAP". He he he he he!!

Inside the room is our President Mr. Tuviera. When I was called inside, he shooked my hand and thanked me for my work. I gave him a hug and said that he's the best President ever.

And he is because WOAH...... Nobody could match his generosity and care for the company. NOBODY!

The EAT BULAGA Christmas program officially started with Kuya Wally and Paolo inviting all of us do the zumba!

We're all game naman at baka ikapanalo namin! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Later on, the true master of ceremonies every year came up. Direk Poochie always heads the program and would just call on the Dabarkads for "assistance".  For the minor prizes, Tito Jimmy went onstage to help her.

Wohooo! I got Robinson's GCs amounting to P4,000.00!!!!!

Then it was time for the Major Raffle Prizes.

Here's Poleng...

Direk Bert....

Ate Ruby...

Ate Pia...

After giving out all of the bonuses, Tita Flory, Tita Grace, and Mam Zen goes back to the table.

Ay sana these two didn't go back na lang.



This is my revenge to them...




I won P20,000.00 worth of GCs!!!!! Yayyyy!

Even if this was just the start of the Major Raffle (prizes get bigger as the night goes on), I was so excited to win because not everyone wins in this part of the program.

And like I always believed, Mam Zeny (our SVP for Finance) won too!!! We always lose together. This time, we won together!!! Yayyy!

My EAT BULAGA winnings for the night!!!

Even if I was one of the winners of the P100,000.00, P75,000.00, P50,0000.00 etc (10 winners each yan ah), it's okay because I STILL WON! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Alam nyo na siguro kung san ko bibilin regalo nyo next year... He he he he he he!

For a break in the raffle, the female hosts of EAT BULAGA played a parlor game.

Who will be the first to get the coin from forehead to mouth!

Ryzza and Maine won!

Kuya Allan....

For another break, we had a takbuhan game. It was divided in 3 sets: Girls, Boys, then LGBTs (he he he).

I wasn't able to join because there were no more slots for me.


For the girls we were required to bring our credit cards.
For boys I think they should bring...I forgot. Ha ha ha ha (because I was reeling from my disappointment at not being able to join).
For the LGBT, they were asked to bring their crushes. Ha ha ha ha ha! That was funny! That's the pic you see above!

For the major major prizes, it's always going to be TVJ.

Here's Bossing!

And Tito Sen!!!

Even in the major major raffle, the hosts are not allowed to "waive" their prizes so that everyone gets in on the fun.

For the grandest major prize, it's always our President Mr. Tuviera, who announces it.

Many times he would add pa (from his own pocket) kaya WOHOOO!!!!

That night though he gave us a Christmas message that left most of us in tears. AS IN.


We love you Mr. Tuviera!!!!!


Syempre, an EAT BULAGA Christmas party won't be the same without photo ops with some of the Dabarkads!

Kuya Anjo!!!

Lianne and Mam Les!!!!

Baby Baste!

Ate Pia!!!!!

Direk Bert!

Tito Joey!

Tito Joey again with the Titas!

Ate Ruby!

Mrs. Tuviera and Ms. Eileen!

Kuya Jose!

Our Executive Producer for Juan for All, Maricel, and her hub JR (he's also in EAT BULAGA).

Tita Helen (our AVP in Productions)!

My boss, Ms. Malou!


Party's not yet over. Time to get sloshed! Tugs! Tugs!


(Belated) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!


Later that week, I was invited to attend the Christmas Party of the company I worked for before -- ON TARGET PRODUCTIONS.

Just in case you didn't know, ON TARGET produced the show ISUMBONG MO KAY TULFO before on RPN 9 and also the radio show.  I worked there back in 2000 (I think) as a Radio Reporter then Segment Producer. I had fond memories of many learning experiences from my officemates and of course, the boss Mr. Ramon Tulfo. I made a lot of mistakes and was at odds with some of my co-employees (at that time) but I still valued my time there. As in masaya pa din. I was younge and didn't know better but I'm glad that ISUMBONG MO KAY TULFO pounded some sense into me with their strict and fast paced work atmosphere. Truly, I learned a lot!!! Nawala ako sa comfort bubble ko! He he he he he he!!!!

Every year, they invite me to attend their Christmas Party reunion. I rarely attend because... I'm shy. (YES SERIOUSLY). I'm grateful though that they never forget to invite me every year even if I usually decline.

This year I decided to attend and hoped that my officemates still remembered me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! 

I'm sure they regretted their invite.

You'll see later WHY.


When I arrived, I immediately saw my former officemates. We immediately chatted up like there's no tomorrow. You wouldn't think we've been separated for almost 2 decades.

I cut short our talkfest because I have to say HI to my former bossing, Mr. Ramon Tulfo! 

Would you believe too that after 18 years, he still remembers me???

He asked how I was and we made chika chika.

Bossing always remembered me as his "Assumptionista" and would mention me many times in his speeches or columns as one of his former staff who did well after our stint in ISUMBONG MO KAY TULFO.

OF COURSE!! His training and discipline was one of a kind. My experience there gave me a tough skin that helped me so much for my other jobs.

And we all know how you should be tough for Broadcasting. Ha ha ha ha ha! Bawal iyakin!

Mr. Tulfo may get a bad rep because of his tough-guy-siga-siga-laban-tayo persona. But he was a very kind boss to us. He was like a strict Dad who would always require you to go home at 7:00pm. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! 

Super game pa siya sa pictures!!! We all crowded upon him (parang Daddy talaga) and he gave us all this expression for our pictures. Ha ha ha ha ha! Che!

It was great to see everyone!

Especially Ate Josie!

She's Bossing's former secretary and she was always kind to me.

I arrived late so I was not able to register for the raffle. She forced me to go up and sign but I told her that I was SO LAZY. 

Later on she came up to me and said "Niregister na kita ha! Ayan kasama ka na sa raffle!!"

Awwww! Thanks Ate Jo! You really have a kind heart. Buti you're so patient with brats like me.

The raffle started and I was not really expecting anything. 

Later on Bossing called "JAZMIN ROJAS!!!" And I was like dedma. Until everyone was shouting and telling me to get up.

I was like "BUT I'M JAZMIN YAP!!!"

Then I saw Bossing out front his eyes all fiery and big looking at me "Si JAZMEN!!! Yung assumptionista kong reporter!!!"


I went there and got "my" cash prize of P5,000.

OKAY. I'm lucky I guess.

When I sat down at my table, I discovered that my tablemate was named MYLENE ROJAS. "NOW YOU TELL ME ANUBEH!!!" It was concluded that Bossing may be got mixed up with our names (since her name was registered after me) and mistakenly called out Jazmin (or Rojas).

In the end, I split the P2,500.00 with her. Just in case I win again, I'll split it with her uli. He he he he he he he!!!!!!

The chikafest continued and at that time we noticed that Bossing was gone.

"Maybe he snuck away na" Ate Josie said. She added that he would sometimes do that when he's tired.

"E di I'll go na din" I said. The Yub was waiting for me at Robinson's Galleria and it was already about 10:00pm.

When I texted the Yub, he said he was just having a snack in Starbucks and would be able to pick me up after 30 minutes.

OKAY!!! I was having fun chatting up with Ate Josie and Ellie anyways. Ellie, another former reporter said "Stay for a bit longer pa. May raffle pa e."

After 15 minutes, somebody announced "JAZMIN YAP!!!"


I looked in front and saw that they called me because I just won a 40-inch LED TV!!!!


When I went onstage, everybody's expressions were like "You again???"

I got the mike from Patrick Tulfo (the son of Bossing who was announcing the winners that time) and explained what happened earlier. After my speech, Patrick showed the stub and it did say JAZMIN YAP.



I NEVER win cool gadgets like a TVVVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!!

I texted the Yub that I have a surprise for him. I also called the kids and my brother and told them to wait up for me because I have something soooo cool.

When the Yub arrived his smile was abot tenga. He got more excited when I told him that I'll introduce him to Bossing (he returned na) and have a picture.



To think ah.

I was not supposed to attend (because I was shy).
I did not register (good thing Ate Josie signed me up for the raffle).
I "won" already (even if there was a mix-up).
I was supposed to leave (thinking that I "won" already).
The Yub was usually on time when I ask him to pick me up (because of that short snack in Starbucks, I stayed long enough to be called for the raffle).


I gave Mylene my P2,500.00 so that her prize will be a full P5,000.00. I won a tv anyway. Yayyyy!!!!!

When I left, I got messages from my ISUMBONG friends that I also won this glass set and grocery basket.

GRABE AGAIN. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

They offered to keep my prizes until we met up but I gave it to them na lang. In the first place, I wasn't supposed to win but because of their love for me, I did!!! Kaya thank you talaga Ate Josie (for registering me) and Ellie (for convincing me to stay pa)!!!

When we got home, my brother and little lords were waiting up nga. That was a happy night.



Break-in na namin agad.

(he he he! Sorry I'm mababaw!).


Besides the prizes I won this year, I'm really thankful for all my work experiences. Of course not all are good (not just in ISUMBONG but in all my former jobs), but I chose to forget the bad and just learn from the experiences. What I choose remember are the fun memories and lovely people that I have met along the way.

I'm so thankful too that all those experiences led me to my dream job where not only am I working for something I truly believed in but I also found workmates who are now my family.


Don't worry. Walang DIGNIDAD or BUGBOG going on here. He he he he he he he!

I'm glad and honored to be able to celebrate this loving season of Christmas with them.








  1. Haha! Ang swerte mo sa raffle Jaz! Naalala jo yung mga dating EB party wala ka napapanalunan!

    1. Hi Erika!!! Ngayon lang yan! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! So next year I'll wear Green again sa EB tapos sa Isumbong mo kay Tulfo (if they invite me) yellow uli!

      ha ha ha ha ha ha! Take care!

  2. Hello Ms. Jaz,

    So lucky wow. That's what I call a jackpot! 24,000 GC plus a huge TV not 2 mention da Christmas Bonus plus had an amazing time attending da 2 parties.

    What a great way 2 end 2018!

    Belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2 u & family!


    1. Helloooo dear Kyle (or Gian??)!!!

      HOW ARE YOU????

      Mismo! I think it's a first this year. And I know it's mababaw for some pero grabe I got so excited with the TV!! It's my first time to win a gadget of that size!!!

      Correct! Great way to end it to the max!!!

      Huy wala nang MS.!!!! Kaw talaga!!! Bagong taon na!

      Happy New Year to you and your family too!!!!!!!!

      Mwah mwah!

    2. Hey Jaz okay na ba yan? I feel so disrespectful haha cge sanayan lang nman yan.

      Syempre I will always be ***Kyle*** since dun mo ako unang nkilala.

      I am fantastic & doing well. What a bummer u did not get 2 visit London with family but there will be other times.

      Because of holidays I had an internet/social media break so I am only now able 2 read ur blog entries. Love them!


    3. Hiya Kyle!!!

      Yes! Okay na okay. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! We're friends comown and friends don't call each other MISS. Ay sus. (Pero if you call me TEH, world war na.... KIDDING A H AH AHA HA HA!)

      With regards to London. YES! Really a bummer. It's one country I want to go to because I wanted to see the palaces of the Tudors and Beatles and museums. Kaso I can't leave the kiddies also plus it would be expensive super to bring them. I cried a little when they left because I was soooo inggit!!!! Hopefully I could save enough money for a trip there. And then SILA NAMAN MAIINGGIT! HA!!!!!!!!

      Yayyyy! Hope you won't get a head ache reading them.

      Take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


      (GAYA GAYA)

  3. Hello Ms. Jaz! I hope you still remember me from before... avid fan ako of you and your blog, also follower sa IG :) Di na nga lang ako nakakacomment kasi busy sa work.

    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Ganun ata talaga.. pag ilang taong mej malas sa raffle, nakakabawi ng bongga in a few years :) Ganda ng bagong TAPE office sa Cainta... will you be working there po eventually?

    PS. if hiring sila sa Eat Bulaga ng taga-punas ng pawis ni Maine, pwede ako :D

    1. Hi dear Yanna!!!!

      Of course I remember you!!! How could I forget?? I love it when I see you viewing my IG stories. Nakakakilig promise. It's okay. I know basta you're there even if you don't comment. When I check my views in IG, I'm happy na that I see you.

      You also! Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

      Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Correct ka diyan. Grabe. For so many years I didn't win anything. Would you believe in the ISUMBONG MO KAY TULFO Christmas raffle while I was working there, I won a garden spray??? Yung parang tabo ang itsura!! OMG! So unforgettable!!!!!!

      Thanks!!! We love our new studio too!! I'll stay put though in Xavierville because i'm from the Admin Department. But when there's a production meeting, we'll go there.

      BWA HA HA HA AH Baka di namin kaya sweldo requirements mo! Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!!!! Naku, I'm sure you're more qualified sa taga-punas ng pawis ni Maine....

      Taga-punas ng pawis ni Alden???


      God bless you alwys!


    2. Halaaa kinikilig ako Ms. Jaz 😁😁

      I consider myself swerte sa Christmas party pag nakapanalo ako ng shower caddy... ganun ako kamalas πŸ˜…

      Hopefully di na kayo bahain dun. Lapit ata kasi sa creek 😊

      Ay gusto ko rin yung taga-punas ng pawis ni Alden.. kaso mahirap ata magpunas ng pawis ni Victor Magtanggol habang in action siya, baka mapa-stunts din ako πŸ˜‚

      Belated happy holidays again and happy birthday to poging Mati! 😊

    3. Huuuuuuuy Yanna!!! Jaz na lang! Ha ha ha ha ha h ah|! Wala nang MISS... please!!!! Friends tayo and friends di nagtatawagan ng MISS...

      Unless YOU MISS ME... NAKS! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H AH!!!!

      Grabe really? Don't worry, they said naman kapag malas sa raffle, swerte sa love. UUUUUUY!!! You don't need to win in raffles because you have everything na siguro. He he he he he he!

      Oo nga daw. I really hope so.

      Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! OR kung pinapawisan ba siya! Ha ha ha ha ha! Parang ang linis linis niya no?

      Thank you dear Yanna!!! Mwah mwah tsup tsup!!!!!

  4. hi ms jaz...wooowww i'm super smiling after i read this...super galing and super swerte :D the fact that you enjoyed attending plus may prizes pa wohooo nman i'm always malas sa mga raffle hahahuhu in my almost 11 years of working, 1 beses pa lang ako nanalo ng major and it's a washing machine at never na naulit hahahuhu talaga..kaya i am super happy sa kwento mo :))) take care always and Happy new year ms jaz :)))

    1. Hi dear Tinemon!!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Yayyy! Thanks! Alam mo minsan lang to promise. I'm so not swerte too compared to my other officemates kaya Im very happy for this win. Ha ha ha ha ha! You should've worn the same color of clothes when you won. That's what I'd do always. Kaya next year, Green and Yellow again ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I really hope you win too.

      Thank you ha? I'm touched that you liked it. My post are really like scribbles lang din to make me not forget those special days. I'm glad that it also SPARKS JOY (NAKS) to other people.

      Thank yuo and sorry belated Happy New Year too to you and your family!!!!!!! God bless you always!


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