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Friday, January 18, 2019


We now have a new baby Burger!!!

Okay, just to clarify, Baby Burger is not mine (Captain America and I used protection... bwe he he he). She is actually the super cutie patootie grand daughter of my officemate, Tita Josie and we are all just crazy about her!!!

For those who are wondering why we call her "Burger," you'll know when you're pregnant and get an ultrasound. He he he he he he! Her real name is actually Taylor Alexis, but we still love calling her "Burger"!

At least hindi Burjer, right?

My officemates and I just absolutely adored Burger even if we haven't seen her in the flesh. We only depended (albeit eagerly) through Tita Josie's FB and IG posts, and Messenger videos.

Hay naku! Almost everyday we would bug Tita Josie to bring her to the office so that we would finally see her. And everyday she would turn us down!

Until we got news that she's going to be baptized and saw our opportunity....


DAN... DAN... DANNNN!!!!!!!

I have a messenger chatgroup with my TAPE friends, Tita Josie, Tita Grace, and Tita Florie. When Tita Josie told us that Burger's baptisim would be on September 1 in NIU and was for family only, we cannot accept it.

We decided that we would go to NIU on September 1 and camp out there.

Then Tita Josie told us that they moved the baptism from September 1 to September 16 because, they claimed, that the church was not available. 

Tita Florie suggested that we still go to SM Aura every Saturday and Sunday from the last week of August to September. 

We didn't need to eat in Niu. We could just hang out in a nearby coffee shop and wait if we see Tita Josie's family and Baby Burger outside.

Until Tita Florie decided to just treat our sorry selves in NIU so that Tita Josie won't "escape" from us!

Finally, Tita Josie got tired of our scheming that she finally invited the 3 of us to the new venue TODD ENGLISH. She said that her daughter set up a Facebook page and we could check out the date and other details of the event there.

HOWEVER, when I went to the page, something was utterly suspicious especially that there was only 5 of us in the page.

Hmmmm... Is this a ploy to steer us away from the actual event??? Aba! Aba! Aba!!!!

We decided that we would STILL go to SM Aura every week leading to the supposed baptismal event to ensure that we wouldn't miss anything.


Nobody could escape from us!

Now THAT'S how much we want to see Baby Burger! He he he he he he he!


You do realize that we were all joking around right? Yeah. That's how we are at the office. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Of course Tita Josie and Tito Ray invited us to the baptism of dear baby Burger. They also extended their invitation to our families because, yes, we're almost like family!

Little Taylor Alexis closed down TODD ENGLISH for her baptismal reception!

TODD ENGLISH may not be your typical kiddie party place but after their events coordinator dressed up the usually dark restaurant, the venue suddenly became vibrant and perfect for a party for a little lady!

Our TAPE INC group found our seats and immediately the chatter began.


Tita Florie and daughter Alyanna!

Tita Grace and Tito Ray!


Even if the party hasn't officially started, we were already full from all the sweet munchies!

Hmmmm...What flavor should we get?

The baby bunsoy got the classic yellow.

While the Yubhub tried out the Smores!

The cotton candy was pillowy soft and indeed luscious at every bite.  This is definitely not like the ones you get from the streets. He he he he he he he!

The ice cream was a super popular choice that afternoon!

While waiting, we also went for the photobooth which gave out refrigerator magnets for our pictures.

Yay! I loved those!

My bunsoy baby is so happy to have a photo with Mama!

The crazy TITAS OF TAPE!

Yep! We're game anywhere!

Our dutiful hubbies waited for us. They didn't want to join our kalokohans daw.


In a few short moments, the buffet was ready!

Wohoo! Attaaaaack!


Fresh greens with Tomatoes, Onions, and drizzled with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar!

TODD ENGLISH board of Fried Calamares and Fries!

I know somebody who's going to get A LOT from this board.

Sauces for the fried goodies!

They served 3 TODD ENGLISH pizzas that day:

Here's the Classic...

The Bronx Bomber... 

This one's my favorite.

And the Cheesy Crisp Eggplant!

In the buffet they also had these ultra tasty Taco cups!

I can't tell which was which (I just ate... he he he eh) but they had their Pig's Face Tacos... 

And Asada Steak in Pear Salsa!

TODD ENGLISH Baked Macaroni and Cheese!

The little lords LOVED this!

Of course, they saved a lot of room for the Sushi bar.... 

For the party they served a selection of rolls: Tempura Roll, Rainbow Roll, and Dynamite Roll!

Time for the main dishes!

Besides the lechon there was also the TODD ENGLISH Pork Chops!

Grilled to mouth-watering perfection!

Plus the TODD ENGLISH Roast Chicken!

The Chicken was so flavorful as well as the fried vegetables.

Dessert consisted of Cupcakes with Pineapple Fondant. 

But these were all too cute that I didn't dare touch it.

Lining up for the buffet!

Yeah Yub. We get it. You got cotton candy!

My plate! My delishes TODD ENGLISH plate!

Meats! WOHOO!

My big guy was happy! He loved the food at TODD ENGLISH.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and the TITAS OF TAPE in TODD ENGLISH!!!!

Uuuuuy! Somebody is as sweet as the cotton candy daw!

Ako din!

I fancied the Copper goblets of TODD ENGLISH.

After eating, we finally got near Baby Burger!!!

She may be sleeping but we didn't mind.

We got a photo op, ASAP!


BABY BURGER is soooooooooooo cute!!!!! She just got confused with the crowds that's why she was crying earlier. Now she's fast asleep and very adorable.

Sunday is usually reserved for family. But I would make an exception for these pretty ladies of TAPE INC because I loved them like my family as well.

And CMOWN!!!! We had a long and super hard mission in getting ourselves invited just to see Baby Burger. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! We can't back out now just because it's a Sunday!!!!! Even if I'm supposed to have lunch with President Trump, I'll cancel THAT for THIS!!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


Of course, anything for dear Tita Josie! Thanks for inviting us! We love you!

A wonderful celebration to welcome this cutie pie to God's family! We love you too Baby Burger!

You're even prettier in person!!!


Now! Where should we camp out for your first birthday???


Thanks for inviting us again!



SM Aura Premier, McKinley Pkwy, Taguig, 
1634 Metro Manila
 (02) 621 4002



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