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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


For one Sunday family lunch, my Mommy craved for some Korean food and asked where we could go after mass.

Hmmmm..... Korean restaurants are so abundant now in the Metro that deciding where to go could be a Herculean task. Not only that, the popular ones would surely be sporting long lines that the shortest wait time would probably be an hour or more.

Poor us! Eh we're hungry na!!!!!

I then remembered our recent midnight dinner at DONU and mentioned it to the family. I told them that DONU is a simple Korean restaurant that satisfied our cravings before.

GAME, they said. That's where my Mom will treat us for Sunday lunch they said.

And life was so well again! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yep! Food does that to us.

May reklamo?



DONU also had their own buffet which had a limit of 2 hours!

I was still deciding what to get so I checked out what the buffet offered. 

Freshly washed lettuce for wrapping the meats.

Pepper and salt, spicy sauce, and soy sauce!

Make your own Bibimbap station!

DONU provided printed instructions for easy reference.

DONU Entrees!

Korean Pancake...

Another kind of Korean Pancake...

Sauteed Fish cakes!

Fried Cucumbers!

Fried Eggplants and Spring Rolls!

Korean Dumplings and another kind of fried fritters!

Fried Meatloaf!

Fried Hotdogs!

Omelettes with Nori Strips!

Korean Maki!

Now I don't know why these Korean viands were in metal servers...



Spicy Fish Cakes...

Fried Pork!

While waiting for your meats to cook, you could also feast on these...

Sweet Pork to top your steamed rice...

Korean Soup...

Another kind of Korea soup that had more spice.

Of course, don't forget the Kimchi!!!!!

We were split in two tables. Table one consisted of the diners who'll go for the buffet -- Kuya Jon, Mommy, and Master Mati!

Mommy and Master Mati!

Kuya Jon!

At this side, are the non-buffet diners. We may be craving for Korean food but we didn't feel like filling ourselves too much for the buffet.

Me and the ugly Ate Jojit!


Anthony, the Yubhubs, and the bunsoy Androse!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family in DONU!!!


The server gave the "non-buffeteers" refillable Ban Chan!!!

I love the Kimchi of DONU because it's fresh, crunchy, and had the right set of spices. It's soooo appetizing with rice!!!!

Here come the first set of meats!

For the buffet, they already gave plates with the Pork and Beef combination.

Here's ours. 

I like thin cuts of beef that when you grill it, they become crispy as bacon!


The baby Androse was our Master Griller tonight.

At the other side....

They were already chomping on their food. It didn't help out jealolusy level too that Kuya Jon was cooking their meats. Hala!!!! He's our resident griller!

Okay lang. Here's our resident cutie!

Look at his intense face.

My bunsoy did a very good job at grilling. He'll be our griller again next time!

Ate Jit ordered a bowl of Bibimbap to share.


As for me, I got my favorite Spicy Tofu Soup!

This is just sooooo comforting and very appetizing with rice!!!!!

AUUUUUGH!!! I'm drooling again!


Super affordable right?

For the 8 of us, this is a very good deal!


Happy times are with great food and with the family.

Not to mention too that the best will be if they paid for all of us!

Now THAT'S what I'll always say!




**** DONU closed temporarily and will be transferring to a new place. Till then!!!!!



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