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Thursday, March 8, 2018


We were in BAGUIO CITY having a pre-birthday trip for the bunsoy Andrei, and through-out our stay, we made the little lords happy by doing the activities they liked. However, when it came to our meals, my guys trusted me to choose. They know din naman that I would go for restaurants with the boys in mind.

For our last night in BAGUIO, I recommended to try out  O' MAI KHAN. It's been a looooong time since I've had Mongolian Barbecue (missed the one in Mile Long) and I saw that the restaurant had many items in the menu that the little lords might like.

When the boys asked what they could eat in O' MAI KHAN, I said they could have this and that. But I strongly recommended that they try the Mongolian Barbecue. I described how magical (yes it was to me) a bowl of Mongolian Barbecue was and they were hooked: they got excited to have bowls of this make-your-own fried rice!

And as I hoped, they didn't just like it.. They LOVED it!!


The restaurant was so full that dinner time.

We just waited along with the other hungry dinner guests. We got late from playing in GRAND SIERRA PINES HOTEL. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We didn't really mind waiting but we were worried that the Mongolian Barbecue service will close on us.

Full house!!!

Through good old fashioned pangungulit (ha ha ha ha ha! I did it with a smile naman), we were finally able to get a table. 

The kind (but old) server was holding off a small table because the next batch was a party of 10pax. I suggested that since the group wanted to sit together, maybe we could take it first until a bigger table is available for them?

Then she finally agreed. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

See what a limit on the Mongolian dinner made me resort to do?

Time to order!

O' MAI KHAN menu 1!

O' MAI KHAN menu 2...

O' MAI KHAN menu 3!!!!!

There may be other mouth watering items in the menu, but we're here for the MONGOLIAN BARBECUE!!!! YEAAAAAH!!!!

(P255- adults / P170 - kiddies)

Enjoying bowls of Mongolian Barbecue is very simple really. First you get rice, then top it off with the meats.

Usually the nice lady in charge would do that for you.

Then, fill it up with all the veggies that you like!

Yup! The fresh veggies from Baguio!

Afterwards, load it up on the sauce.

I did my usual formula from other Mongolian buffets and it came off a bit bland. I guess I should have added more sauce!!!!

An egg is P15.00 each. Go go go!

We then gave our bowls to the lady and we got numbers for our bowls.

Andrei's number!

Then we drooled as the guy fried it all up!

I read in other reviews how the lady in charge daw was masungit. She's not! She's just stern looking but she's very nice. She was so helpful pa to Andrei.

My munting binata only had 1 cup of rice. Grrrrr.... When I was his age, 2 cups agad!

But he did loaded up on the veggies. Yayyy!


I know it may seem PG, but since it was nearing 9:00pm, I told the boys they should get their second bowl of Mongolian Rice already so that it would be "sulit." They jumped at the chance too because they had fun piling up on the ingredients and matching it with sauces.


Master Mati was excited for his 2 bowls!

As for the Yubhub, he didn't like Mongolian Barbecue (KJ!!!!!!) so he just ordered a plate of O' MAI KHAN Onion Rings (P65.00).

These were actually quite good.

He also got some Calamares (P170.00)!

They looked alike I know. I wondered this aloud to Yub and he answered that feeling daw niya magkapartner.


Andrei's order came!

It may look meh, but Andrei swore that it was so good!

My bowl!

I don't think I want to have egg next time.

Master Mati's bowl looked the most appetizing. Ang sarap din niya!

ERICJAZ FOODIES in O' MAI KHAN with the little lords...


Before Andrei was done with his first bowl, his second bowl arrived. He said it tasted better than the first.

Don't worry, he still finished everything.

For my bowl, I filled it up with more veggies!

Master Mati loved carrots and egg sprouts.


First bowls' finished! All of it!

Now onto our second bowls!

In no time, we also wiped it out.

For dessert, the little lords had some ice cream (P35.00/scoop).

Yep! Ice cream is yum even in Baguio! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Andrei was able to finish all of his food so his reward was a cup of ice cream.

As I was checking my FB account, the Yub snapped a pic of my handsome teenager with his head on my shoulders.

Awwwww... I love this!!! Ever since he "grew up", he doesn't want any public displays of "mommy affection". At least he got a bit cutie cozy here with me.

Since I had a pic with Master Mati, my bunsoy immediately shot one with his daddy knowing I'd get selos.

He knew my blood was about to boil so he ran up to me for a picture.

Okay. You're forgiven! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(I'm a bad Mom I know.)

The O' MAI KHAN bill!

So affordable right?

O MAI KHAN was a delicious new experience for us. We enjoyed everything and scraped our bowls clean. Hope we could all come back soon!




 Session Rd, Baguio, Benguet
(074) 442 5885




  1. i will try to cook that Mongolian dish

    1. Go ate Josie!!! Simple lang siya! Kayang kaya mo. He he he he he! Mwah mwah!

  2. Yuuuum!~ Heyaaa there mamzi. I'll be on baguio this April and I think I would go to the restos you feautured on your blog. so much yumness XD ~~

    your long time no read, cutie patootie daughter (*^u^)

    1. Hello dear Annie!!!! Long time no hear naman din!!! Namiss kita! Where have you been??? Don't leave me please! Ha ha ha ha ha !

      Ay nashy naman ako sayo. Mababaw lang kaligayahan namin so I'm not sure if you'll enjoy our food trips baka you're sosy ah. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! We're cowboys e! Anyway take care! Please have fun and do tell me how your trip turns out! Mwah mwah hija!

  3. Hahaha, just got busy sa work XD ~~ Nooooooo--I won't leave ya!!

    No worries, I'm broke so kahit kwekkwekan at carenderia masaya na ko. \(^u^\) haha!

    1. Yayyyy! Mwah mwah! Promise yan ah?? If I may ask, what do you do? Model?? naks! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Ha ha ha ha h! Sarap kaya ng kwek kwek!!! It's one of my favorites! Yummm!!!! Miss you dearest! Mwah mwah!

  4. Model ng patis?! XD HAHA! (๑✧∀✧๑). I am a cc agent (notice that I usually comment at night?)

    Your blog had been my oasis during sleepless nights. (ノ≧ڡ≦)

    1. ha ha ha ha ha!!! I thought pareho lang tayo na night person. Hay naku I really have trouble sleeping at night. Kagabi I slept na mga 530am!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well!

      Bwa ha ha ha kasi napapatulog ka ng blog ko??? Joke ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks mwah mwah mwah mwah!!!

      Take care cos I care.... SO MUCH!


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