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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Summer vacation is not complete without a trip to the beach. No matter how much we'll darken up or look bondat in our swimsuits, going to a resort is already tradition (he he he he he). That's why I'm so thankful that for this school break, we were able to have a family trip to the beach.  The best thing too is that we're celebrating the birthday of a dear friend in a resort that we've long wanted to stay in..... 


As always, when going on an out of town trip, we head out early!!!

Wohoo! My excited posse!

We had breakfast in Jollibee (we're first as usual!!!) and later on, the families arrived.

It was somehow pandemonium already with our big group but it was loads of fun!

I'm sure, the kiddies felt the same.

After our delicious breakfast, it's off to our long drive again.

And we're here!!!!!

We all went to the main clubhouse to register/check-in.

Now we're officially in ANVAYA COVE!

Our room was not yet ready so we decided to check out the resort facilities.

And because we have kids, we naturally checked out the playroom. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Playroom was big and airconditioned. Such a welcome treat after we've been under the scorching sun for long. 

As much as it would be comfortable for us to stay in the cool play area, my bunsoy asked to swim. So the Yub set out to get our bags from the car. 

However, even if we were still a bit full from breakfast, the boys suddenly wanted to eat so we had an early lunch in ANVAYA COVE's BAMBOO CAFE.

Even if I wasn't really in the mood for lunch, all that changed when the food arrived.  Yummmmm!!!!!!! It was great that we ate na din so that it'll be all day swimming for us.

The Androse headed straight to the kiddie pool. Good thing that there were not a lot of swimmers that day.

What especially attracted the Androse to the pool is that there's a slide!

As for Master Mati, he'll go to the big pool!

In ANVAYA COVE, they have these 2 big Olympic-sized pools (I think) that are place side by side.

Even if it was under the heat of summer afternoon, my guy wants to swim!

When the bunsoy Andrei got tired of the kiddie pool, he joined his kuya!

In ANVAYA COVE though, they are strict with toddlers using the big pool -- they should either have flotation devices or show the lifeguard that they could swim twice from point A to B. It's great that they are ensuring the safety of their guests.

The little lords asked me to swim with them.

Going in the pool under the glaring heat of the sun with my 2 kulit boys?


Syempre wherever my boys are, that's where you'll find us na din!

The Yub, Pareng Jun, Sasha, and Jelo swam too!!!!!

The water was perfect and we all had a great swim.

The Yub and Andrei inflated his big boat to use on the beach.

It was big and heavy but Andrei and Sasha really insisted on carrying it all the way to shore.

And we're here!

The kiddies lost no time and went on their boat asap.

Don't worry. We don't leave the kiddies of course especially when water is involved. The Yub stayed with the little kids and held their big boat.

Master Mati and I stayed behind.

Unlike Andrei, he's not fond of the seawater and would rather play on the shore. Yun lang the waters of ANVAYA COVE by the shore was sort of dirty (bubbly and mirky) so it was a short play. He he he he he!

He buried himself instead! He he he he he!

Andrei was happy playing with his bestie Sasha.

The kiddies played in the sand too!

Then, it's back in the water for them. 

Master Mati asked later on if he could go on the boat.

The Yap boys together! Yayyy!

Even the clouds were having fun with the kiddies and waving at them. 

When they got tired with the boat, the little lords just splashed by the dirty shore.

My darling boys!

The Yub and I could just stay in our cool rooms and rest. But since our kiddies want to swim and experience ANVAYA COVE, we went with them.

Everything is MUCH BETTER experienced as a family anyways.

After a looooong session at the beach, it's time to pack up!

And time to go back to the pool Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Like I said, it's whole day swimming for us!

We told the little lords to stay with our friends first because we'll check in and unload our bags in the room. 

Check in was fast since we already registered earlier.

The units were far from the club house that's why they provide free golf cart rides. 

Our villa!!!!

Our room!


Not too shabby!

The space was big and would fit another bed. BUT since, that would be more expensive, we'll all just squeeze in. 

Tee Heee!!!!!!!

Naku! Mas mahal pa babayaran ko niyan no kaya tiis na lang! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We'll all be snug as bugs!

Our ANVAYA fridge and drinks!

Wohoo! Free coffee and tea!

Our ANVAYA tv set and work station!

Our ANVAYA coffee table and chairs!

Our ANVAYA shower!

Our ANVAYA towels!

Our ANVAYA sink!

Our ANVAYA cabinets!

After unpacking, we went back to the pool....

Now where are my boys???

Here they are!!!!!

And here's (some) of the gang too!

Yub took the camera for a selfie.

Ang layo!

That's better!

He he he he he he!


We're going to swim talaga till night time!

As much as we wanted to swim some more, rains with thunder suddenly broke out. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The lifeguard asked us to leave the pool because there is a danger of water electrocution via lightning. It may sound like a scene from a funny movie but it's serious situation.

So we all just took showers in their pool dressing rooms and proceeded to have dinner in BAMBOO CAFE!


After our delicious dinner, we decided to check out the ANVAYA game room!

There were board games and videos available for renting. Unfortunately they didn't carry the ones that the boys really, really, liked. 

However, they were able to borrow some DVD movies for watching later.

Library lounge!

The lounge had a variety of books and magazines!


If we were there at 6:00pm, we would've gotten free coffee with our reading materials!

Time to go back to our rooms!

The little lords were excited to ride the golf cart.

When we got back, we had some turn-down sweets!


The little lords changed into their jammies and had glasses of fresh milk.

But if you think it's time for sleeping, YOU THOUGHT WRONG!

We went up to Aning's unit for a night cap!

Le girls....

And the le boys!!!!

Don't worry, their drinks are non-alcoholic....


Oh I'm kidding!

I don't know if I'm fast turning to a senior citizen but I suddenly want to go back to our room, FAST. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I guess my guys agree with me because once they hit their beds, they immediately had a snoozefest.

As for me, I had some coffee and enjoyed pa the turndown chocolates that ANVAYA gave us! Wheeeee!

We had a very good first day in ANVAYA COVE. And besides the much aspired fun in the sun that we've been dreaming about, it's great to hang around with our BP (Bawal Panget) Family.

He he he he he he!!!

It's so fulfilling too that once again, the Yub and I have proven to ourselves and shown the boys that they will ALWAYS be the first choice for us.

Yes. Kahit mangitim kami...
Kahit na we'll lose siesta time...
Kahit na we'll lose PBA viewing minutes...
Kahit na we'll lose chika time with friends...
Kahit  na we can't go online with our gadgets...
Kahit na we can't be lazy.....

We'll ALWAYS be together as a family (especially if the boys need us).

It's more fun anyway that way!!



Baranggay Mabayo, Morong, 
Luzon 1200, Philippines




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    1. Oy dalin mo kami sa resort mo kahit magpay kami! Huy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. What resort are you talking about? Maybe you're thinking of someone else.

    3. Starts with M and ends with S... You need a plane to go there! THE PLANE! THE PLANE!!!!!!

    4. Misibis? Hindi sa amin yun.

    5. Hindi sa inyo pero you own A LOT OF SHARES! WOHOOO! Take us there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Where’s the yellow hamper?!

    Kat from Maryland

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Hiya Kat!!!!

      I swear when Hampy is missing, talagang people are looking for him!!!!! Pero I really find it cute! Ha ha ha ha ha haa!!!

      Hampy is with us but he'll make his appearance in the part two. Naku yun pa! Di magpapaiwan yun!

      Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Take care dear Kat!



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