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Wednesday, September 5, 2018


The last time the Chinese Panget and I were in GREEN PASTURES in Shangrila Mall was when I treated the mareng Gail for her birthday about 3 years ago. The food was delish and we had no qualms in coming back. However, we don't go to Shangrila Mall as much as we used to because of the traffic situation and there were other venues closer to our house.

Fast forward to a night last summer when Team Campo, Pogi CEO couple, and ERICJAZ FOODIES were planning where to meet for our Thursday dinner. After much deliberation, we ended up in GREEN PASTURES, well mostly because the POGI CEO was going to give us our pasalubongs from Japan and we were at his mercy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Mahal pa naman sa GREEN PASTURES! Che!

Seriously though, it was a great choice for our couples night getogether -- the food was delicious and the place had a nice vibe to it.  We already know that it was going to be a fun meet-up because we could chat about anything non-stop. But if you put great food (healthy one at that) in the equation then it will surely be an awesome and successful night.

Successful kasi we got pasalubongs!! Yay!

Now I want to go back here. He he he he he!

We're in GREEN PASTURES!!!!!

The branch that we went to was in Edsa Shangrila Mall. And since we don't go there often, we got lost! Tee hee!

It would certainly be better if GREEN PASTURES Shangrila Mall have a bigger area since the place is always full. Good thing we were able to get a nice table that night.


Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun!

Albert and Suet!


I'm watching THE TUDORS now but I don't feel like being Anne Boleyn.... I wonder why.

Time to order!

Laki butas ng ilong ko o...

One of my favorite dishes in GREEN PASTURES is their Ricotta Cheese with Toasted Bread (P270.00)!

Creamy cheese topped with caramelized onions and a drizzle of oil is surely good on everything...


This heavenly concoction was served with crusty toasted bread and a roasted head of garlic.

What you do is smear the soft garlic on the toasted bread then give a generous slather of the cheese and everything...


Ah eh...

I mean, one bite is just utterly glorious!!!!

As for the yub, he got a craving that night and ordered the GREEN PASTURES Cheeseburger (P610.00).

Of course, he didn't forget to specify that all sauce and veggies would be served on the side. 

The Yub also got some bacon (P110.00) as additional topping. At first, we thought it's just going to be the usual crispy bacon. But when it was served, it was almost as big as a pork chop!!! Inangku!

Oh wow! Look how cheesy wheesy it is!

Since the Yub found it too big ("that's what she said!"), he shared with me his burger.

I just had a hard time putting it inside my mouth because it was sooooo thick (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID AGAIN!!!!)


Since the Yub and I arrived late, the others already ordered their grub. I just asked them to take pictures of it so I could feature it here in the blogations.

Their Salad of the month (P430.00)!

GREEN PASTURES Harvest Bowl (P410.00)!

GREEN PASTURES All 4 Sliders (P700.00)!

Side A...

Side B!

GREEN PASTURES Pork Chop (P550.00)!

For dessert, the POGI CEO COUPLE ordered a GREEN PASTURES Bibingka (P160.00) to share with us. 

The bibingka was soft and creamy. It was also perfect with the  hundred toppings. He he he he.

Since it was dessert time, I ordered a cup of Capuccino (P150.00). From our orders, this was the one that I didn't like at all. I'm not sure what kind of coffee bean they used but my mangy taste did not like it. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Team Campo and the POGI CEO couple in  GREEN PASTURES!!!!

Grabe si Suet! She put sungay on her hubby! Tsk tsk tsk....


Our bill!

Release the calculators!

Still chatting even if it was time to go!

Great times at GREEN PASTURES!!!! Would love to go back here AGAIN!



Level 4, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza, 
Ortigas Center, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
02 6543219

Check out my Ramen haul from Albert! Wohoo! Thanks so much POGI CEO COUPLE!!!!

You know you've got cool foodie friends when they take home special Instant Ramen for you!





  1. Hows the taste of that Ichiran Curly noodles? Same ba lasa?

    1. Hiya Erika!!!! The one in the box and the styrofoam bowl taste more on point. The one with the curly noodles is more salty and had that slight "instant" vibe talaga. Pero still, it WAS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mwah mwah!

  2. You're welcome. Notice something different?

    1. You changed your picture! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

      Disclosure: I had to message you last night to find out.

      IN MY DEFENSE though when you're reviewing comments, the profile pic of the sender cannot be seen (name nyo lang)... Kaya I was like... WHUUUUT??? I really thought I missed something during our dinner.

      If I published pala agad, I would've saw your MOST DESERVED POGI CEO COUPLE PROFILE PIC! NAKS!!!!!!!!!


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