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Monday, September 10, 2018


My family and aunts were in LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR for our family summer trip and when deciding where to eat, the only restaurant that came up was LA BELLA TEODORA.

THE YAPPY BUNCH already had dinner here before in our last trip in LAS CASAS, and remembered how much we loved the food. The dishes are on the pricey side though but I guess the overall experience added on the expense. He he he he!

So I suggested LA BELLA TEODORA and my family agreed. I made reservations and hoped that they would enjoy the food as much as my little family did before (otherwise, they'll wring my cute neck).

In the end, our dinner in LA BELLA TEODORA made it a wonderful night LAS CASAS. Not just the food but also the service, the atmosphere, and the music. Yes the music.

Check out our enjoyable dinner with all the feels at LA BELLA TEODORA!

We're going Italian this Saturday night!

After a long rest in their rooms, we rode a jeepney going to LA BELLA TEODORA. It would be nice to walk but there was a slight drizzle that night.

Inside, LA BELLA TEODORA had stone walls and hanging chandeliers. If you looked around you would also see some antiques and old Manila memorabilia. 

A violinist and pianist were also playing soft classical musical at their side. Something tells me that we will making a LOT of requests from them later. 

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!

Tita Meldy and Mommy!

Kuya Jon and Master Mati!

MEEEEEEEEEE! The bunsoy Andrei and the Chinese Panget.

Tita Fer and Tita Saling!

Anthony and Ate Jojit!

Our pilot Mang Henry and Tito George.

Ordering up!


Menu 1...

Menu 2...

Menu 3...

Menu 4

Complimentary baskets of warm bread were served.

We enjoyed the freshly baked bread with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and parmesan cheese!

First on the table is an order of LA BELLA TEODORA Greek Salad (P470.00).

The nutty arugula went so well with the sweet tomatoes and creamy feta cheese!

For pasta we had the usual LA BELLA TEODORA Carbona (P520.00)!

Marinara Spaghetti (P520.00)!

2 orders of the Bolognese Pasta (P520.00 each)!

For pizza, we had the LA BELLA TEODORA Boscaiola Pizza (P650.00)!

LA BELLA TEODORA 4-Cheese Pizza (P680.00)!

And a Hawaiian Pizza (P650.00)!

We also got this chicken dish but I forgot to take a picture of it.


Side A...

Side B...

My plate!!! My delicious Italian plate!!!!!!

Le food!!!!!!

Would you believe that from the dishes we ordered, we still had some leftovers? Yup! Not because the food tasted bad but since most of our companions were senior citizens, they also had wee appetites!

My bunsoy baby loved the pizza!


Mommy's bill!!!

I gave some too he he he!

We really enjoyed the repertoire of the musicians playing that we also requested some of our favorite old songs.

Yun lang when my Mom requested for "Someone To Watch Over Me," her tears flowed at the first line. It's my Dad's song to her and we all felt so sad that he's not with us anymore. However, it did give me some comfort that he made his presence felt that night. So really I know we will never EVER forget our Daddyowzers even if we're having a lot of fun.

Syempre, it's not really super fun because he's not with us.


My bunsoy naman, who's currently obsessed with the history of Titanic, requested for the song "Nearer My God To Thee" -- it was the music played by the violinist as the ill-fated ship was going down. 

Tignan mo natigilian si Bunsoy. Ha ha ha ha ha! He was really listening!

After several requests, it's time to say goodbye (don't worry, we gave tips. He he he he).

My bunsoy asked for a picture with the violinist and he happily obliged. Syempre also boasted that my bunsoy boy is so good with drums!!!

There may be tears but there were also food, music, laughter, and a whole lot of love!!

What a super memorable dinner!



89 Brgy. Pag-asa, Bagac, 2107 
Bagac, Bataan 
(63-2) 3325338 or (63-2) 3325286



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