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Tuesday, September 18, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were with my family and aunties for a weekend in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and going home, we thought of having a quick bite for lunch. We passed by many restaurants but for some reason, I think the Filipino population went to all the popular tourist establishments that we cannot squeeze ourselves in (yes, kahit na gano pa ako kaganda! :P). In the end, since we were all tired and hungry na din, we just went for the familiar and 100% "fosho" scale of serving delicious Filipino food...


Yup! It's time to go for some "Sarap to the Bones!"

MAX'S was also full that afternoon (YES! AFTERNOON NA HA??) but having Senior Citizens have its merits. He he he he he! Since we got LOADS of them (tee hee) they cleared up a table that was supposedly in a closed area. 



Anthony I said candid!!!! He he he he!

Ninang Saling and Tito George!

Tita Meldy and Tita Fer!

My beautiful Mommy and the baby bunsoy Andrei!

Ate Jojit, Anthony, Kuya Jon, and the bunsoy wanting to stay daw with his "real" mommy... CHE!

Our pilot Mang Henry and Master Mati!

Some guy and some HOT 20 YEAR OLD BABE!!!!!

While waiting for our food, the bunsoy munched on some Cheese Rings and made a contraption for his pepsi.

HAY NAKO Andrei.

Wohooo! We're all hungry! LET'S EAT!

First on the table were orders of Mommy's favorite, MAX'S Fried Lumpia (P85.00)!

My sister loved soup and got the MAX'S Sinigang Na Hipon (P390.00)!

Hot and sour! Yum!

MAX'S Pancit Canton (P239.00)!

Their pancit was not as good as before but we still got it because old habits die hard.

We are now starting to love Kare Kare whenever we're at a Filipino restaurant. So we tried out MAX'S (P599.00).

It's okay. I've had better but it's still delish with the rice and fish paste.

Of course, when in MAX'S you should NEVER forget ordering their bestseller (as in it's a mortal sin if you don't), the Fried Chicken (P424.00).

There may be other more popular Fried Chicken types out there but I find that nothing compares to the tasty Filipino comfort of this one.


Don't forget the camote fries!

MAX'S Crab Meat Fried Rice (P349.00) another family favorite!

Although I don't find it as good as it used to.

HOW-E-VERRRRR... In MAX'S, there is a new dish in town that has captured my heart and tummy: their Adobo Rice (P219.00)!

I know it may already sound like an overused and tired cliche but the line "Kanin Pa Lang Ulam Na" really applies to this one. SOLID NA SOLID sa sarap!!!!! I could just have this with the Fried Chicken and I'll go home a happy (yet hot) girl!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family and aunties in the house "That Fried Chicken Built."

My plate! My delicious MAX'S plate!!!!!

While we were eating, Anthony would go out many times saying that he's calling work about something. In the end, he was arranging a surprise song for his wife, my ate, because it's going to be her birthday in 2 days.

Yun lang, this lady approached Anthony and said, "Dito po idedeliver yung cake sir?"


Yup! This is after he endured a long line at their cashier and instructing the lady that it's a surprise. 

Oh well... It's the sweetness that matters naman.



So clean... So good.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Mommy's bill!

Thanks Mommy for the treat! Dudukot na dapat kami kaso nauna ka.

Tee hee!

For dessert, we had coffee and donuts in the Krispy Kreme beside MAX'S

Since they're from one group, MAX'S said we could have their cake here too.


Thanks ate Jit for the donut and cake treat!

We all had an awesome time in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar...

But it's also great that we officially ended this fun weekend with a happy and delicious late lunch in MAX'S!!!




KM 30 South Bound lane,
North Luzon Toll Way, Balagtas, Bulacan
(02) 359 9289




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