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Monday, September 17, 2018


ERICJAZ FOODIES were invited for dinner one stormy weekend in DIAMOND HOTEL to try out their MEXICAN FOOD FESTIVAL at their CORNICHE RESTAURANT and we were excited.

Yep! Like Speedy-Gonzales-on-steroids-partying-like-there's-tomorrow-on-an-endless-Cinco-de-Mayo, excited! He he he he!

I don't normally accept invites these days but the thought of having Mexican food and my other favorites from CORNICHE, plus seeing the Kain Tulog Gang is enough to make me get braver in tackling a possible "carmageddon" ahead. Hopefully though, we won't get stuck at anything that would force us to cancel.

And by some sort of miracle, everything did work out! I was able to get out of work early and it was a smooth, traffic-free ride from Quezon City to Roxas Boulevard. Would you believe it only took us an hour? Yep! As waze predicted!

As expected, it was a festive and fun night! It was great seeing our foodie family and our tummies were thankful for all the colorful and tasty Mexican dishes served in the buffet of CORNICHE RESTAURANT. We were glad to join this fiesta.

Viva La Mexico!!! AY!


I really thought that we'll be the only diners that night because of the typhoon but CORNICHE RESTAURANT had a fare share of guests that Friday.

Everything was just so warm, quiet, and relaxing. You wouldn't know that the winds were howling outside. 

The servers in their traditional Mexican outfits led us to our seats.

I love their festive colors.

The Chinese Dimpol was excited to dig in.

LET'S EAT!!!!!

There were a lot of dishes that CORNICHE RESTAURANT was popular for but we headed straight to the Mexican stations!!!

Black Bean and Sweet Corn Guacamole Dip!!!

What a great starter with the crunchy nachos. YUM!

And since i said nachos, don't forget there is a build your own Nacho plate.

You could get THAT and other crunchy Mexican munchies then dress them up with these condiments.

Margarita Granita with Spicy Shrimp!!!!

Flavorful and plump shrimps with a delightful kick and topped with Margarita infused salsa!!!

Might help myself to one, two, or several more sticks of this!!

And here's another Mexican Station!!!!

Check out my favorites....

Albondigas, aka, Meatballs in Garlic Tomato Sauce!

You may get a generous helping of this and top it on buttered pasta noodles or rice. You may also get a big crusty baguette then mop up the rich gravy with it. 

OR, you could get a hard shell taco and stuff it with two or three of these meatballs then top it with salsa, guacamole, and sour cream!


Shrimp Tequila!!!!

I think the sauce alone is a winner already! Again, this will be soooo good over noodles, rice or bread!! Yup! With extra fried garlic please!

Of course, when in CORNICHE RESTAURANT, don't forget their other delectable dishes...

Bread Station!

Cold Meats Station!

Tapas Station!

Seafood Station!

Yep! Don't forget the seafood station!!!!!

Fresh seafood that you could eat as it or you could have it fried with garlic, baked, or what else your heart fancies!

Pasta Station...

Sorry Pasta. I'll focus my Carbo-loading with Mexican food.

Asian Station!

Oooooh.... Batangas Bulalo! So perfect for this rainy weather.

Western Station!

Mixed Seafood in Bouillabaisse soup!!!!!

I love Bouillabaisse! Hope I could get more of this later.

Grilling station!

Choose from the fresh raw meats for the barbecue!!

One of my favorites is their Short Rib! OMG sa sarap!

The beef was so tender and juicy. It also had the right amounts of spices and flavorings that I don't really need gravy for it. Very worth every calorie!!!!!

Of course, as with any buffet, I am programmed to go to the Japanese station!


The fattiness of their Salmon and Tuna Sashimi is already worth every penny!

Dessert station!

They also have traditional desserts from Mexico!

Flat Napolitano with Caramel....

Manzanas Almendradas!

Cinnamon Churros!

We finally finished filling our plates and ready to attack.

Yep! A little bit of everything for me!

The Yub had some mussels and shrimps fried in glorious butter and garlic. 

Grabe this was soooo good with my toasted bread.

You could also request for Beef and Chicken Fajitas!!!

Yep! All the Beef and Chicken Fajitas THAT. YOU. WANT.

After wiping out my Mexican food, I also had my usual Japanese...

I suddenly craved for Tempura. Too bad that the ones I got were not so crispy anymore.

I just had a second slice of the Short Rib to make up for my disappointment. Ha ha ha ha ha!


As for me I had some Mango Panna Cotta, Chocolate Cake, and a Marshmallow dipped in chocolate.

PLUS their suman latik!!!!!!!


Great night with the Kain Tulog Gang for the BUENA COMIDA, MEXICAN FOOD FESTIVAL in DIAMOND HOTEL.

Take note that this Mexican Feast will only run from SEPTEMBER 13 TO 19, 2018!!!!

Rate is at P2,880 nett per person for the lunch/dinner buffet.

Like my monacle?

Thanks DIAMOND HOTEL for having us and also to dear KTG bossman, Spanky for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES!

What a delicious Mexican feast for our Friday date night! Our tummies were so happy that we were able to make it.

Call DIAMOND HOTEL for your reservations now! ANDALE! ANDALE!!!!!

P2,880 nett per person (lunch/dinner buffet)

Only from SEPTEMBER 13 TO 19, 2018!!!!

Roxas Boulevard Corner J. Quintos Street,
Malate, Manila 1000 1000
+6323053000 / +6325283000



  1. ¿Platos japoneses en una cena temática mexicana? Ay Caramba!

    1. Los viejos hábitos mueren duro amigo. Tuvimos mucha comida mexicana naman !!! ¡¡¡AY AY AY!!!



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