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Friday, September 7, 2018


When we had our LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR trip before, we thought we did all of the important activities based on the fun that our family had. When we returned last summer, we discovered that the heritage resort was now offering a bamboo raft or "balsa" tour around the watery parts of the area.

Woah!!!! We didn't know that!!!!

After having the Heritage Tour in LAS CASAS on our second trip, I was looking forward to going back to the room and just relaxing my tired and smelly feet. However my bunsoy Andrei overheard my sister and husband talking about their plans of trying out the Balsa Tour and immediately invited the Yub and I to go with him.

"Egad we're so lazy!!!!!" The Yub and I chimed. So the bunsoy just asked if he could join his Tita and we agreed.

The tickets were priced at P300.00 each (P200.00 if you're a big group) and while the bunsoy Andrei was signing up, I suddenly had a change of heart. This was something that meant so much to my baby bubuy and I don't know when I'll have another chance of doing this with him again.

With that, I informed the lady to sign me up for the ride as well and my bunsoy was overjoyed. We asked again the Yubhub if he wanted to go with us and he gave us a strong no as he preferred to sleep instead.

Me: "Grabe Yub! Gusto to ni Andrei tapos di mo siya pagbibigyan? When ba uli mangyayari to? Kelan ba uli tayo babalik sa Las Casas? Memorable event to para sa anak natin na hindi natin magagawa araw araw tapos...."

Yub: "Ako na lang magbabayad ng pangboat nyo."

Me: "Ah okay! Thanks Yub for everything! You're such a great dad!!! See you later! Rest ka na ha?? Mwah mwah! LAB YU!!!!!"

And all is well again. Tee Hee!!!!

Wohoo!!! We're going to start our BALSA TOUR!

Take off was at the waters in front of the HOTEL DE ORIENTE at 5:30pm.

I read somewhere that it's the best time for the tour because you'll be able to enjoy the sights in different lights of day: afternoon, sunset, and night time.

Let's see if it's true!


Ate Jojit and hubby Anthony!

The bunsoy boy and ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our lovely guide welcomes us to the trip and gave us some safety reminders. She also added that if time permits, we will be checking out some of the houses that we'll pass by.

The Balsa Tour officially opened to the public in July of 2016 and it's one of their popular attractions. Your boat will sale along the Umagol river and pass by ancient houses that we're restored by LAS CASAS.

We passed through a canal similar to the romantic water alleys of Venice. Our lovely guide said the houses in this section were created for LAS CASAS.

Oooh... Since we're doing a boat ride ala-Venice, that means I'm with my very special little boyfriend! Tee hee!

He hates it when I say that!

Like I said, this area in LAS CASAS were created specially for the resort and guests could rent the houses for vacations.

I must commend LAS CASAS for also giving this part that "old Manila canal" look without the smell or the griminess of it. This section is clean and would really give you that old streets vibe!

My bunsoy was loving it!

At this point, our guide invited us to go down and check out the area.

She showed us the pool area of Casa Irosin and Casa Gapan!

She said you could rent this area (along with the pool) for P300,000.00 a night and it was good for about 30 people. 

This section in LAS CASAS is perfect for romantic strolls. But I'm already happy with my own date!

Well, the house had a romantic story behind it too!

And we're riding again!

We came upon this old house which was in the actual process of renovation.

The house was the original piece but I can't help but admire how LAS CASAS added the colorful artworks for the stairway.

Yup! Beautiful right???

Our lovely guide said that the next house is the one that stands on its original form and is considered one of the most well-maintained structure in LAS CASAS.


Yup! The vicinity also has a pool with geometric designs around it that complements the ancient house.

CASA SAN JUAN is also overlooking a wonderful view.

Syempre my date and I had a pictorial session na!

And another one!


Let's go inside!!!

We are now in Casa San Juan!

This beautiful old house was originally built in San Juan Batangas and have received prominent guests such as former President Macapagal, President Marcos, President Osmena, and President Roxas, among others. 

Casa San Juan was owned by Don Eulogio and Dona Rufina.

It was later passed on to their daughter Soledad who married politician Atty. Lorenzo Hernandez. 

The house had many old photos of its former owners, including this one.

Check out the dining area.

Love the wooden floors and how they were really able to maintain to a shiny finish!

This somehow made me remember my Lola in Cavite who's very particular with the cleanliness of her house. She would always make us remove our slippers and wipe our feet on her floormat before entering. As a result, her home is indeed very spic and span shiny!!!!! 

Beautiful ladies of the house!

Casa San Juan dining room!!!

Our guide pointed out the intricate wood designs on the walls and ceilings. She also mentioned how in the olden days, they relied on the natural air ventilation with the many windows in the house since they didn't have airconditioning or electric fans,


The very simple wash area. 

I asked the guide why is it that even if the family is rich and they have many members, they only have about 1 or 2 bedrooms in the house (as opposed to each one having their own bedrooms in the present)?

Our guide explained that before, the families really believed in togetherness (remember the 2 potty bathrooms?) that most of them sleep in 1 room. It doesn't matter how rich or big their land is, they will usually have just 1 bedroom for the whole family. 


And it's back to the boat for us!

I know that we saw some of these houses already during the Heritage tour but they have a different feel to them when you see it from the Balsa.

Scary? A bit. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Like what our guide said, by the end of our trip the sun has already gone down and we will see the wonderful lights from the old houses reflected on the river.

The LAS CASAS Church!

They have held many weddings there already.

The water was so still that you would see a mirror reflection of the ancient house!

I'm happy with our guide because not only was she very knowledgeable on the different houses and its history, but she's also articulate and speaks english and tagalog very well. No jejemon! Hay salamat!

She smells so good pa! He he he he he!

We ended our tour by going back under the replica of the Jones' Bridge.

And we're back we boarded. They said at the register that the tour would normally take around 30 minutes to 1 hour but for our trip, we were out for like 2 hours.


Maybe our guide liked us!

Our tour may have taken longer than expected but we didn't mind. We are so happy that we had this trip on the Balsa and it's something I'll remember for a loooooong time. I DEFINITELY want to do this again the next time we're in LAS CASAS!!!!!!!

If you can, request for our lovely guide too!!! Sorry I forgot her name. Andrei finds her pretty as well. He he he he he he!

Thanks Andrei for wanting to take this Balsa Tour. It may have been a tiring day but seeing all the beauty of those ancient houses in a different light was something that'll always be in my memory for a looooong time.

The best part of it also was that I was able to spend it with my bunsoy boy!!!!



89 Brgy. Pag-asa, Bagac, 2107 
Bagac, Bataan 
(63-2) 3325338 or (63-2) 3325286




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