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Monday, September 24, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in ANVAYA COVE for the first time and having a great family weekend bonding under the sun. What made it extra fun too was that we were with our BP or Bawal Panget family (tee hee) so it became more of a riot.

And you know us, the crazier, the better!!!!

It's our day two at ANVAYA COVE!!!!!!!!

Good morning!!! We woke up extra early so as not to waste time in ANVAYA!

We could actually request for a golf cart to take us to the clubhouse but who would want to waste a great opportunity to walk in this beautiful place?


We decided that after breakfast, we'll fix our room and check out so that we could have more time for uninterrupted swimming!

Back to ol' 401!

And since we checked out early, our "pictures around the room" is early as well!!!!

Drunk shot! (Our favorite).

Bed shot!

Window shot!

With Andrei shot!

With our bags shot!

Pamuni muni shot!

Shower shot!

Would you guys believe that we were not able to use the shower in our room? We took our baths mostly by the pool! Ha ha ha ha ha1

Hall shot!!!!

Our Yellow Hampie was surprised that we were going to pack her early!

(Hi Kat from Maryland - Yellow Hampie)

Loading our bags onto the car.

Andrei made this make-shift stroller to put his things in.

Before our trip I didn't want to bring it but Andrei really pleaded. Now, I stand corrected because we were able to use it for some of our things.

Thanks Andrei!!! 

Bye room!

As much as we wanted to stay here more, we also want to swim!!!!!!!!!!

Don't be too sad my pogi guy. We'll just spend the whole day together!

Mati: "Egad."

Well, as much as I wanted to spend time with my first born, he deserted me to go with his friend Johans.

That's why I'm left with THIS guy.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Time to swim again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In ANVAYA they have 2 main pools...

Here's the Seahorse Kiddie Village!

This is for the younger swimmers. If your child doesn't have floating devices, they're only allowed to go here.

AND since our bunsoys are here, some of the BP parents are waiting here also! He he he he he!

Hiya bunsoy!

My little one asked me to swim so I changed right up to join him.

(It's also my way to make sure he's safe. I'm sure you agree that when it comes to the water, you cannot be too sure!)

Of course, like Master Mati, my bunsoy preferred to play with his best friend (and my god daughter) Sasha.

I'll just guard them daw so that nobody would kidnap them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Like I said, Master Mati naman ran off with Johans. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The kiddies and I then went to the beach.

The sand and water by the shore was much cleaner now compared to the state of it yesterday.

Even if I'm there watching over them, I still didn't make the kiddies swim far away. I know I'm such a worry wart but better to be that than sorry.

Besides, have you seen " SAAN DARATING ANG UMAGA???"

I'm sure other mommies will agree that you'll do everything to ensure the safety of your kiddie!

My bunsoy got his fill na of the beach and asked to go back to the pools.

It's nice that in ANVAYA, they provide these stylish water buckets to wash off the sand from your feet.

And we're back in the big pool!

Yes it's so fun hanging out with the kiddies!

Yun lang my cute cute Andrei would rather hang out with his friends. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Aba! Aba! Nagbubulungan pa!

Hay naku! Even if he left me out, I cannot stay mad at Andrei.

Here he is doing my favorite cute cute pose. He he he he he he!

Afterwards it's back for us in the kiddie pool!

Andrei asked if he could still swim longer with his friends. 

Fine with me!

I showered up and chatted with the girls.

After Andrei had his fill of swimming, he went to the shower room to wash up.

In ANVAYA, their shower room is clean and is complete with soap and shampoo!

It is also the first time I saw a suit dryer! Cool!!!!!

Andrei carefully put his swimsuit in to tumble dry.

After everyone has washed up, we all walked to our lunch.

The kiddies didn't mind (they would normally complain) because they were with their friends.

After eating, it's pictorial time!!!!

ANVAYA has a beautiful view that it's Kodak moments everywhere. He he he he he he!

With the BP Gang!

After a LOT of pictures, it's time to go...

We walked our way back to the clubhouse.

Le bridge!

Aaack! The wind blew my bangs off!

And we're back!

Here's a different view of the pool area.

The boys were REALLY not fond of taking pictures so Master Mati did a short stretch before agreeing to pose.

There you go! That took a lot of effort. H ah aha h aha!

Sunny and happy !!!!

Our last time crossing this bridge way in ANVAYA this year!

FINALLY checking out!

Before boarding our car, we had one more picture to officially say goodbye to dear ANVAYA!


What we loved about ANVAYA is that it made us feel once more closer to nature in a safe, relaxing, and entertaining way. I don't know if we're just THAT sad for leaving but even these trees looked so forlorn as we were making our way out.

Good bye ANVAYA COVE!!!!

Dear BB Aning has been inviting us to go to ANVAYA COVE for so long already and this is the first time that we were able to join.

I'm glad that we went because we were finally able to experience this popular and exclusive resort. The trip was really worth it and we all had a lot of fun. We won't hesitate joining next summer should Aning organize another summer getaway for our Bawal Pangit family.

Happy Birthday dear Aning! We love you!

And I love these guys soooooo much! Thank you for making this ANVAYA weekend more exciting and full of memories!

Sabagay, like what I would always say, as long as I'm with you 3, EVERYTHING is super fun and unforgettable. Yup! As long as we are ALWAYS together!

So here's to more all day swimming and eating trips soon!!!!!



Barangay Mabayo, Borong, Bataan 




  1. This is amazing review @Eric Jaz Yap, perfect summer family get-together. Question, How many hours from Manila to Anvaya Cove?

    1. Thanks Paula!!!!! I'm glad you liked it! Yep! My family had so much fun then.

      I think we had a 3 hour travel going to ANVAYA. We left around 6 in the morning and we stopped for breakfast.


      Take care! Cheers!


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