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Monday, April 30, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH was in for something super special one weekend, and I'm not just talking about the usual buffet or breakfast. We're doing it the French way, and I cannot be more excited because well, we all know how they are and their cuisine -- extraordinary!

And after trying out the MIREIO LUXE SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET, I will forever add a word that would be synonymous to that experience -- unforgettable!!!

Well either that or sacre bleu, but I'm going for "les dikomalilimutan" for now. He he he he he! 


We met up with our Kain Tulog Gang at the chic writers lounge in RAFFLES MAKATI.

It's Sunday, a family day so that meant we would be with the other KTG kiddies. Andrei was happy because he would see his playmates Chiara and Sky!

He was also extra happy to get a Beatles book from his Tito Spanky, who was also a fanatic of the fab four. Yayyy! Thanks dear Spanky! You made my bunsoy so happy!

We were all hungry but it was great chatting up with some of the beautiful ladies of KTG!

And finally....

We are here!

The MIREIO LUXE SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET was launched in April and it will continue to serve up hungry guests craving for this popular cuisine as long as people want to.

Like I mentioned above, the MIREIO LUXE SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET is not your ordinary hotel breakfast/lunch buffet (Egad not by a long shot!). What you'll get here is their fresh and exceptional ingredients that will be prepared and cooked up by their specially trained chefs.

This heavenly spread that you'll thank the heavens for (I know I did) is the creation of MIREIO Executive Chef Anne-Cecile Degenne and Provençal-native Chef De Cuisine Herve Clair (not in picture).

Dear chef you don't know how much you made me so happy for my beingness and my ability to eat this morning. From the bottom of heart, I will ALWAYS offer myself as tribute for you.

He he he he he!

Now let's check out the buffet shall we?

The MIREIO Bread Station !!

I'm sure I don't have to stress how these goodies are all freshly baked in the MIREIO ovens right?

Oh yeah I do!

You could never have enough carbs too. 

Just sayin' AND stressin' ! He he he he he!

And when there's bread, there's also the MIREIO Cheese Station!

Actually, this is not just  a long table of cheese. What you'll get is an eye-opening selection of cheese  from various regions around Europe, plus charcuterie, homemade terrine, and antipasti!


Seriously. I don't need a whole room for this. This MIREIO spread already have what I need (and crave for). He he he he he!

The MIREIO Salad and Cold Dishes station!

Yay! Caesar's Salad! My favorite!

I have set my eye though on the marinated Salmon. This just looks so drool worthy.

MIREIO Tartare Station!

They offered Salmon, Tuna, and Scallop!

The chef will prepare your Tartare any way you like it not just all 3 seafood viands in one bowl because me thinks they don't go well together.

Yeah. I asked.  The lady chef just gave me a smile that somehow showed how she pitied me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

Andrei's favorite station would have to be the one manned by this pogi guy right here...

The MIREIO Risotto Station!

Yup! Risotto cooked up by request!

Check out the ingredients in the cute copper pots.

We must have asked for about 3 or 4 bowls of these. The Risotto Porcini with Truffle Paste and parmesan was THAT good!!!! Do NOT miss this.

The MIREIO Tartine Station!!!!

(Me throwing a know-it-all and irritating chuckle) "Oh you don't know what Tartine is? ERMIGAAAADDDD you are such a neanderthal..."


I also didn't know. I only ate it before and wasn't able to make friends with it!

A Tartine is a French open faced sandwich with various toppings.

They offered the Bayonne Ham with Ricotta (pictured) along with the Smoked Salmon and Apple, and Green Pea with Guacamole.

Inangkupushnois, I'm so excited to try these out laters!

The MIREIO Seafood Station!

If you love seafood as much as I do then you would understand why I would be standing open mouthed at this station for 5 minutes now would you?

The great thing too is that you could not just enjoy these chilled pieces of seafood as they are, but you could also have it cooked up any way you like it!!!!!

Yup. Let your imagination go wild please. I dare you.

Blue Crab!

Rock Lobster!

Dan... dan... dan... dan dan... Danananan NAN!

Sorry. I don't know which one's the Slipper lobster there.

"Oysters, Clams, and Cockles!!!!"

Egad! I should have requested a bowl of these to be cooked in wine and garlic!!!!

 Sacre Bleu!

The MIREIO hot dishes Station!!!!

Fancy a hot bowl of MIREIO Boullabaise served with crusty bread slathered with cheese and butter?

Oh yeah you do!!!!! Whenever I have the chance, I never miss enjoying this rich and spicy stew with plump seafood which, I just discovered originated from Provence.

(Here's a quiet salute to Peter Mayle -RIP).

MIREIO Australian Wagyu Beef Rump!

Of course, when you ask for a slice (or 10!) don't forget to request for all of the sides.

Yup. Because that's how I roll and you should too.

I mean, you cannot blame me really especially if it's Truffled Mashed Potato, Sauteed French Beans, Grilled Corn, and a variety of sauces to choose from right?

MIREIO Porchetta!

I would like to be politically correct when it comes to baby pigs, but really, this was just so darn tasty!

MIREIO New Zealand Leg of Lamb!

If you wish to make your brunch more special (yep, it's somehow possible), you could go for  limitless Taittinger Champagne with an additional PHP 1,288.

After stuffing yourself with all that exquisite food, please make room for dessert!

Otherwise, these faces will be angry. He he he he he.

Nanakot pa. Sorry. Their selection is just so yum to miss!

My favorite is the Black Emperor Cakes! I think I must have zoinked about 3 pieces of this luscious chocolatey thingies.


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords for the MIREIO LUXE SUNDAY BRUNCH!!!


Mssrs. Mati and the Chinese Panget.

Monsieur Andrei and Mademoiselle ME!!!!

Now let's EAT!

My Risotto, Bouillabaisse, and Salmon Tartare!

I love how they served up my requests in small bowls. At least, I would be able to enjoy many dishes from their buffet and not worry about wasting food!


My Salad and Salmon plate!

Wohoo! My beautiful Wagyu plate!!!

Isn't this beautiful???

My only complaint though is that I requested for medium rare (since I trusted the quality of the beef). The chef still made it medium well or something that's close to well done. Buti na lang the meat was still tender. 


It's okay. I'll just get another serving after this! He he he he he!

Check out Yub's plate. Now this gives me an idea too.

My beautiful view!!!

Yohoo! My Tartine is here na!

This was amazing!

My french "posse" is growing.

Happy me!!!!!!!

Che mareng THE FOOD ALPHABET! He he he!

(Oh and just in case you're curious, YUP. I ATE THE WHOLE THING. Clean plate galore.)

My boys were happily wolfing down their food at the other side.

Don't worry. Pinky out naman sila. He he he he he!

Toast dear Andrei!

I'm just so happy to share this wonderful meal with MY luxe guys!

OMIGAAAHHHHHD... They also offer Foie Gras???

FOIE EFFIN GRAS???? And not just a small chunk (like what I encountered in "BLEEP"). It's big, it's hot, it's eat all you can, AND IT'S ALL MINE!!!!!!!!

I must have gotten 3 small plates of this. Come on! It IS Foie Gras!!!!

MIREIO Lobsters with Cheese and Garlic!!!!!!!

It was so good I had another plate of it.

The Yub raved over the Porchetta and got me a small piece of the crunchy skin. 

Yup. Because when you love someone, you immediately give them the best part of the pig.

It's that, OR somebody gave me his leftovers because he ate too much porchetta for comfort (#itsgouttime).


And it's time for dessert!

When in MIREIO, don't forget to try out their luscious Macarons too!

Of course, dessert is best paired with something hot like coffee, tea, OR ME!!!!


Thanks Raffles Hotel Makati for having us!

What an uber fun brunch with my best Monsieurs. They enjoyed the buffet as much as I did.

Yep. Our lives with not be the same again.

Tee hee!



PHP 2,450 per person, from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m.
Additional PHP 895 for Unlimited soft drinks, refreshing juice, local beers, red and white wine, and selected cocktails.
Additional PHP 1,288 for limitless Taittinger Champagne

9th Level Raffles 1 Raffles Drive Makati, 
Makati Ave, Makati, Metro Manila
(02) 795 0707


Je t'aime Daddy

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