Monday, April 25, 2016


I know that I have already made a GAZILLION entries about KIMPURA and how I loved celebrating my birthdays there. But I cannot help it. HERE IS ANOTHER ONE. And this time, for the first time, ERICJAZ FOODIES are in KIMPURA GREENBELT to celebrate ANOTHER birthday to treat my BGP (Best Gal Pal) to some of our favorite dishes there.

And how was it dining at KIMPURA at the other side of the Metro?

TOTAL BLISS. It still had the same delicious and unforgettable food that I have come to obsess with for many, many years!


KIMPURA is located in the 4th floor of GREENBELT 5 right besides PEKING GARDEN.

KIMPURA GREENBELT is much brighter than its Greenhills branch. 

I think it is even more spacious than the other one that I initially thought that reservations may not be needed. At the end of the night though, the place got packed!

If you're just going for sushi, you could station yourself at the Sushi Bar.

Of course, when we're in KIMPURA, we always go for the Teppanyaki table!



Andrei did not go with us because he chose to go with his Lolo and Lola to Powerplant Mall. He he he!

BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

I think!

Ain't my BGP so pretty?

She and the hub were supposed to join my family for my BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION in KIMPURA but traffic was horrendous that day. So with that, we scheduled another night to feast on my favorites! 

As always, when you eat at KIMPURA you will be served their complimentary appetizer of pickled veggies and anchovies. This is certainly Andrei's favorite whenever we're here.

First on the table was our order of KIMPURA Salmon Sashimi (P475.00)!

Look at the marbling at those plump slices of fish!!!! So fresh and fatty to the bite!

KIMPURA Tekka Maki (P150.00)!

The tuna was definitely fresh and packed in the sweet sushi rice. One of my super loves in KIMPURA!

We are crazy about KIMPURA'S Teppanyaki. So we got their Chicken and Shrimp Combo (P675.00) to share!

KIMPURA Sukiyaki Steak (P475.00)! Egad this is so good!!!! Definitely a must-order for us everytime we're in KIMPURA!

We also got cups of the KIMPURA Fried Rice (P170.00)! Our server told us though that some of our orders came with cups of steamed rice and they could just add that to our fried rice. At least we'll be able to save some bucks! Yohooo!

Besides the KIMPURA Teppanyaki dishes, we also had a small order of the Sukiyaki Soup (P375.00).

Of course, we cannot have dinner at a Japanese restaurant without having some crunchy and juicy Ebi Tempura (P540.00)!

The Teppanyaki Dishes came with cups of hot miso soup! Yum!

It also came with MORE pickled vegetables!

Plus a vinaigrette salad!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Mati, BGP Marian, and Manong Fred!

As always, it's always mesmerizing for me to watch the KIMPURA chef do his thing.

The KIMPURA Chef fried up the fried rice, the shrimps, and the chicken at the same time!

This is just too beautiful to watch!

Whenever we're at KIMPURA, we always ask the chef for the crusty bits from the fried rice for the little lords. It's their favorite!!!! The chef would always gladly scrape it for us.

This smelled SO awesome!!!

The juicy chicken!

The chef would usually serve it on an aluminum sheet on the side of the hot plate. We prefer it to be served on top of a  platter so that it would still be warm but wouldn't dry out.

The juicy beef!

Each slice of the deliciously seasoned beef is always so appetizing and perfect with the fried rice!!!!


Burp! Almost done but not quite!

Now we're done!

We were so full here that we could almost feel our buttons popping.

Dessert was included in the Teppanyaki dishes. We had a choice of fruits or ice cream.

Happy and so so full!

My KIMPURA GREENBELT bill! My birthday treat to the BGP and the Yubhub!

I always love sharing my favorites to my most favorite people in the world (of course besides my Gatdula family). So if we eat together at KIMPURA, that just means you're on a whole different level of special!!!!

Maybe that's why when it comes to dining at KIMPURA on special occasions, you would ALWAYS find it in ERICJAZ FOODIES!!! Because my blog is my most FAVORITE thing online too!!!!!



4/F, Greenbelt 5, Greenbelt Dr, Makati, Metro Manila
(02) 621 6791


  1. Hindi ba mainit if sa may Teppanyaki table uupo? I always want to eat here in Greenbelt branch. akala ko pricey di pala!

    1. Hiya Erika!!! Yup!!! Price is very reasonable considering the quality of the food. And don't worry it's not hot!! They have a very good exhaust system and airconditioning is always on full blast kaya everything happy pa din!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! thanks! Mwah!


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