Wednesday, June 21, 2017


When I was asked by my friends how I wanted to celebrate my birthday with them, I only had request...

For everyone to be there.

(Well I also requested for Villa Escudero, but yippy skip, plans went pffftttt).

Anywho, given the choice, no couples night or ladies only gimik for me. I would always be ultra happy with my friends and seeing my little lords having fun with their other good buddies as well.

So really, even if Villa Escudero didn't push through, I still had an awesome birthday with the people whom I also treat like family. More so that we had it in one of my favorite restaurants in Powerplant Mall, CIBO!!!!

Wala sa Villa Escudero niyan!!!!!!!!!!


Wohooo!!! I'm having my 32nd birthday (ahem) with my favorite Italian food!

Team Navarro!

Team Virrey!

Team Campo!

And Team Quitoriano!

Ordering up!

I love CIBO service (especially in Powerplant Mall) because they are always so fast and accommodating even with a big group like ours!


My default order in CIBO, Pomodoro Classico (P215.00) with toppings on the side! I love my bread crunchy till the last morsel and having the stewed tomatoes on top just make everything sloppy. 

Another regular order in CIBO that would NEVER, EVER change is their Spaghetti with 3 kinds of Cheese and Truffle (P370.00)!

Egad this is so good. Like, I would-forget-that-I'm-with-other-people-good-because-I-won't-offer-it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

This is always so creamy, cheesy, and oh so satisfying on so many levels. I often share this with Andrei because I cannot finish one whole order.

Actually, I CAN but I won't because I don't want to lose my 8 pack.


As for Master Mati, he always gets the CIBO Classic Lasagna (P370.00). This bestseller is served hot and bubbling on a warmed bowl. I always request to transfer it to a plate with the usual temperature so as not to accidentally burn my New Handsome Teenager.

The Chinese Dimpol is not much a pasta fan so he would always order the CIBO Margerita Pizza (P370.00).

For the price, I really think this is sulit because it could satisfy two hungry dudes!

My friends ordered the same dishes (great minds think and eat alike) but here are the different ones that night...

Dear Gem had the CIBO Salmon (P640.00) and she seemed to enjoy it.

CIBO Parmigiano (P370.00)!

CIBO Penne Al Telefono (P375.00)!

This is a CIBO best seller but even if it WAS good, I'm still loyal to the Truffle pasta! He he he he he!

CIBO Ossobucco (P470.00)!

The ever carnivore Pareng Jun had this and got his beef craving for the night.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and friends at CIBO!!!!

One of the other reasons why I chose CIBO in Powerplant Mall is because it's beside Toys R Us and other kid-friendly areas. At least the children will not be bored while their mommies and daddies chat up a storm! He he he he he!

Master Mati and bunsoy Andrei were happy with their CIBO grub!

Later on, they were joined by Best Bud Johans!

While his Kuya Mati and Johans were chatting non-stop, Andrei ran over to his "group", Fritz and Jelo!

Almost done...

While the grown ups were chatting and laughing, the kiddies were off on their own. Master Mati and Johans went on the skater....

While Andrei and Fritz had some video games.

My inaanak Sasha won the Claw Game!

Awww! So much cuteness in one car! That's Sky and Jeorgina!

After we're finished with our food, it's time for gifts! BB Aning gave me a Colorpop lippie!!! Yay!!! I love lipsticks!!!!! Thanks Best Bud!

Dear Gem gave me a bag from Mango!!!! Wohoooo! Finally I'm so shoshy na!!!!

Mareng Gail gave me her gift earlier during her treat in LE PETIT SOUFFLE!!! I loved the stuffed toy! Soooo cute!!!!!

Dearest Chel gave me a birthday cake!!! Awwwww! Thanks!!! Mmmmwah! I love it too! 

Yay!!! We now have dessert!!! And this looks awesome!

Dear Jojie bought a candle because the Chinese Dimpol can't stand (due to tummy problems...wink wink... or tinatamad lang siya!!! ha ha ha ha ha!) Thanks pareng Jojie!

Wohoo!!! Time for my boithday song!

It was soooo funny because the server was taking a LOT of pictures! Sulit na sulit na!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

For my birthday song, it wouldn't be complete without the kiddies!

This was just awesome! I can't describe how happy I was here. I love my BP Group!!!

Time to blow!!!!

Thanks for the help pareng Jojie! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

These little boys were cannot be found during my birthday song. Good thing they were able to catch up. He he he he he!

Time to slice the cake!!!!

Uh oh... Made a booboo on my first slice... That goes to BB Aning... ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

She once accidentally cut my Dad's birthday cake in such a nasty way that it became a running joke with the group.

Since we were now "armed" with cake we had more energy for a longer gabfest. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Pansinin naman ninyo na 32 na ako!


While we were having coffee and cake, my guys snuck out somewhere to play Lego!

Later on, they all converged in the "kiddie table".

Andrei was having a sumpong at this time. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My family's CIBO bill!

The mall was already closing but we just HAVE to have more pictures.

All girls....

And all boys!!!!!

Wait... Why do you have a wacky pic???

As expected, the mall closed and turned its lights off on us. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! It's okay. We had about 5 hours of eating and gabbing time for my BOITHDAY getogether!

And like I said during that CIBO birthday dinner, it didn't matter where we were or what we are eating. As long as we were ALL together, it would be an unforgettable and blessed birthday for me.

Love you muchos ladies and families!!!


Next year again! 33 na ako nun e!!!


3rd Floor Power Plant Mall, 
Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell, Makati
Phone:(02) 895 2426

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