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Monday, June 4, 2018


One year ago, my officemate Tita Grace announced that her unica hija will be getting married and she invited us all to attend.

Actually, "invited" was a very mild word because she said it in a way that if we declined, we will be REALLY sorry. As in head-for-the-hills-because-the-Terminator-will-be-coming-for-you, sorry. He he he he he! So of course I agreed (will do so naman talaga even without the non-verbal threats... he he he he), but that was BEFORE I discovered that it will be fall on my actual birthday.


Sensing my doubts, Tita Grace gave me the "Humanda ka" look. So with that, I gave my wholehearted yes agad. He he he he he he! Wala na talagang choice. Tee hee!

Duh of course I'm kidding!

Yeah, it may be my birthday but this was a once in a lifetime special event for Tita Grace and her family that I wouldn't dare miss it. Besides, one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday is to be in a room full of love, laughter, and FOOD, right??!!!

O di ba??? Instant party for me??

He he he he he he he! Check out the fun we had when we attended the wedding of lovebirds Gizelle and Hiro!!! Congratulations kiddies!!!!! Thank you so much for inviting us!

Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!!!


And yes, that's Imelda Papin at the far left. He he he he he he!

The Yub and I arrived just in time because my officemates from TAPE were taking pictures at the venue.

The invitation said suits for men and pastel colors for the ladies for this garden themed wedding.

In a few moments, the ceremony started.

He he he he he... Cool ka lang tita Grace!

The excited crowd!

Here comes Gizelle!

The happy couple meets!

While the ceremony was ongoing, the coordinators distributed these messages of love from the couple.

Sige, I'll remember these words when I want to bonk someone on the head.

Me with the great ladies of TAPE Inc -- Direk Poochie, Ms. Mabel, Mam Jeny, and dear Jewel!!!!!

Awwww.... The groom choked up as he recites his vows for his bride.

"And I now pronounce you, Husband and Wife!"

You may now kiss the bride!


YIHIIII din kami! He he he he he he he!

My officemates started a new thing when for the pictures, the hosts would call out for "The friends of the Mother of the Bride."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


The Yub and I proceeded inside the reception hall. There we saw our officemates with the President of TAPE Inc., Mr. Tuviera and his wife.


It's like we were all in a very romantic dream!!!!!

It all became a dream come true when we saw that we were near the buffet table!


Dinner was done by HIZON'S CATERING and the servers were so nice to open the lids of the food warmers for me.

HIZON'S Pork Salpicao with Grilled Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes!!!

Pork was fried with whole cloves of gravy! 

Me likey!

HIZON's Apple Braised Pork Belly!!!!!

That sauce was awesome!

HIZON'S Garlic Parmesan Chicken!

HIZON'S Fish Au Gratin!

I love fish, I love cream, and I love cheese.

So I know I will profess my love to THIS.

Oooh! HIZON'S Slow Roasted US Beef!!!

Yeheyyy! There's also lechon!!!!!

Here piggy piggy! You're so smooth and crunchy.

HIZON'S Pasta Station with Penne with Neopolitana Sauce and Fettucini with Carbonara. 

For veggies, we had the HIZON'S Peach Mango Salad!

HIZON'S Dessert Station!

HIZON'S Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Mousse!

HIZON'S Peach Egg Tart!

There was more but we were already hungry so we looked for our table na.

But of course, before that, we had a picture muna. A picture that is in the same level of romance with the Bride and Groom.


Thanks Instagram filters!

Yayy! I was seated beside Tita Josie and Tito Rey!

While waiting for dinner, we snacked on some fruity sorbetes!

And did our thing with the photo booth!

We also took more pictures!!! He he he he he!


We finally had our picture with the beautiful bride and handsome groom!!!

And now it's time to eat!!!

My plate! My very full plate!

Bakit ba? Birthday ko naman??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And I ATE IT ALL!!!!!!!

Those peach egg tarts were utterly DIVINE!!! I had about 6 pieces of it!

It was just sooooooooooooooooo delicious -- the creamy custard, the buttery crust, the sweet peaches... Ay it was just so perfect! The food was all good of course but THIS has got to be my favorite! I loved it soooo much I wanted to propose to it, get married to it, and have an all nighter of just devouring the whole thing!

Wait. That didn't turn out right. Hmmm... 

After dinner, I immediately rushed home because I kept a promise to my bunsoy (SEE MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS HE HE HE HE). Yun lang, I didn't catch Imelda Papin sing. He he he he he he!

It was such a beautiful wedding and we cannot be more happy for Gizelle at finding her Hiro (and vise versa of course). He seemed like a very fine gentleman and I know that he's going to make dear Gizelle happy.

I remember somebody telling me once that a parent would feel contentment, peace, and security when their children are able to marry partners who would love them and take good care of them. In that way, the mother and father won't concern themselves with their children being alone, miserable, or worse, nobody to look after them when they get old too.

For Tita Grace and Tito Rey, I'm happy that they don't need to concern themselves with Gizelle anymore. Sure they would still be there for her, but at least their hearts will forever be appeased that their only daughter was blessed by God to be with the only man for her. And with that, I'm sure they'll agree when I say that dear Gizelle found a partner to share a long life filled with blessings, happiness, and LOVE!!!!



Kami din gagaya sa sweetness... (yuck)



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