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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Our favorite bunsoy got hold of his much revered KRACIE EDIBLE JAPANESE TOYS once again so it meant we're going to have another Mommy-Andrei night making it.

This time we're going to do the....


Thanks Kuya Jon for Andrei's pasalubong!

If you check the price it's only 270yen. Now that's about P124 pesos!!! To think that in Greenhills, they sell these for about P250 to P350!!! Grabeee!

Inside the box was a foil container. Don't throw this because you will be using it later on.

Like one side if the size basis of your pizza and would later on be its serving tray/box.

As for instructions, its on the other side of the box. Even if it's in Japanese, you will be able to understand the color coding and the numbering of the procedure. Still, it was more easy checking the internet.

I told Andrei that he's going to do everything while I'm just going to document it. He's certainly very fine with that!

The kit contents!

The KRACIE tray!

The KRACIE spoon!

Various mixes 1!

Various mixes 2!

Andrei started off by cutting the tray based on its divisions.

Here, adults should do the cutting for the kiddies. As for Andrei, he insisted on doing it himself though.

Andrei got the Yellow packet for the Potato Mix.

He put 2 triangle scoops of water in the basin and mixed it with the powder.

If you're concerned that it looks dry, don't add water. KRACIE directions are very precise that you have to follow it to a T. If it says 2 triangle cups, then it's only 2 triangle cups. Just mix it more to get to the ride consistency.

Flatten up the dry yellow patty in the basin that also doubles up as a mold.

Then, zap it in the microwave (500w - 40 secs / 600w - 30 secs)!

When it comes out of the microwave you'll get a whiff of its fried potato-ey aroma. Andrei was so tempted to try it but was able to control himself.

I hope he didn't drool on it while cutting the potato squares. He he he he he he!

For the pizza crust, get the  brown packet!!

For this one, you'll need 4 triangle scoops of water!

Mix the powder and water until it has a dough-y consistency.

Like so!

Roll the mixture into a ball and divide it into two smaller balls.

Flatten up the dough to the size of the pizza in the "box".

Like so!

For the cheese, get the blue packet!

You only need 1 triangle cup of water for this.

The cheese powder is easier to mix and gives that bright cream paste.

The red packet is for the tomato sauce!

Andrei said when he opened it, it smelled like the catsup from Mcdonalds!

For the tomato sauce, the bunsoy was not able to control himself and would dip in his finger to taste from time to time. He he he he he!

The green packet is for the sausage topping.

Pour in two Triangle Cups and mix!

Once you get a brown paste, you put it back into the foil packet. This will also serve as your piping bag.

Now it's time to assemble the pizza!

Spread the tomato sauce on top of the crust.

Pipe in small pellets of the faux sausages. Andrei was laughing here a bit because it reminded him of something... He he he he he!

With the same concept, pipe in the cheese!

Andrei didn't put all the cheese in though because he would take small bites once in a while. He he he he he he!

He gave it a small zap in the microwave at 60secs for 500w or 50 secs for 600w!

It came out smelling (a bit) like pizza!

For the Andrei though, it smelled perfectly!


What the pizza and potatoes needed now is an ice cold drink! For that, get the violet packet...

And your cup!

Pour cold water up to the rim and mix it with the packet contents.

Check out that fizz!

That excited Andrei so much that he took a big gulp!

Oops! Andrei forgot to open the Green packet for the pizza toppings!

Tee hee! I guess it was supposed to be peas and.... I really don't know.

Andrei took a big bite of his pizza and smiled. He loved it!

He shared with me the other piece as he proceeded to finish his own pizza.

I tried the pizza and it was just okay. I mean it's not uber delicious but what's important was that it didn't taste ghastly (like the TAKOYAKI balls... ha ha ha ha!) Everything tastes so instant (as expected) but it was still a good reward after all that work.

My bunsoy admitted that he loved the potato squares too!

Andrei shared his KRACIE goodies with the bigger boys and they gamely loved it to show their appreciation. Afterwards, we played several rounds of our new favorite boardgame, MONOPOLY EMPIRE!


I don't know where that evil laugh came from. He he he he he!





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