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Thursday, January 11, 2018


Our stay at BEST WESTERN HOTEL included 2 stubs for their breakfast buffet daily. The Chinese Dimpol and I decided that to be more practical, two of us will be using the complimentary breakfast, while the other two will have take out or the noodles that we packed (it was always option 2 because nobody wanted to get up early... he he he!)

So check out our simple breakfast at BEST WESTERN HOTEL and see if we made the right decision. At least you'll know your options when you stay here. :) 


Hmmm... I wonder if it's worth the 98HKD (Php 640.00) for brekky!


We were the only ones in the restaurant!

The BEST WESTERN hotel breakfast spread!

The cereal station!

At least they have 4 options.

Hot bowl station with oatmeal and congee!

Hmmm... I'm interested to try out the congee later.

The toppings were interesting. :)

My master Mati checking out the grub!

I decided to bring along Master Mati because not only did he enjoy buffets but also because Andrei was still snoozing loudly. He he he he!

The hot food station!


Fried Noodles!

Pork Buns!

Scrambled Eggs!

Now any buffet with runny scrambled eggs is already fine by me!

More hot food was lined up.

Hard boiled egg and pork siomai!

Burger Steak and Hotdogs!

Samosa and Pancakes!

Fresh Fruits and Salad Station!

The dragon fruit was fresh and sweet.


My first plate!

Everything on my plate was yum (especially the pork buns! ayayay!! I got about 3!) except for the fried noodles. 

Drink station!

 My date dutifully got me drinks all throughout our meal. He he he he he! (Sorry I'm a lazy mom... he he he)

Me and Master Mati!

My handsome date loved the food.

And like me, the noodles were his least favorite. He did not finish it also. He he he he he...

I'm loving my salad and siomai. It was a cheaper version of what we usually have in our favorite Chinese restaurants here, but it was still okay.

Like I said, the pork buns were heavenly!!!!!

I noticed that BEST WESTERN HOTEL loved chandeliers.

 I admit that it does add a certain pizzazz to any place.

The congee was meh.... So I just buried my disappointment with another pork bun. He he he he!


A toast for an enjoyable breakfast!!!

The Master Mati and I had a fun breakfast. The food selection may be limited and they had some misses in the taste, but we still found some dishes that made our tummy happy.


The next morning, it was the Chinese Dimpol and bunsoy Andrei who had their buffet breakfast in BEST WESTERN while Master Mati and I slept in. He he he he he!

My bunsoy did not like eating but when he's in the mood, he liked eating in buffets because it made him feel like a grown up -- he gets to pick his own food and no kiddie meals.

They had the same selection as yesterday.

I warned the Yub to stay away from these.

This time, they had pork and beans.

And vienna sausage with their sweet ham!

Too bad they didn't have pork buns that morning. 

The breakfast at BEST WESTERN HOTEL was great for the price. You may opt to pack noodles or have take out, but when you're not able to prepare for both, their food is enough to get you jump started and happy the whole morning. 



23 Austin Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
+852 3122 6222



  1. Hi. We are planning to book
    For this hotel in our upcoming trip to Hong Kong. We are also 2 adults and 2 kids. What kind of room did u avail? We are planning to get the superior. How did you book your reservation?Thank you

    1. Hi there!!!!

      My husband checked their website and during the time of our trip, they were offering this family package for the superior room with extra bed (for free) for only about P8,000 (2 nights with tax ). Breakfast for 2 included. :)


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