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Monday, January 29, 2018


One Saturday, THE YAPPY BUNCH took out my Mom for lunch. She said she was in the mood for some Korean food, and since we also wanted to do some shopping in the triad of malls in Makati (Landmark, Glorietta, and Greenbelt), we thought of going to...


BULGOGI BROTHERS was not the typical Korean restaurant with the usual eat-all-you-can promos. They had a more upscale setting but still offered the affordable and delicious barbecue!

We we're already done with our munting shopping, so we were hungry. Hmmm... What to get???



LOIS LANE, Superman, and WONDER WOMAN!!!

(We just saw JUSTICE LEAGUE when I wrote this, and we don't care what the critics said -- WE LOVED IT!!!! -- Jaz)


I swear, I give the most emotional faces when giving our orders.  It's a serious thing for me. He he he he he!

Right after ordering, our server gave us the complimentary Banchan that Korean restaurants are known for. The great thing here is that it's eat all you can! He he he he he!

We got a light salad with sesame oil and gochujang paste.

Steamed corn and kamote!

(Oops... I'm going to be gassy later... ha ha ha ha)

Kimchi! YAY!

And Andrei's favorite, dilis!


We were going to focus on Barbecue that Saturday so we got the BULGOGI BROTHERS Beef Belly BBQ (P495.00)!

Thin slices of fatty beef served with our favorite veggies on the side!

We also got some BULGOGI BROTHERS Premium Pork Belly BBQ (P595.00)!

The pork was thick and lightly seasoned.

I often see this featured in different blogs so I decided to try it out -- BULGOGI BROTHERS Unyang Style Bulgogi (P595.00)!

Master Mati also had some of his favorite Bibimbap (P425.00)!

We could have it served in a hot bowl but my Handsome Teenager was not fond of tutong.

GRRRR! Kukuha pa naman kami! He he he he he!

Our server Erika was lovely and nice. She offered to cook it for us.

Yun lang, since she was assigned to many tables, she got busy. Ha ha ha ha ha! It's okay, we just cooked it ourselves.

Pork on the grill!!!!

I love the smell of grilled pork!! It immediately made my fatty self hungry. 

Even if I'm sure I grilled it longer than I should (that's my fault when cooking cos I'm scared of the kids getting stomach ache from eating raw food), the pork was still juicy and tender. Yummers!!!!!!

Now time for the Beef Belly!

The aroma it gave out was just phenomenal!

And since I'm too tired from grilling the pork...

Tee to the hee!

I think the Yubbers did a good job!

Our least favorite in BULGOGI BROTHERS was the Unyang Style Bulgogi. Maybe my taste is just mediocre but it's like burger steak lang to me. Ha ha ha ha! Sorry! Will pass on this the next time we're in BULGOGI BROTHERS.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and my beautiful Mom in BULGOGI BROTHERS!

Ever since my Daddy left, we made it a point to never leave my Mom home alone and always invited her out. Sometimes she comes with us, sometimes she doesn't -- she said she's okay naman daw by herself. She just prays, and keeps herself busy with the business. My Mom is strong that way.

(Or baka ayaw lang niya samin??? Kidding. He he he he!)

I was so happy that my picky eater bunsoy loved the food and ate a lot!

Look at him go!


My bill!

For dessert, my Mom treated us all to some Gelato. 

It was a great lunch. But we missed somebody so much.


Level 3, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, 
Greenbelt, Makati City
02 6216216 / 02 6215289



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