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Monday, January 15, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were so excited that for the first weekend of 2018, we were invited to have a staycation with our favorite foodie family, the KTG. This was just so perfect because I was thinking of how to celebrate Mati's birthday weekend and a staycation at his favorite F1 HOTEL in BGC will just make him oh so happy.

Wow! See how 2018 is already working out well for us? I'm so sure that 2018 will be an awesome year. I claim it!

And I'm sure that with THE YAPPY BUNCH, the KAIN TULOG GANG in F1 HOTEL MANILA, our home in BGC, is an awesome way to celebrate this exciting year!

YIHIII! ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords are in F1 HOTEL MANILA for our first weekend in 2018!

It was a sunny morning that Saturday and we were early in F1 HOTEL!

We had a fast check-in at their premier lounge where we met with the other KTG foodies.

I haven't had breakfast yet so it was so perfect that The Premiere Lounge served coffee, cold drinks and snacks. Our room was actually ready but we still stayed a bit for my hot drinks and munchies matched with fast wifi!

Going up, it's 1506 for us!

Yay! We were given the Fort Suite King!

It had a King Sized bed in the 1 bedroom suite.

F1 HOTEL MANILA welcomed THE YAPPY BUNCH with this big plate with assorted cheeses, nuts, and breads.

Wow! I think this has got to be my favorite welcome snack of all!!!!

In about  5 minutes, the F1 HOTEL MANILA staff set up the sofa into a bed for the little lords.

Wait... The little lords are still in school!!!!!!!!!!!

That means....

Tweng... tweng... tweng TWENG!!!

(Cue in Marvin Gaye's LET'S GET IT ON!)



Anyway, we remembered that lunch is already served in F1 HOTEL ALL-DAY DINING so we immediately went down for lunch (which our hungry selves were actually excited for).

F1 HOTEL MANILA has a new Executive Chef named Mr. Chubby Timban. He's so nice and always smiling. We can't wait to taste his dishes!

Like the Lechon Cebu!

But of course, I'll always start up with some Sashimi and Sushi.

Luscious Cheeses!!!

Yowza! Fresh seafood that could be cooked any way you liked!

I had mine fried up with butter and garlic!


I also added some seafood to their rich Laksa broth and it became severely satisfying!

Oyyyy... Somebody's in a good mood.

It was my first time to see some Cold Soba in F1 HOTEL MANILA's buffet so I just had to try it!

Later on, the boys arrived.... drats...

I mean YAYYYY!

I'm kidding of course!

They had make up classes that weekend and I asked the driver to drop them off here.


Mati's birthday and Family Staycation officially starts NOW!!!!

Since they came from school, you'd think they want to rest right?


Bunsoy Andrei dragged his Daddy to the pool!

It may be cold but the fun was so worth it!

That night, it was the KAIN TULOG GANG's New Year party!

I think, this is our biggest gathering up to date!

Being a KTG member since it started in 2013, I'm sure everyone would agree that after the HI's and HELLO's, we'll rush over to the buffet. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Wok Fry Ratatouille!

Tinapa and Aligue Pasta!

Fish Roulade in Creamy Mushroom Masala!

Herb Roast Chicken with Hoisin Mint Jelly!

Crisp Pork Belly with Black Forest Sauce!

And the piece de resistance -- Chef Chubby's Stuffed Beef Belly!

This is just awesome on the outside and the inside!

And since this is a KTG party, the fun NEVER stops at the buffet table. 

At the other side we see a glorious Christmas (or all year) favorite...

THE PLAZAHAM just gives out magic in every occasion. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Besides that, we also got an assortment of cheeses from LA PETITE FROMAGERIE!

A must try is their Truffle Cream Cheese Spread!

Check out what's at the far end...

I know right? OMG!!!!

Gooey Raclette Cheese on top of EVERYTHING!!!!

(The Chinese Dimpol even thought of having a big dollop of it on his ham!)

For more cheesy (and carby) goodness, we also got some huge boxes of BROOKLYN PIZZA!!!!

The pizzas were only supposed to be for the kiddies but the adults zoinked many pieces for themselves.

To wash down all that delicious food, we got some cocktails and iced fruity drinks from SWIZZLE!

The little lords were so ecstatic that there's a SERENITEA stand!!!!!


This meant they could have bottomless helpings of their favorite milk tea!


Chef Chubby and our KTG Bossman Spanky welcomed everyone to this huge New Year's Party!

It's going to be an all night pig-out fest with my foodie family!

My super messy plate. Ha ha ha ha ha!

But I wiped EVERYTHING in a jiffy!

While enjoying our dinner, we revealed each other's secret Santa. 

Later on Mati and the Chinese Dimpol excused themselves from the party have their scheduled massages which was included in the room package.

Master Mati hasn't tried the F1 HOTEL MANILA massage before and since it's his birthday weekend, he'll be doing it with Daddy!

At first there were some objections... But later on... snooooze. He he he he he he!

When they returned, they were SO ready to do some more partying!

Picture from

Happy New Year KTG!!!!!!!

We thought we were done for the night, but when we went to our room...



Thanks F1 HOTEL MANILA for a very luscious greeting to the birthday boy!

It was a perfect midnight snack for my cutie pie boys!

And it's time for breakfast!

We overslept that morning and when we woke up, we only had 30 minutes for the breakfast buffet!


That's okay though because I was able to fill up my plate on the delicious essentials!!!

Breakfast of course, is always a riot with the KTG.

After breakfast, the little lords got their wish to do some more swimming!

As usual, we had our swimming essentials that consisted of French Fries (with lots of catsup and mayo), and Mango Juice!

My hungry swimmer devoured all of it!

After swimming, it was time to check out.

It also meant our traditional pictures around the hotel room!

Our drunk shot...

Our ultra happy shot!

Binihag si Yub shot!

By the living room shot!

On the bed shot!

Hall shot!

As usual, the little lords were so sad to go....

And like always, we had a VERY enjoyable stay at our home in BGC!


Bye 1506!

I'm glad our KTG holiday getogether was held at the first week of January of the new year because everyone was available. And it's always fun to see the happy (and hungry) faces of the KTG!!!!

Wow! Our foodie family is indeed growing!!!!!!!!!

The best part of course was that we were also able to celebrate Master Mati's birthday weekend at our home in BGC! 

Yayy! Thanks F1 HOTEL MANILA for a SUPER great Saturday and Sunday!!

Have a great year everyone!!!!!!



 32nd St, Taguig City 1634
(02) 928 9888




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