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Monday, January 8, 2018


Once again, THE YAPPY BUNCH is out to do our annual family tradition that was started by my Daddy when my siblings and I were kiddies.

However these days, there have been some changes:

1) Before, we used to do it on the eve of New Year (since the purpose of the HOTEL HOPPING was to party at the last days of the year). However, we noticed that hotels would put down their holiday decors after the 25th because they're now more concerned with the New Year's Eve party (which didn't have much compared to their Christmas set up). I remember that with my Dad before, they only removed their Christmas trees until the celebration of the 3 Kings (he he he he he). So with that, we made our HOTEL HOPPING gimmicks earlier doing it before or a day after Christmas day.

2) We used to do our HOTEL HOPPING trips with the little lords wearing costumes of their choice (Superman, Spiderman, Storm Trooper, etc). But since their older, the thought of doing so (when it's not Halloween) was scandalous. As in they have forgotten about it na daw at nakakahiya. So now they're doing the HOTEL HOPPING in their own "binata" porma. CHE!!!!

3) We used to do drinks in the first hotel, light meals on the second, then desserts on the third. But since we didn't want to spend too much (in order to keep the tradition alive... he he he he) we just decided to have drinks and some munchies per stop.

4) Our Dad passed away this year and doing this tradition without him (or to go home to, and share what happened with our night) just feels so different. At first I honestly was not in the mood anymore since doing so would just make me tear up and remember him. But later on we thought, Daddy would want us to continue this holiday season that he started. In a very simple (yet fun way), we will be living his legacy at the last few days of the year.

Though it's always heart-breaking to remember that his "legacy" would always involve activities with the family.


Anyway, here's our annual HOTEL HOPPING to welcome the year 2018!

(Yup! This year I'll be turning 33.. yeheessss... Tee heee)

Sorry I just HAD to sneak that in!


Our first stop!


We've always loved the lobby design of MAKATI SHANGRI-LA as it was always grand and highlighted the traditional essence of the season.

It was not hard to have kodak corners in MAKATI SHANGRI-LA because there is something that will surely catch your fancy in the lobby.

Like this Gingerbread man!

How I WISH na totoo yan Mati-mall!!!!

Like our green Christmas? He he he he he he!

After checking out the lobby, we went to their cafe for some drinks.

What we love about the MAKATI SHANGRI-LA cafe is that they also have live music playing soft and soothing songs.

Uuuuy! May kinilig!

My bunsoy wanted very much to request "Till There Was You" by the BEATLES. When the band played it, ay tuwang tuwa!

Awwww! Thanks for making my little boy happy tonight!

Our drinks are here!

The Yub and I thought na para makatipid, we'll take turns in having drinks. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So for this "hop" it's going to be me and Master Mati!

We also got some french fries to munch on.

The now happy little lords who didn't want to join us at first. 

Sorry kayo, you'll be doing this with US till you have your own kids!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords at our first stop, MAKATI SHANGRI-LA HOTEL!

Uy! Somebody suddenly paid a LOT of attention. He he he he he he he!

Ahem... I see that they have a new bang performing!

Ha ha ha ha! Sorry Andrei, I love you but you look like a DOM na politician here. Anubeh! Ke bata bata mo pa!

My bill!!!!!

It was a great first stop for THE YAPPY BUNCH. 

Outside, Andrei met up with MAKATI SHANGRI-LA's adorable guard dog!

Happy New Year from Hotel number 1!!!

Check us out 7 years ago (Hotel Hopping to Welcome 2011). Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Next "hop" - NEW WORLD HOTEL!

We used to go here with my Daddy in our HOTEL HOPPINGs before because he loved the burgers.

I'm not sure if they still have it in the cafe.

The NEW WORLD HOTEL lobby is an explosion of space that you'd think you were in a museum.

They don't have much Christmas decors but still, it will do. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My 3 pogi guys all going dark!

We proceeded to THE LOUNGE for our usual drinks.

In the NEW WORLD lounge they also had live music.

We were the only ones in the lounge and we liked it that way. He he he he he he!

At least when we requested for songs, they were so game to make us happy!


Bunsoy Andrei was aliw with the table lamp because it constantly changed colors.


The singer at the lounge was so nice to Andrei and sang a lot of Beatles' songs.

Our cocktails for the night!

Andrei didn't feel like having any so it was Master Mati again with the Yubhub!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in NEW WORLD HOTEL!

It may not be as posh at MAKATI SHANGRI-LA hotel but we enjoyed the drinks and music at NEW WORLD HOTEL!

The lady had a very good voice too!

Yub's bill! He he he he he!

The 3 tall Christmas trees were show-stoppers in NEW WORLD HOTEL!

We also loved the grand staircase.

NEW WORLD may not be full of Christmas decor but we could still feel the fun of the season.

The big space certainly got the boys in a good mood to run around. He he he he!

(But not so much at nagbibinata na daw sila).

Happy New Year from Hotel Number 2!

Loving the lights at the other side.

Awwww... Look at the adorable Hotel dog...

Andrei and I can't help but to pet it.

While waiting for our car, somebody suddenly got sleepy.

Our last stop for the night!


We wanted to check out something new and different from our usual itinerary

They may not refer to themselves as a hotel but DIAMOND MAKATI RESIDENCES has impressive works of art and high structures!

Check out their tree!

Simple, unassuming, but still impressive!

DIAMOND MAKATI RESIDENCES gave us a different kind of WOW!

Heading towards the lounge...

We have the lounge ALL to ourselves!!!!

The interiors of the DIAMOND MAKATI RESIDENCES restaurant was warm, intimate, but with enlarged symmetrical decors!

You'll gawk at the unique and stylish design of their lamps!

Wohoo! Now this is our kind of night on the town!

Somebody was getting sleeping though.

And there he goes!

Again, Andrei was not in the mood to order so it's going to be just us having drinks in our last stop.

The hub had some juice...

I got a cappucino....

While the Master Mati got a goblet of Chocolate Ice Cream!

This was so rich that it was almost like eating cold cake!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords (one is sleeping) in DIAMOND MAKATI RESIDENCES!

Poor Andrei was knocked out! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My Master Mati is alive as ever because he knows I'll let him play PS3 if he's adorable and behaved for the whole night. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The bill!

After our short snack, we went around DIAMOND MAKATI RESIDENCES!

Andrei was game but he's sleepwalking at the same time. He he he he he!

Happy New Year from Hotel Number 3!!!

Okay now we're done.

We had valet service but we had to go to the back to get to our car. He he he he he!

And we are done for the night.

Though it was a full day for us (Maragondon Cavite in the morning, a birthday party in the afternoon, then our hotel hopping), we really went on to celebrate this annual tradition. Even if the little lords grumbled and we were not feeling it at first, at the end of the night, we were all happy, warm, and just complete with the holiday spirit and love. 

We'll do this forever for you Daddyowzers!!!!!!

Here's to you 2018!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makati Avenue corner, Ayala Avenue, 
Makati, 1200 Metro Manila
(02) 813 8888

Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue, 
Ayala Center, Makati City 1228, Philippines
+63 2 811 6888

 118 Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village,
Makati, Kalakhang Maynila
 (02) 317 0999




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