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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


It's another KRACIE session for me and my little bunsoy on a Sunday afternoon. And once again, my cutesie-poo is excited to try something new...


Dan! Dan! Daaaaaan!!!!!!!!!

We're surprised that for this KRACIE JAPANESE EDIBLE TOY, we got everything in a plastic packet and not a box. Inside though, the usual utensils are there for Andrei's candy project.

The plastic tray/molds....

Plus a toothpick and fork!

Hmmm... "Titingahin ba kami dito?" He he he he he!

Now let's get KRACIE-in!!!!

Always start with the cutting of the plastic tray/molds because you'll always be needing for the candy powders.

Andrei decided to start first with the candy Gyoza. With that, you need this gummy white square!

You cut the square paste in half and form it into two balls.

The size of the 2 balls should be as big as the dotted circles in the guide.

Now here's the tricky part....

In order to make the Gyoza, you flatten it up and form it into a small circle by following the size guide.

The white candy may be gummy but it was still a bit hard. Good thing Andrei's fingers were clean because he really pressed and stretched it with all his might.

For the Gyoza filling, Andrei got the green sachet.

Andrei carefully put the his white flattened candy on the Gyoza mold.

From there, he poured a bit of the candy sprinkle filling.

He pressed the molds together and voila...

Instant candy Gyoza!

Now ain't this cool???

Doing the second Gyoza was harder.

Since there were leftover white candy from the first Gyoza, the second one we're trying to mold on it got stuck.

My bunsoy asked for help on this one because try as he might to be careful, his candy project was getting ripped out.

And in no time....


For the Ramen, Andrei started off with the soup base. With that, he got the brown packet.

He filled it up until the bowl markings.

I really left Andrei to do everything (except for the 2nd Gyoza) that for the directions, he checked the Youtube instructional video from time to time.

He poured the contents of the brown packet onto the "soup bowl".

After a short mix...

Candy "Shoyu Soup!!!!"

For the noodles, Andrei got the orange packet.

He put water until the markings.

Upon mixing, he got a creamy yolk-like texture.

He then got the toothpick and poked a hole onto the lower left corner of the plastic.

Afterwards, he carefully scooped the yellow goo on the makeshift "icing bag".

My bunsoy then pushed the yellow goo until it reached the opening.

And after a few squirts.... 

Curly noodles! Yey!

I was not able to take pictures of it (GRRR) but Andrei also make eggs and fishcake from the leftover white gummy candy and yellow goo!


KRACIE Ramen and Gyoza!

It may not look as attractive or colorful as the other KRACIE candies but for me and Andrei, this is the best tasting of them all!

The Gyoza was my favorite of all the candies I've tried in the KRACIE series. It was like biting into chewy mentos with sour sprinkles inside. I wanted to finish it but since I found it so good, I gave it to dearest Andrei.

Andrei was really enjoying this!

The noodles were like a very mild tasting Fruitella while the "broth" had that cola candy flavor. It's a pretty swell combination really that my little cutie boy finished it in no time.

My Andrei said this is his favorite KRACIE so far! He really finished everything and hoped we could get some more.


I love you Andrei!!!

Till our next KRACIE time!!!! 

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