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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in Makati City and when we were deciding on where to eat, the Chinese Dimpol wasted no time in putting CHEESE STEAK SHOP as our first option because he's been wanting to go back for a loooooong time.

I don't blame him because the tender slivers of meat fried with garlic and seasoning, all in a special bun with loads of melted cheese would get anyone drooling, ASAP.

So we went there with the little lords and we were happy that even if they ordered something different from what we would normally have, they still loved the food and declared that we should return VERY soon.

No problem there! We would never resist a chance to go back to THE CHEESE STEAK SHOP when we're in that side of Makati again and again!


When you enter, you'll immediately receive a warning...

There were a few diners on that late lazy Saturday lunch. But I did saw many customers going to THE CHEESE STEAK SHOP to take out their sandwiches.

The little lords chose this corner because they felt like watching TV and eating.


In THE CHEESE STEAK SHOP, they have these interesting items to check out. Like these ancient sound systems...

And records!

Of course, my bunsoy immediately got his favorite.

There were also game boards for those who want to eat and play!

THE CHEESE STEAK SHOP is semi-self service. You order from the counter and they deliver you the hot goods!

Hmmmmm... What should we get?




Ordering up!

Kudos to the friendly Jane of CHEESE STEAK SHOP who was so patient with our kulitness in ordering. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Wohoo! We're excited to eat!


Walter White and Jesse Pinkman!

Guess what I'm re-watching now b@#$%???

Master Mati and bunsoy Andrei!

First on the table is Andrei's Rootbeer Float (P80.00)!

"Wutyou lookin' at punk???"

This was such a tall glass that he wasn't able to finish it. 

It's okay. MORE FOR ME!

CHEESE STEAK SHOP Regular French Fries (P99.00)!

These are almost like potato wedges in thickness!

We had another order with Cheese Sauce (P99.00)!

The Cheese sauce was yum! Would've been nice if they added more. He he he he he!

Ayan. Wawa tuloy si Andrei!

The Yub and I shared a Classic 10-inch Cheese Steak split into two!

Just look at how much meat is packed into that sandwich!

What we also love about their Cheese Steak sandwiches is that they use these chewy bread that is toasted to have that appetizing crunch!


We also got some roasted peppers and pickled jalapenos for that extra enjoyment!

OMG. Drool... drool!

As for the little lords, Andrei got the Chicken Steak Rice with Cheese (P150.00)!

This is a great alternative for those who are craving for something else than beef.

Don't be weirded out by the cheese because it really worked well to add richness to the chicken.

For rice meals though, my favorite is still the Cheese Steak with Rice (P190.00)!

Super tasty beef fried with onions and topped with gooey cheese. Winner!

Would've loved this more though if they served it with garlic rice and egg like they used to. But still, this was deeeeelish!

Ew I sound like a millennial.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in CHEESE STEAK SHOP!

The little lords were so busy eating, and watching.

The set was on History Channel and they were so interested with the investigative documentary on JFK's assassination.


That's the reason I let them watch na lang. He he he he he!


Master Mati was so full and happy!

Though I'm not sure if he's happy because of the beauty queens at the back.

CHE!!!!!! No girlfriends till you're....

Ah basta.

For now, you'll be our little boy whom we'll drag to food trips! He he he he he he!

I'm sure though that I won't have any trouble doing so when it's CHEESE STEAK SHOP.

Tapos dinala yung girlfriend o.


140 Amorsolo St.Legaspi Village, 
Makati City Metro Manila, Philippines 1229
(02) 555 0235



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