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Monday, January 22, 2018


My family had such a great dinner in BLUE POSTS BOILING CRAB AND SHRIMPS that after about a week...


Yup! It was the end of the little lords' exams for the first quarter and as our tradition, we will fetch them from school (their tests run until Saturdays) and then we'll go out to their restaurant of choice. As our tradition warrants, the boys get to pick where their "end-of-the-exams-celebration" will be. And their choice was where they had an awesome time stuffing their faces with...  


We went during lunch time and we were able to get a table.


The Chinese Dimpol, Master Mati, Bunsoy Andrei!

Mommy, MEEEEH, bunsoy Andrei (again), and Kuya Jon!

If you're looking for the others.... ah eh... their invitation got lost in the mail.... yes that's it!

(Ako kasi manlilibre... ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

BLUE POSTS menu 1...

BLUE POSTS menu 2...

BLUE POSTS menu 3...

BLUE POSTS menu 4...


BLUE POSTS Crab Chowder (P89.00)!

When in BLUE POSTS we would never miss ordering cups of their rich and hearty Crab chowder that's loaded with seafood, veggies, and fried garlic!

This goes so perfect with crusty bread, or, as bunsoy Andrei prefers, with hot white rice!!!!

One of our favorites in BLUE POSTS is the Calamares (P237.00)!

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. My bunsoy could finish a whole basket of this along with their creamy garlic aioli sauce.

My Mommy wanted to have something native and asked for the BLUE POSTS Kinilaw (P179.00)!

Fresh cuts of raw Tuna in calamansi and vinegar with pickled radish and apples. A great side dish to balance out the dishes that are heavy on the sauces. 

Another favorite of the family is the BLUE POSTS Garlic Post Riblets (P499.00)!

It may look dry but trust me, it's tender, juicy, and so flavorful with garlic and seasoning!

I'm sure you'll find yourself gnawing at a bone at one point. He he he he he he!

When the piping hot plastic bags arrive, the crowd goes wild!!!!

When the bag was opened, a mouth-watering aroma of butter, garlic, spices, and something more filled the air!

BLUE POSTS Shrimps Boil (P573.00) with Sweet Corn (P45.00)!

The Shrimps were sweet, plump, and it was drowning in the delicious special cajun sauce of BLUE POSTS.

Since my Master Mati loved mussels, I ordered one in Sambal sauce (P589.00)!

My New Teenager plucked the fleshy meat from the shell with gusto and gave it a generous dip on the sweet spicy sauce. I think he almost finished the whole bag.

When my Mom looked at the food, she asked why I didn't order Crabs. I answered meekly "Mahal e." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! To that she said we could get crabs and she'll pay for it.

When we asked the others if they wanted Crab, everyone answered no.

NOOO??? But why?????

Yes! Even Master Mati, the Crab fanatic, said no!

They said the food ordered was already more than enough.

So YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords, my brother, and Mom in BLUE POSTS BOILING CRABS AND SHRIMPS!

I love going to a restaurant where Andrei eats a lot of the food. Here he is forming his plain rice into a tight ball.

For the life of me, I don't know why he forms his rice into balls. But look at how happy it makes him, so go lang!

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! This made me laugh.

The Yub doesn't want to get his hands dirty and used the utensils provided to peel his shrimps!

I don't blame him. The Shrimps were saucy but it was just glorious! So perfect over rice.


Time to dig in!

It was so cool of the servers to get the different dipping sauces for us.

If you feel like walking, the dipping sauces are located by the entrance.

My happy boys!

The hungry guys!

My lovely view. Yes, di pa ako kumakain. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Since 1 basket was not enough for us, we ordered another serving of the Calamares!

Andrei can't have enough of it!

The sauce in BLUE POSTS was so good that we'd like to take it home and cook it with a set of fresh new ingredients!

He he he he he he!


With feelings.

The bill!

We had coffee and desserts afterwards courtesy of Kuya Jon. He he he he he! I think MOM AND TINA'S is becoming a tradition after BLUE POSTS!

With KIMPURA'S disappearance in Greenhills, we're having a new family favorite. I'm sure we're going to be here VERY soon to celebrate something else.

Or we're going to make a reason to do so. He he he he he he!



O Square Greenhills, 
Ortigas Avenue Corner Wilson Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 2469069 ext:290




  1. Wow looks scrumptious. I notice that all items are pricey but seems worth it. Anyways, for curiosity’s sake, how much were the Crabs?

    1. Hullooo Speedster!!! Everything was just sooo good! I agree that some dishes were pricey (especially that you could get it cheaper in places like Dampa he he he he) but the comfort and service and the way they are cooked were spot on! At least we won't have to go na din to Macapagal. He he he he he he he! For the crab, the last time we ate, one order/piece as about P1,400. Sarap din siya and you should try it. I think I'll do the same too (especially if my brother is paying... bwqa ha ha ha ha ha ha!)


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