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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Usually every Christmas day, THE YAPPY BUNCH would either stay at home the whole morning or visit some of our relatives. This year, my ate thought of treating the family to a Christmas lunch to do something different (especially that our Daddy is not with us).

With that, she suggested to go for JOY NOSTALG HOTEL!!

Heading out to Ortigas this Christmas day!

Since we're going out this holiday, my sister said we should wear something "nice".

Sayang! I was planning to be in jammies the whooooole day!!!! 

When we got to JOY NOSTALG, an adorable Labrador was there to greet us.

I love hotel dogs! They're always big and fluffy and lazy! Ha ha ha ha ha!

For lunch, we'll be at the NOSTALGIA main lounge!

For some reason, their entrance is like the reception of a gentleman's club!

The little lords are debuting their brand new leather jackets that they received from us during the holidays!

Their "suits" are so perfect with the wall design don't you think? He he he he!

The lounge was cozy and not as big as the other more popular hotel restaurants.

Now I like it this way!

They only had about 10 long tables and couches. 

Decors were simple but it really worked for me. It's like we're in a rich friend's home!

Helloooooo pareng Ayala??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

There was also music and singer performing later.

It's my first time in JOY NOSTALG and they so kindly showed me where the buffet tables were.

Buffet lunch will be officially served at 11:00am, a few minutes before this picture was taken so the chefs were all prepared.

Ooh lala! Turkey!

Crisp and piping hot! I'm sure it was straight from the roaster!


I think I'll be making several stops in this station later!

Salad Station!

Some say that Salad Stations are a waste of tummy space if you want to get your money's worth in a buffet. It's true I'm sure but I always need to have veggies in my system so I can't help but getting a full plate with my meal.

Oooh! Cheeses and cured meats!

JOY NOSTALG provided a guide for those who want to recreate the popular salads.

Other hot foods on the buffet....

Salt and Pepper Shrimp, and Salmon with Salsa.

Chicken Roulade and Fried Chicken!

Seafood Paella!!!

When they uncovered the paellera, the rice cooked in seafood broth was still bubbling!

Beef Philly Steak and Caldereta!

Pork Shanghai with Pork Stew!

Braised Pork!

Chicken Feet!

Oven and Grilling station!

Bunsoy Andrei really loved their pizzas.

I'm not sure about this one though. He he he he...

Meat on sticks!

The chef never stopped grilling.

Dessert Station!

Christmas Eggnog with LOTS of cream! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Small servings of desserts...

Tee hee... That thing on the plate looks like a....


Tee Hee....

More desserts!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in JOY NOSTALG!

We were the first to arrive so my sister said we could just go and start eating!


Ate Jojit and Anthony!


The little lords!

Black Widow and Captain America!

We're re-watching Marvel movies now to prepare for AVENGERS 3!!!

Oops... There's a photobomber!

I started off with some salad and cheese.

Plus some Brocolli soup!

Guess whose plate is this?

He matched it pa with a full bowl of Laksa!

Yup! You guessed it, Master Mati's!

My bunsoy Andrei focused on the pizzas and salmon.

My main dishes plate!

A Merry Christmas lunch for the family!

After several slices of pizzas, Andrei focused on some ice cream with lots of marshmallows.

My dessert plate!

The Panna Cotta was sooo good that I had a second serving!

We had a long and fun lunch to celebrate Christmas day!

It's time to go Andrei!

It was a different Christmas day celebration for us but surprisingly, we all had fun.

Of course, I would rather have it the "old way" when our Dad was still with us but if we have to do it differently, then this is a nice and enjoyable change.

Yun lang, how we all wished that Dad was here with us to pig out in this delicious buffet!


Thanks ate Jojit for the treat!!!!!

P1,700 net per head (adult)
P850.00 net per head (children)

Joy-Nostalg Center, 17 ADB Ave, 
San Antonio, Pasig, Metro Manila
(02) 910 8888



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