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Saturday, March 29, 2014


It was, what others may call the "HUMP" day, and though it was only the middle of the week, my husband and I were excited like it was already a Friday. The reason behind all that heart thumping action was that we will be joining our foodie family KTG in BULGOGI BROTHERS later on to try their new 7 Korean Classics! And besides seeing Benedict Cumberbatch (for me) and Jin Loves to Eat (for Yub) in person, the premise of biting into thick, juicy, steaks is so mind blowing for us. 

Yes, food will ALWAYS be the highlight of our EVERYTHING. So stop pitying us too much! He he he he!


The Philippines was actually the first international franchise of this Korean Barbecue gem when it was launched last 2011.Now it already has branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Canada.

After 3 years, BULGOGI BROTHERS remains one of the favorites of Filipino foodies when they crave for Korean Barbecue. I'm sure you would agree once you get a taste of their delicious grilled meats!!!

But now, you would get MORE of BULGOGI BROTHERS goodness with their 7 new dishes!!!

As always, our KTG foodie family was right on the dot in BULGOGI BROTHERS. So now that means it is time to eat!

Let's roll call BULGOGI BROTHERS 7 New Korean Classics!!!

There may be Korean chicken wings serving up here and there but you should try the ones from BULGOGI BROTHERS (P350.00)! It is not spicy nor too sweet! You'll find yourself ALWAYS reaching for another one!

When I take THE YAPPY BUNCH here in BULGOGI BROTHERS, I could just imagine little master Mati ordering their new Spicy Rice Cakes (P150.00). The sauce has the right amount of fire into it that will make you gobble up spoonfuls of steamed rice. At first I thought the white strips were squid when it was actually the rice cakes! This may be a new snack in their line up but this is so good you may have it with your main meals!

I love noodles so much that I could have it every single meal of the day. So when I saw a silver bowl with BULGOGI BROTHERS' Spicy Cold Noodles (P225.00), I knew I just have to have most of it. My apologies to Jeeves because I only left him a strand or two of this slurp worthy dish. It may not be the usual noodles  you're used to, especially with the hot sauce, but still it is worth a try!

I know that summer is already here but there may be still some nights where slurping on some hot soup is the best way to go. If you want to warm your tummy, order up BULGOGI BROTHERS' Ginseng Chicken Soup (P395.00). The clear broth may be light but it still has flavors that would satisfy on so many levels. My husband described this as a different kind of Chicken "tinola" and claimed it as one of his favorites for the night!

Oh I guess it's pretty obvious that there's a half cut of chicken in this dish right? This would definitely fill up 2 or more people!!

Now TIME for the STEAKS!

According to Ms. April Almonte (Assistant Brand Manager - The Bistro Group), they included choice US grade meats in BULGOGI BROTHERS' 7 new Korean Classics line up because they know how Filipinos love their meats and cannot have enough of it. 

First up is BULGOGI BROTHERS 250g T-Bone Steak!

Look at the FAT in THAT! Just the way we love it!

The same goes for BULGOGI BROTHERS Striploin! Isn't the marbling on that just purty? I ALMOST wanted to lick it. 

I said ALMOST because I remembered it was still raw. He he he he!

And thou shalt not forget about the BULGOGI BROTHERS Boneless Short Ribs! 

You may need to throw off your diet for a moment as an order of these babies comes with the Strip loin. Ain't that mighty considerate of BULGOGI BROTHERS to make a Striploin and Boneless Short Ribs combination (P995.00)? You just got your meat heaven on a plate there! 

For that carnivorous night in BULGOGI BROTHERS, they also served us some of their best sellers... 

One of their must orders is the Pork Belly (P595.00) which was marinated with sweet sauce and Korean herbs!

The BULGOGI BROTHERS chuck roll was also a winner in our table! The fine strips of meat were still jampacked with flavor and juices. PERFECT!

You may also opt for the BULGOGI BROTHERS Short Ribs Platter (P995.00) for a little bit of everything!


I think you will never fully experience the fun in a Korean restaurant without doing the usual 2 finger pose! He he he he!

You could actually request your meats to be cooked in the kitchen but having it grilled at table side gives it that extra wow factor that will make you savor and enjoy your food more!

Let's heat things up!

Oh wow.... come to mama....

Just the sight, sound, and smell of the BULGOGI BROTHERS meats cooking is enough to make me go on a hungry frenzy!

The life of my diet also flashed right before my eyes when I saw the whole T-bone steak being fried up on that pan with onions and carrots!

The BULGOGI BROTHERS boneless beef ribs were so tender and juicy!!! Very addicting if you ask me!

When it was laid down on our tables we were all just breathing in that appetizing aroma of perfectly grilled meat!

Tee hee! I think it was also a night of me and Yub asking a lot of "Could you pass the (enter name of steak) please?"

We were not sorry though. Biting into these buttery chunks of beef was worth all the shame.

You may savor your BULGOGI BROTHERS steaks with rice but you could also eat it the Korean way wrapped in lettuce and doused with their spicy sauces. You could also add some kimchi if you want!

I prefer to pick them with my chopsticks and put the beef straight to my mouth! He he he he!

All of BULGOGI BROTHERS new dishes comes with their special side dishes! A favorite of ours is the steamed corn on the cob with hard boiled quail eggs!

My little Andrei loves these flavored anchovies!


And of course, the ever popular, KIMCHI!

Enjoy the delicious Korean Barbecue (plus more) with BULGOGI BROTHERS Corn Tea!

My husband wanted something that would cool him up so he got for himself BULGOGI BROTHERS' Citrus Mint (P150.00)!

GULP! Delicioso!

It's monkey see monkey do for me so I also got for meself BULGOGI BROTHERS Raspberry Tea Mint (P150.00)!

Oh well... I DO need something to chug down when I choke on my BULGOGI BROTHERS food! Ha ha ha ha ha!

We were all so busy eating that we forgot to give some of our attention to Kathi (MUCKING AROUND MANILA)! He he he he he h! Wawa!

When you're finished with your BULGOGI BROTHERS meal, don't forget to cap it off with their cold desserts!

Yub made his dessert choice AND blocked his view of me at the same time.

That's his version of multi tasking if you ask me! He he he he he!



l-r Ms. April Almonte, Jeeves de Vera (ABS CBN), Jericho San Miguel (TASTY PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY), Chuckie Dreyfus (ALL CHUCKED UP), Yen Dreyfus (THE TUMMY TRAVELER),  Eugene Constantino (HEFTY FOODIE), Yedy Calaguas (YEDYLICIOUS), Rina Zamora (RINA'S RAINBOW), Richie Zamora (THE PICKIEST EATER), Kathi Raneses (MUCKING AROUND MANILA), Joko Magalong (ABS CBN), and MR. AND MRS JEWELS OF THE PALACE.

Thank you muchos to Ms. April Heinz Almonte of THE BISTRO GROUP for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!! Wohooo!!!

For a bit of trivia, Ms. Almonte shared with us that the rice bowls of BULGOGI BROTHERS are all made of pure titanium. They used this metal because it detects spoilage in food which you'll see when it changes colors. This is why the Korean royals would have the same type of serving ware in their meals. 

Neat huh?


By the way, don't pity the MUCKING IN MANILA girl too much... We had a great time having coffee afterwards... Tee hee!!!!

Greenbelt 5, Legazpi Street, 
Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines
+63 2 621 6216

Check it out


  1. Aha! Bakit inapi niyo si kathi ha!! :P Kagutom post so early in the morning. :)

  2. Haha!
    I'm just a poor girl, please don't screencap me! :P
    Thanks for the hot chocolate after, Jaz! 'Di ako nakuntento sa chocolate ice cream e.


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