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Thursday, November 9, 2017


The YAPPY BUNCH already had a staycation in MARCO POLO ORTIGAS MANILA early this year when the Chinese Dimpol booked the family for Master Mati's birthday. I remember how much fun we had because even if we got the De Luxe room, we were treated like VIPs who were staying in their penthouse.

Imagine our surprise and excitement when MARCO POLO ORTIGAS invited  the family for a Halloween staycation to fully experience why they were recently awarded by Forbes Travel Guide with 5- Stars!

Oh wowness!!!!!!! To think that we already felt pampered and taken cared for the last time!!!!

We accepted the invitation fast, and REALLY blocked it off our schedule. There may be other invites for that day but so sorry -- we are going to have a staycation, "5-star style"!

And that we did! MARCO POLO ORTIGAS surely knows how to give their guests the exquisite 5-star experience. We enjoyed every minute of our over-the-top staycation that we were already planning (and saving up) for our next one. It was surely 2 days well-spent with the family. The only problem for us was....

How are we going to go back to ordinary life now???

Kidding! He he he he!


MARCO POLO 5-star staycation baby!!!!!!!!!!

We arrived at MARCO POLO HOTEL after Sunday lunch. Whopeee!!!!

Why were we so excited to experience a recent 5-star awardee of Forbes Travel Guide you might ask?

Well for one, if you see star ratings in hotels, that was started by the Forbes Travel Guide. They made this rating system back in 1958 in order to give guests a grand picture of the kind of accommodations the hotel offered. The institution had a vast team of quality inspectors who anonymously check such establishments around the world. And guess what? It is ONLY this year that the Philippines was given this recognition and one of the 5-star awardees for 2017 was MARCO POLO HOTEL.

So you may have had other staycations in the country, but FORBES TRAVEL GUIDE assures you that NOTHING will be like what they'll give you with MARCO POLO HOTEL!!!!!!!!

Time to check in!

We were officially welcomed by Ms. Tina, of MARCO POLO HOTEL's guest relations. She assisted us in everything from getting checked in to giving our full itinerary for the 2 days.

Not that we needed helping really because getting checked in was a breeze. 

The MARCO POLO HOTEL Front Desk officers were friendly and very helpful. They were also so considerate in some of my family's weird requests. He he he he he he!

Our family was reserved at the 36th floor. Wow! We got this corner all to ourselves!!!

We got the MARCO POLO Premiere Room!!!

Yowza!  We were pleasantly surprised with the space, space, and more space!

We had a one King sized bed (uuuuy pwede kami magwrestling... yuck... ha ha ha ha), an otto man sofa, a coffee table, and chairs!

The work station that'll make you feel like an executive!


It seems like a mile away!

My own special coffee maker!

For those wondering, there's still an electronic water heater provided.

The bathroom had a his and hers sink (but the Yub still used my side!!!).

Uuuuy! Bath tub galore!

MARCO POLO toiletries!

Yub's side table!

From my view of the bed there was even a long hallway or corridor....

Leading to????

The boys room!

YES! MARCO POLO ORTIGAS surprised us with two separate but adjoining rooms!


To think that the Premiere room was already more than enough for the four of us, but THIS??? It's surely a new experience for the family. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks muchos MARCO POLO!!!

Now the little lords will really get a preview of how our arrangement will be when they're bigger. But what a 5-star preview this is!

They were reserved in 3611!!!!!

They had the MARCO POLO Superior Room!

The little lords were ultra happy that they were dancing!

The room had 2-Queen sized beds and boasted of super fluffy yet firm mattresses and pillows. 

These were actually the same sized beds in our last staycation. And even if there were 2 of us in each bed, we were all still very comfortable. I could just imagine how the little lords would spread out to their heart's content on these beds. 

There were also sofa chairs for when the guests want to just look out at the wonderful view of the metro.

MARCO POLO HOTEL is going for that natural look with the earth and green tones. It all just added to the relaxing factor of the room.

The boys' very own bathroom! I'm sure they'll have a hard time messing this up!

(They still DID though -- Jaz)

The boys' toiletries!

Somebody is going to use the tub for sure!

Their own coffee making machine... WHICH... I'll be using he he he he!

Wohooo!!! Our 5-star MARCO POLO STAYCATION officially starts NOW!!!!

After settling in our rooms, we went to the CONNECT LOUNGE for some drinks and the beautiful view at the 24th floor!

There, we had MARCO POLO HOTEL's Afternoon Tea that served an array of sandwiches, pastries, sweets, and hot drinks!

Having afternoon tea at CONNECT LOUNGE was certainly a delicious way to spend a lazy afternoon!

Blog post soon to follow!

After a short rest, the little lords were so ready to do some swimming!

We love the MARCO POLO pool because not only is it located indoors, but it's heated too!!!!!!

The MARCO POLO pool is open from 6:00am to 10:00pm! I swear that if we didn't have to have dinner, they would swim until the closing!!!

We have stayed in many hotels but MARCO POLO for me has the best shower room ever. It's already like a spa!

It even has a sauna!

In MARCO POLO HOTEL's shower room, you don't need to bring anything except a change in clothes (sabagay pwede ka din magrobe para BULAGA!!!!!!!!!!!). They already have the toiletries you need plus plastic bags for your wet clothes!

The little lords started swimming in the afternoon.

And they continued splashing around till night time. 

When they got tired of the pool, they'll have "breaks" in the hot tub!

The Yub and I promised to join them tomorrow because we were finishing up with work. We told them they could stay as long as they want.

The little lords' fun is the most essential because their happiness is what's 5-star for us!!!!

After swimming for hours, the little lords washed up for dinner!

That night we were craving for some good ol' Chinese food. In MARCO POLO HOTEL, you don't need to go out to have an exquisite taste of this cuisine.

LUNG HIN is just a few floors up!!!

The award winning restaurant will certainly astound you with their extra ordinary dishes.

Check out these Shrimp Dumplings with gold for instance!!!!

Check out our blog post HERE!

After dinner, the Yub and I thought of having a little date night by going up to VU'S bar in the 44th floor!

Don't worry. The little lords were so fine to see us go because they want to play with their gadgets I guess. He he he he!

VU bar had a special lounge area with a dance floor for the live bands. 

The Yub and I however preferred to go outside where you'll find the breath taking view of the metro.

Not too shabby!

The Chinese Dimpol had VU's Signature cocktail of Sapphire Road while I had the 4-Seasons mocktail.

Sweet convo with relaxing cocktails amidst this lovely view is just perfect!

This was certainly a different kind of date night for me and the Yubhub!

Cheers, metro!

When we got back, we immediately went to the little lords' room and saw that they stayed up to wait for us.

OR, they played gadgets that long. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! CHE!

In a little while....

After everyone has fallen asleep (yes even the Chinese Dimpol), I put my feet up on the lounge chair and fixed myself a hot espresso.


I don't care! Because really, who would want to miss lavishing in the 5-Star style of this award winning hotel? I would shamelessly take my time relaxing, enjoying another cup coffee, pass an hour in the tub, read or watch TV while on the super fluffy bed, and just EXIST in the gloriousness of our MARCO POLO HOTEL room!!!

What's more great here is that we have one more day to relinquish all of this 5-star goodness tomorrow!!!!

Till then!

And just in case you forget, 5- STARS FROM FORBES baby!!!!!!!!!!!!




Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City




  1. Always such pure joy from you and your family.

    This post made me smile from the heart.

    Kat from Maryland

    1. Yayy!!! Thanks dear Kat! Yes! Our family had loads of fun.

      Your comment touched my heart in return!!!

      Cheers and God bless you always :)


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