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Friday, November 17, 2017


One night, the Chinese Dimpol and I were craving for some piping hot bowls of Ramen. But instead of going for our usual Ramen Nagi, Ippudo, or Ukkokei Ramen, we decided to try something new. We then remembered a ramen house in Pioneer Center, Mandaluyong City, that was strongly recommended by a friend so we decided to check it out.

And so we did. With feelings.



The restaurant was in the busy Pioneer Center where even if there was a large area for parking, it was hard to get a slot.

Place was almost empty save for about 3 diners. It's okay. Sometimes restaurants get more busy in the daytime with office workers.


The Chinese Dimpol of the House Dimpol, First of His Name, the Uncleft chin, King of the Crocs and the First Men, Khal of the Great Quezon Province, Breaker of Snores, and Father to handsome little lords.

As for me...

Ay he forgot to take my "attendance" picture.


Ordering up.

TAKASHI menu 1...

TAKASHI menu 2...

TAKASHI menu 3...

TAKASHI menu 4...

When I saw this in the menu, I knew this would be the bowl for me. I tried it first at spicy level 4 for testing. 


Hala, my eyes are so big pa. 

First on the table is my order of TAKASHI Volcano Ramen (P320.00).

The egg was not as runny as what they have other Ramen restaurants while the cheese was just cubed. 

But the soup had the fiery bright red hue that I find enticing.

The noodles had the right firmness to it too so I'm excited to slurp away.

The Chinese Dimpol got the TAKASHI Shoyu Ramen (P295.00).

He asked all of the veggies to be taken out so it almost looked bare. He he he he...

Soup may not have the usual creaminess of pork bones simmered for hours but it's okay. 

My Chinese Khal still liked it.


They didn't have bibs so I just asked for a tissue paper to cover myself.

Don't want to get any red droplets onto my blouse.

The cheese cubes melted and gave the red broth of my Ramen a certain thickness and nuttiness. It was able to combat the fiery spiciness of the bowl of noodles.


As much as I wanted to finish this, I resolved to only have half for fatness reasons. It would be better anyways to share it with my Mati.

However, we were still craving for something and ordered the TAKASHI CHAHAN. We just made the mistake of specifying "Beef" (thinking that they all had the same prices but just varied in toppings) which cost more.

Much more.

Egad. This small cup cost P250.00! That's an entire meal already! But there was nothing to do because I did remember specifying Beef and we were already finished with the dish when we found out the cost. (We thought it was only P90.00, the price of an ordinary Chahan).

If only I remembered to look at this picture to show them because for the life of me I cannot see ANY cube (or even smidgen) of meat in this bowl anywhere. Hay naku! 

Oh well. Lesson learned!

He he he he he!

Sorry kuripots kami. 

Good thing I asked for a makeshift bib because check out the little red splatters on it.

Yes. This is far from the "Chahan Incident" but it's my "look at the bright side" thingy for the day.


The bill.

Aaaack! That P250.00 is still breaking my heart.

TAKASHI... The memory of that overpriced bare Chahan is too painful. We'll be back when we've forgotten about it.

Tee hee...

 Pioneer, Pasig, Metro Manila
0905 510 9554



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