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Thursday, March 23, 2017


My dearest Master Mati turned 13 this year and to celebrate his entry to "teenage-hood", the Chinese Dimpol and I made his 2 week celebration extra special! Besides his restaurant requests, his surprise birthday party, and his Best Bud sleepover, we also gave him a special....


And it's not just an ordinary MARCO POLO staycation.... It's a MARCO POLO BIRTHDAY staycation!!!!

Our fun weekend started at the little lords school. Andrei played basketball with his Daddy while Birthday Boy Mati had his Taekwondo lessons!

After that, we went to our home for the weekend, MARCO POLO HOTEL in Ortigas!!!

We went to the lobby for check in and saw that as usual, there's a pictorial for a wedding.

The interiors of MARCO POLO HOTEL are just elegant and superb. No wonder it's awarded by Forbes Travel Guide with 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Checking in!

Even if there were other people checking in, everything was easy-breezy with the help of their very efficient front desk officer!

The Chinese Dimpol and I made some requests for Master Mati's birthday and the dear FD officer obliged!

Our room!


Beds seem mighty soft and comfy!!

Is it time to jump??

The little lords sat down and was quietly admiring our room.

Our welcome fruits!

Our view!

Our work area!

Our coffee and complimentary water!

Our restroom!

MY toiletries!!!!!!

Our bathtub!!!!


Master Mati's birthday staycation starts NOW!!!!

We rested awhile and called dibs on who will get what bed.

The birthday boy caught some Wrestling on cable and asked to watch it for a while.

After a few minutes, the two boys were the ones wrestling.


The boys wanted to go swimming but I reminded that they haven't done their Kumon yet. I'm glad that there wasn't any wild objections but instead they obeyed with a smile.


That's Andrei KNEELING while answering his Kumon. Yep! No chairs were available so he just knelt! 

And now we're ready!

We had to go down for the pool.

You'd think the way to the pool was a spa!!!


The MARCO POLO hotel pool was indoor AND heated!

Before, we didn't mind if a pool was heated or not but dipping into warm water is certainly relaxing!

Oooh... It's going to be a loooong swimming session for us tonight!

There were only a few chairs in the pool area and it's a good thing that the Chinese Dimpol and I were able to get one.  

My birthday boy was so happy that he's not freezing while swimming.

So happy that he and Andrei DABBED!!!!

When the little lords were kiddies, I usually don't swim because somebody needed to guard the things and attend to them when they needed to get out of the pool.

Now that they're bigger, they could go to the restroom, eat, take a bath, and dress by themselves. So that means, SWIMMING TIME FOR ME!!! 

The Chinese Dimpol loved hanging out in the jacuzzi because the water was hot. Ha ha ha ha ha! Could you see the smoke?

Ahhh... This is the life!

I can't blame the Chinese D because the water WAS toasty!!! I could just relax in here all day!

Yun lang, when you hang out at the tub, it could get freezing cold when you get back to the pool!

After a few minutes....

We had our usual pool snacks!

Yummmm! Yup! We finished all of that!

After wiping out all of the fries, we went back to the pool!!!

Eeep! My birthday boy is so big na!!!!!

Ayan! That's much better. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(Sorry! I can't pick between the two pictures because feeling ko I'm pretty in both! Ha ha h ah aha!)

Seriously though, my Mati is growing up way too fast. When I saw him looking silently at the view outside, he's like a man already.


Since the water was heated, everyone stayed in the pool for an extended period of time.

And we're one of them!

Yup! We'll swim until night time!!!!

Our happiness required a DAB...

WHICH the Chinese D cannot do.


Okay!!! Finally. There you go!

We almost had the pool to ourselves by this time so we were all horsing around with all our might!

Me and the Hub!

Swimming till sundown!

As for us, we celebrated the beauty of the view with a DAB! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Nakiki-in ako!

It was nearing dinner time and nobody was in a hurry to leave!

Especially my little lords!!!!!

When they finally agreed to get out of the pool, we went to the shower rooms to wash up.

Andrei was asking about this room and I told him that it was a sauna! Too bad he's too young to try it out but he was able to get a short sample of it.


This may be the best hotel dressing room I've ever been to!

It really does look like a spa!

Andrei took a bath and saw that they already have everything here: soap, shampoo, conditional, body wash!

There's a water dispenser and lockers too!

The attendant Kimberly was very nice and helped us out in our every needs!

After washing up, it was time to go out for dinner!

Aren't my boys handsome???

While we were walking around the stores of SM Megamall, we saw a familiar cutie pie!!!

It's SKY my inaanak!!!!

We then saw THE FOOD ALPHABET family in one of the restaurants! So great to see them again!

I gave Master Mati options for our dinner and he chose GRINGO because he loved it the first time I took home their delicious Chicken and Ribs!

As I was saying...

Blog post coming soon!

After dinner, my birthday boy requested to buy his "midnight snack!"

Awwww! Look at how excited he is! My foodie talaga!

We got back to MARCO POLO HOTEL a little past 11:00pm!

The little lords were still in high spirits and agreed for a mini-"pictour!!!!"

By CUCINA restaurant!

By the coffee shop!

By the lobby!

I was actually doing this to divert master Mati's attention so I could formalize our little birthday surprise!

When we got back to the room....

Wohoo! Turn down service!

Now how many hotels still do that without the guest requesting for it???

While we were ready to relax, there was a knock on the door...


Thank you Ms. Judith and dear Roan of MARCO POLO HOTEL for arranging this!

We gave master Mati a birthday song and he already blew out the candles, but we still wanted to sing more to him.

Why?? Because we wanted to and that flower candle was too darn pretty!

MARCO POLO HOTEL's Chocolate Extravagance!

My little lords loved the birthday surprise from MARCO POLO HOTEL and stared at it for a loooong time!

We also sang to Master Mati about 3 times because birthdays are fun with MORE songs and MORE candle blowing!

He he he he he! Andrei joined in the fun too!

While I was preparing my coffee, Master Mati started to cut his cake to serve us.

Oh wow! Three layers of chocolate and topped with fudge!

The birthday boy loved it!

After he wiped out his cake, Master Mati proceeded with his midnight snack!

Spicy Tuna Handroll!

After having his cake and sushi too, my birthday boy snuggled under his comfy sheets and watched videos on his Ipad!

As for me and the hub, we have our own midnight snack!

And it's a darn great one too!

We talked, we ate, and we laughed while watching GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY till it was about 2:00am!

Then, it was time to sleep!

My tired but super happy babies!

Good night Ortigas City!

I apologize if I'm posting waaaay too much pictures but we had so much fun that I don't want to forget a moment of it! You'll understand too when you're with your family in MARCO POLO HOTEL celebrating a birthday or just enjoying your time being together.


Yep! There's a part 2!!!!



Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City


  1. Awwww :) I noticed that mas enjoy ata lately yung kids ngayon, compared to other hotel stays.

    Saka Ms. Jaz, asan ang mahiwagang Mango Shake by the pool at ang Yellow Hamper? :) Hahahaha!

    1. Hullooooo dear Yanna!!!! Yes they really had A LOT of fun! I think a big part of it is the heated pool. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Buong araw kami halos!!!!

      You'll see si Hampy and the mahiwagang Mango Shake sa part 2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Talagang trademark ko na ata yun pag staycations!



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