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Friday, March 24, 2017


It's day two of our superfun MARCO POLO Birthday staycation for Master Mati. And if you're traumatized by the loads of pictures that I posted in my last blog, don't worry...

You'll be TERRORIZED this time!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!


Good morning Manila!!!!

I'm a light sleeper that's why it's nothing unusual if I continuously wake up many times in the night because I'm also what you might call "namamahay".

(It doesn't help too that my bedmate snores like a truck running out of gas. I SWEAR..)

But in MARCO POLO HOTEL, I slept so soundly that when I woke up, the little lords were already doing the things they know I wouldn't let them do, like watching TV and playing with their gadgets.


We immediately dressed and went to CUCINA for breakfast!

(Thanks Yub for taking a picture of my back with buhaghag hair and no poise feet positioning. >:( ) 

And what a delicious breakfast it was!!!!!! 

Check out our blogpost there HERE!!!!

After our very delicious breakfast, we rushed back to our to get ready.

Nope. Not to go home!!!!

We're going to swim again!!!!

We had such a great time swimming yesterday (that went on for hours) that we just have go again before going home.

Hmmm... I seem to be in a very weird position. Or I'm just bastus minded lang? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(Actually I'm thinking of something more bastus if you look at the Chinese D's shorts. Is he hiding something in his pockets??? Bakit napunta dun???))

Yohoo!!! And we (almost) have the pool to ourselves!!!

Unlike yesterday, the pool was not as warm. When we pointed it out to the attendant, he said their heater is still on. 

It's okay because we still planned to swim for hours!

As they say, the family that swims together, stays together.

I swear that's what I read before.

My big boys still focused on the hot tub.

Aaaaah! This is the life!

One of our greatest buys for our family vacations is THIS one! Yup! The phone plastic pocket!

It keeps our phone camera so secure and dry that we could now take pictures in the pool without worrying what would happen if it dropped.

Selfie galore!

We were even able to make underwater shots! Yup! No need to buy a waterproof camera!

We gave the phone to Andrei and he shot me and Yub competing over who could bring Mati to his/her side.

After a lot of swimming, it was time to order for some fries!

Yup! It's now our swimming staple!

Another swimming tradition that I have is Mango Shake! Too bad MARCO POLO didn't have mangoes that time so I just had some Pineaplle Juice!

Our server that afternoon was Jake and he was very friendly, quick, and attentive to what we needed. It's great that MARCO POLO HOTEL had staff who make the stay of guests more enjoyable.

It was near check-out time so Master Mati and the Chinese Dimpol started to take showers.

As for me and the baby Andrei, we stayed put in the hot tub!

My boy and I talked, made water fountains, and sang some of our usual songs ("We are best friends... We ARE best friends..."

Wouldn't exchange moments like these for.... check-out time! He he he he eh ehe!

Me and my bunsoy!

After washing and packing up, it's time for our traditional "around the room photos"!!!

By the bed!

Expressing our "love" for Andrei who kept on drumming the whole weekend!

The YAP DAB!!!

Busy with our gadgets!

By the lampshade!

Our drunk pose...

(Master Mati is emoting... He he he he he!)

By the hall....

By our door!

And so, it was really time to go!

With that, Master Mati checked all cabinets and corners to see if we left something. Yup! He's now in charge of that task.

Yellow Hampie wanted to stay put. 

Dear Yanna! Hi daw from Yellow Hampy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Bye room!


Thanks for taking care of us room 2908!

Going down the elevator!

And it was time to check out!

We really wanted to delay leaving MARCO POLO HOTEL but the Front Desk Officer was again very quick and efficient. We were checked out in a jiffy and with a smile!

Another family staycation DONE!

Thanks Chinese Dimpol for treating us to this MARCO POLO BIRTHDAY staycation for Master Mati. Usually I'm the one saving and paying up for THE YAPPY BUNCH outings/hotel stays but since I took care of my guy's surprise birthday party, the Yub decided to be the "taya" this time. Yeyyy!!!! 

Thank you also to Ms. Judith and dear Roan for making Mati's birthday staycation more special!!!! You guys rock!

These are totally the luxuries worth saving up for. As they say, "family vacations are 'happiness anchors' for kids when they grow up".

And if you're looking for a luxurious time that wouldn't break your bank too much, go for MARCO POLO HOTEL in Ortigas. They were not awarded by Forbes Travel Guide with 5 Stars for nothing!!!!!

I'm sure with our time in MARCO POLO HOTEL, it would certainly leave an unforgettable mark with Master Mati's birthday in their memory banks.

Because it CERTAINLY would with the Chinese D and me!



Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City


  1. Hi Yellow Hampy!!! :D OMG special mention ako sa blog huhuhu I'm so kilig!!! Hahahaha :) Thank you Ms. Jaz, this certainly made my day today :)

    Looking forward to your chami / chamsilog (please eat there again hahaha) posts from Lucena :) Hahaha IG stalker lang ;)

    1. Hiya Yanna!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah! I remembered how you looked for my favorite Yellow Hamper na hindi talaga mawawala on our trips! Ha ha ha ha ha! At least comfortable lang namin na tinatapon dirty clothes namin there. HI hi hi! Awwwww thanks!!!! Nakilig naman din ako that you were happy with my munting greeting. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I really remembered you kasi.

      Ang kulit my videos right? Ngayon ko lang nadiscover ang IG story. Ang dali pala niya kasi automatic save sa phone not on the app. I could make more weekend vids niyan. Yay!!!! We were not able to eat at Chamsilog kasi my hub preferred sa malapit lang. Sayang nga e. Sana next time uli!

      Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Pareho tayong stalker! Stalking rules!!! YEAHHHH!

    2. Sobrang fangirling ko, pinakita ko pa sa mommy ko. Hahaha!! Thank you talaga Ms. Jaz, as in :)

      Haha dami kong tawa sa IG videos Ms. Jaz, feeling ko parang nasa car din ako, kumakain and nagbobowling sa Lucena. Hahaha! Yiheee, magv-vlog na rin yan soon :)

    3. Hiya dear Yanna!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ang cute mo naman! No, YOU made my night promise. Ako naman ang kinilig that my small greeting may you happy. Yayyy!! O di ba, bigayan tayo ng tuwa. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Ang kukulit naman din kasi ng mga kasama ko! Pero I doubt if I'll still do IG stories. Pinagsabihan ako ni Yub na malakas pala makaconsume ng data. Ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah! E kuripot yun e. Hmp! He gives me my internet load. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Mwaaaaah!!! :)


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