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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a staycation at Forbe's Travel Guide's 5-star awardee MARCO POLO HOTEL, and having a 5-star time!!!!

For that afternoon after checking in, we thought of just lounging around being lazy but we wanted to have some munchies. With that, I remembered how much fun my bunsoy Andrei and I had when we had a mini-date at CONNECT LOUNGE with their scrumptious Afternoon Tea!!!!


CONNECT LOUNGE is on the 24th floor of MARCO POLO HOTEL near the lobby.  The place gives a breath-taking view of the Metro while you have your drinks and enjoy their fast (and free) wifi service!

Their sofas are super comfortable but the best spot is near the window for that beautiful view.

It was not my bunsoy's first time but he is still excited for our afternoon date!


Me and Master Mati!!!!!

Bunsoy Andrei and the Yubhub!

When you're in CONNECT LOUNGE from 2:00pm to 6:00pm however, do try out their Afternoon Tea!

You'll get 3 tiers of sandwiches, and pastries plus coffee and/or tea!

We also ordered extra drinks for the boys.

My super handsome teenager!

The last time we had our AFTERNOON TEA, they let Andrei have hot chocolate because he did not like tea.

Yay! Our AFTERNOON TEA snacks are here!

The AFTERNOON TEA snacks were artfully served in a stylish 3-tier metallic stand.

The top plate had sausage rolls and scones!

The butter scones were also served with strawberry jam and whipped cream!

On the middle plate, you'll get 4 servings of open-faced sandwiches.

The Smoked Salmon was our favorite but the ham and cheese were so yum too!

The bottom plate had a variety of cheesecakes and panna cottas. The little lords took care of this.

Don't worry, they offered some to us and it was indeed good!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords for some AFTERNOON TEA!

It was indicated in the menu that the AFTERNOON TEA is good for 2 people. But it was more than enough for us!

The sandwiches were already so filling and a great match with my coffee.

As for the boys, they savored not only the food but the view as well.


As this was our second time having AFTERNOON TEA, I remembered the Chocolate Fondant cake and asked for it.

Who wouldn't want to miss a serving of gooey hot chocolate with sweet cream right?

Chocolate lovers (like me) would certainly enjoy this with their hot drinks.

The Amuse Bouche was supposed to be served at the start of the AFTERNOON TEA but it was only given to us at the end of our meal and after we asked for it. 

Looking around, I guess they also forgot to serve it at the other tables because we we were the only ones who had it that day. That's too bad because they are certainly missing something that was not only exciting for the kids but a delightful pre-appetizer as well!

My bunsoy remembered this from the last time and gave me the sweetest smile upon seeing it. 

After licking the stick clean, he proceeded to stare at the dry ice in the fishbowl. He he he he he! Life's little joys talaga.


Even if you're not checking in for the night, do try out MARCO POLO HOTEL's AFTERNOON TEA if you can. It's a different but delicious experience that you could enjoy with your family while in country's award winning 5-star hotel.



Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City



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