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Monday, November 6, 2017


If you have been following my silly little foodie blog (oh poor you), you would know how much my family and I are SO obsessed with KIMPURA in Greenhills! Yep! It has already been an institution for us, almost like a separate room of our house where we celebrate birthdays, special occasions, or just when we're in the mood for delicious Japanese food. They had another branch in Greenbelt but it wasn't just the same for us -- KIMPURA Greenhills had all our wonderful family memories that we would never ever think of going to somewhere else. 

I forgot the first time we ate in KIMPURA in Greenhills but I'm sure it's close to when it opened its doors 29 years ago (Grabe! 3 years old lang ako nun! :P ).  Since then, we have been regular customers and became friends with the servers and resident managers.  When birthdays are to be celebrated, we don't need to ask where, it's automatically going to be in KIMPURA at the Teppanyaki Table!

So imagine our despair when we learned (during my birthday lunch pa ah) that KIMPURA will be closing their doors sometime in the summer.



Seriously though, we really got sad with the news. If I may borrow how they used the line in FRIENDS, "It is an end of an era." The manager told us that their space was bought by a very popular land corporation and they'll convert the whole area into a modern commercial center. They may be planning on moving to another spot near Missouri St., but it's not the same -- our old KIMPURA was going to "leave" us. Where will we go now?

Sorry but sometimes, development REALLY sucks!

We still went on with our usual lives but when we finally learned of the last few days of KIMPURA Greenhills, THE YAPPY BUNCH just had to pay homage to our "faux" ancestral home.

As usual, we had a delicious and wonderful dinner. But the night was bittersweet -- it was the last time we will be eating at the Japanese place that has been welcoming us for 29 years.

Good bye KIMPURA GREENHILLS!!! Thanks for always being there for us and serving fried dilis and pickled veggies.


(I miss you Daddy :( RIP )
My family's default birthday place has always been KIMPURA!

It was in 2003, the year when were going to get married that the Yub first ate with my family in KIMPURA. 

Who knew that after 14 years, we'll be eating in KIMPURA with our 2 boys on the restaurant's last few days??


KIMPURA was so full that Friday night!

The little lords thought that we'll have to transfer because there were a lot of people in the waiting list that night.

Good thing that THE YAPPY BUNCH was able to make a reservation otherwise we'll be the 10th or 20th in line!

Almost everyone wanted to be in the Teppanyaki table.



My bunsoy Andrei and Handsome Teenager Andrei!


Congratulations on your engagement!!!!!

(News broke out while I was writing this blog... he he he he -- Jaz)

As always, we were immediately served with KIMPURA's complimentary appetizer of pickled dilis and veggies!

Since this was Andrei's favorite, we got an extra order of it just for P75.00!

When in KIMPURA, we'll never miss ordering their Fried Rice (P105.00 per cup). So delicious and flavorful!

Hmmmm.... Now that they're closing doors on us, I guess I have to study the ingredients now.

We have been with many KIMPURA Teppanyaki chefs before but this guy is our favorite. He's always smiling and kind to the kids. He would also follow our little requests even if it may be weird to some. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Besides that, he would ALWAYS make delicious Teppanyaki grub!

Hey Andrei! Stop zoinking the dilis before the rice is served!

Be like Master Mati who waited patiently by just frying up the pickled veggies. Ha ha ha ha!

Ooooh! The fried rice is coming now!

While waiting, we had some miso soup!

The KIMPURA Miso Soup was light, hot, and very satisfying.

Yohoo! KIMPURA Fried Rice!

This is my favorite Japanese fried rice of all. When I was younger, I could finish 2 (or 3) whole cups of this!

Up next is the KIMPURA Chicken and Prawns Teppanyaki (P850.00)!

A big chunk of Chicken Breast is fried with Garlic and Butter.

It is then chopped and sauteed with onions and green pepper!

We also had some KIMPURA Sukiyaki Steak (P580.00) served with buttered vegetables.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in KIMPURA!!!!

Once Andrei got his KIMPURA Fried Rice, he attacked his Dilis!


We split our orders between the grown ups and the kiddies. It was more than enough for us!

The Chinese Dimpol was almost finished with his cup. He waited patiently for Andrei's leftovers (there usually is!).

My bunsoy was more busy watching the food getting cooked than eating!

As for me, I mixed a LOT of chili powder on my Fried Rice! It's more exciting that way.

We also ordered some KIMPURA Shrimp Tempura (P320.00 for 4 pieces). It was crunchy and meaty as always!

Egad... so YUM!

And we're done!!!

Well almost. He he he he he he!

As we were waiting for the bill, the bunsoy Andrei as usual went to his Daddy to make lovey lovey lambing.

He knows I get selos when he does that. Pero aba. Ngayon, garapalan!!!!!!

Since it was near the end, the friendly KIMPURA manager gave us our favorite complimentary dessert -- Coffee Ice Cream with Black Gulaman!

My family became friends with the KIMPURA managers and servers all these years including the present batch!

We're touched that they gave us this complimentary dessert because it's what they always served for their birthday songs!

Nobody was celebrating their birthday tonight but this was a welcome treat for us. For old time's sake nga naman since we've always celebrated special birthdays here!


Our KIMPURA bill!

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Good bye KIMPURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hmmm.... I think you could tell who was the most affected with their closure.

When we got outside, we saw a written good bye from KIMPURA.

When I realized that this was the last time we'll be passing by this door, something ached in my heart and tummy.

Oh drats.


I guess everyone knows how much we loved KIMPURA that when our KTG bossman Spanky Enriquez was writing a farewell to the iconic restaurants closing this year, he included ERICJAZ FOODIES.

I wasn't able to get hold of the actual magazine but you could check it out online by clicking HERE!

The article was filled with sentiments and wonderful memories shared by individuals who have been touched (and fed) by KIMPURA.  I'm not surprised that we're not the only ones who consider this old Japanese restaurant as family. And I'm sure that like them, KIMPURA will always have a special space in our nostalgic hearts.


But seriously, WHERE WILL WE GO NOW???????

He he he he! 

KIMPURA forever and ever and ever.



Kimpura Japanese Restaurant
Greenhills Shopping Center
GH Lifestyle Center, Ortigas Ave
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 721-8816

(Yep! I'll still post the address and number even if I don't need to. May reklamo????)




  1. Bakit naluha ako habang binabasa ko to? I know how much you love Kimpura kaya nung nabasa ko magcoclose na sila ikaw naisip ko! Hugs! kahit di pa ko nakakakain dyan huhu

    1. You're a kindred spirit talaga Erika... He he he he he! I guess we're both super sentimental and romantic people who are loyal to the things we love. Haaaaaaay... Will miss the comforting feel of the old Kimpura talaga. :(

      You may try their Greenbelt or Trinoma branch but promise, Greenhills was the best. :) Mwah!


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