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Friday, November 10, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a glorious time in MARCO POLO HOTEL and experiencing why it was awarded recently by Forbes Travel Magazine with a whopping 5-stars.

Now why is that 5-stars a big deal from Forbes Travel Magazine a big deal?

If you've seen star ratings from hotel establishments, it was Forbes Travel Magazine who started it way back in 1958. For many years they have institutionalized the standards of hotels with their exclusive ratings system done meticulously by their quality inspectors.  It is only in 2017 that the Philippines was given recognition, and one of the two hotels was MARCO POLO ORTIGAS.

So yeah. We would CERTAINLY love to get a piece of the hotel that was named "One of the Finest Five-Star properties in the World for 2017".  We would be so crazy not to!

Now even if it was already our second time here, we were still enjoying every minute of our staycation and discovering a new level of fun with the family. I guess THAT is indeed the 5-star way!

Now I know I should've just shortened this post into one blog but I can't -- there are just too many great times that I never ever want to forget. And you know me, I always post everything in detail especially if it produced maximum enjoyment for my family. He he he he!

Check out day 2 of our awesome 5-star staycation in MARCO POLO HOTEL and I hope it will give you an idea of how your stay will be like.



It's day 2 of our MARCO POLO STAYCATION!!!!!!!!!

What a beautiful view to wake up to!

The Yub and I were booked in the MARCO POLO HOTEL Premiere Room and we loved it! The place was so big and sulit that we plan to get this the next time we have our own staycation here. So much space for lil' ol us!

(BTW, I dare not post our morning pic because I looked like a banshee with a very bad hangover. I promise you, you'll get traumatized.)

When I got to the little lords room, they were all cute and happy!

The boys had the MARCO POLO Premiere Room and not only were they thrilled to not sleep with us but they loved their soft Queen-sized beds, their big TV, and their own bath room with tub!!!!!!

We almost had to drag them away to go to breakfast. 

The view from their room!

Time to get some brekky!

Breakfast in MARCO POLO HOTEL is always in the popular Cucina!

When I posted in my Instagram account how we were going to have breakfast in CUCINA that morning, I received a lot of comments and messages that they miss the place!!!


Me and the Yubhub!

Bunsoy Andrei and the Master Mati!

Now here's what we ate!

I don't care for long buffets as long as they had my "essentials" for the first meal of the day.


The Chinese Dimpol raved how the Bacon was already so nummy in our tummy crispy!!! No need to make a special request with the chefs!

What we did request for was for plates of eggs -- our style!

They even had an illustrated post to help you decide! He he he he he!

My bunsoy attacked the Filipino breakfast station.

My Andrei is a picky eater but he loved the sweet style longganisa. He got A LOT of them.

He was happy to see that they served his favorite taho in CUCINA that my bunsoy immediately got himself a full bowl.

As for me, I'm eyeing this fried bangus...

AND this saucy Adobo that was still bubbling from the pot. 

Hmmmm.... Should we get noodles for breakfast? Why not?

CUCINA had a noodle station to serve you piping hot bowls of this favorite!

My first breakfast plate.

Sweet dreams are made of THESE. :) Yep! I'll get out of bed for breakfas ALWAYS!

And don't you just love pairing a plate of food with spicy soup and noodles?????

Yep. Carb on carb ALWAYS rules!!!!

The little lords requested for an omelette filled with cheese and bacon!

Bunsoy Andrei got half of the creamy omelette and loved it!

As for me, I stuck to the basic -- egg with ketchup! 

Breakfast was awesome as always in MARCO POLO HOTEL!!!! 

After our 5-star heavy brekky, we had loads of energy for our next gimmick....


We love the MARCO POLO pool because it was heated and located indoors. 

We could swim here for the whole day if we didn't have to check out!!!

What's great too is that you have a grand view of the metro while swimming. I don't know about you but this for us is a 5-star experience!

You'll also get that "top of the world" feeling in their hot tub!

Just wanna share that when I swim with the boys, I take my time before getting my hair wet. I always tell my husband "Let's have pictures na while my hair is dry!!!!"

Let's just say that I want to hide my "assets." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So for that day, the Yub took my pictures na while my top is dry.

Here I am doing the "Baby Shark"...

And looking like an Orca by the edge of the pool.

I made sure that all family pictures were taken first so I kept my head dry for about 30 or more minutes.

Afterwards, I took the plunge na. He he he he!

Then my husband suddenly said "Yub selfie tayo...."


After I got my head wet already and my forehead is its full glory????????????????


You're making me angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My loving husband took a picture of me pa "attacking" him in faux anger.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well. It's rare for the Yub to ask for a selfie so I just found ways to cover my "gift".

He he he he he!

Suddenly, the boys' goggles came in handy. He he he he he he!

Awwww... What a great picture!

Afterwards I just let it go and swam with all my might.

Even after Yub and Master Mati went off to take showers, I stayed behind with my bunsoy who still wanted to swim.

We may be nearing check-out time but who cares? When will my bunsoy and I get this moment again where he's still a kid who wants to hang out with his Mommy?


And then we're done.

The soothing waters of the MARCO POLO HOTEL pool is still once more.

This may just be a pool but with the 5-star standards and facilities that go with it, you'd think you we're in a spa already!

It helped too that Junry, the MARCO POLO pool attendant was very nice and friendly to give us towels, orange waters in our couch, and take our pictures!

When we got back to the room, it was raining outside.

This got us more lazy to check out. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

Since the MARCO POLO bed was sooooo soft and comfy, I'll think I'll watch a bit of TV first before packing. 

It's Halloween anyways. I cannot just go without checking out Balitang K's Scary special! He he he he he he!

(Making excuses not to leave na!)

Okay so finally we are packed!

Now it's time for our traditional pictures around the room. He he he he!

Warning: You eyes might hurt. 


King bed shot!

Lounge chair shot!

Mirror shot!

Drunk shot!

(Our favorite. He he he)


Acting oh so happy shot!

Having another super kaduper happy shot again!

By the bathroom and cabinet shot!

Room 3611 shot!

Room 3612 shot!

Hallway shot!

The Shining Shot!

He he he he he he he!

And it was really time to go. 

The kiddies were so bummed and didn't want to leave THEIR room!!!

The Yub and I were also sad to leave.

Same goes for Yellow Hampie! He he he he!

Good bye to our 5-star room!!!! Thank you for taking care of us.

Again, checking out was so easy peasy and FAST!!!!!

Kudos talaga to MARCO POLO HOTEL's Front Desk officers who are always courteous, helpful, and friendly. When I asked him about next week's rates for each type of room, he knows all of it!!!! It's great to encounter hotel people who really know a lot about their establishment.

After our easy peasy check out, we went to MARCO POLO HOTEL'S Cafe Pronto for some afternoon snacks.

Everything just looked so mouth watering!

If you're single, you could include the CAFE PRONTO staff above. He he he he he!

UUUUY kinilig sila.

We got a lot of tasty munchies from CAFE PRONTO and one of them is the Chocolate Churros!

I'm sure I don't have to describe how much our boys loved it!

More on our blog post of CAFE PRONTO HERE!!!

After our delicious snack, we officially ended our awesome 5-star style staycation in MANILA HOTEL with a good bye from their adorable guard dog!!!!


It was indeed a memorable 2-day stay in MARCO POLO ORTIGAS!

The great thing about this multi-awarded hotel is that you don't need to go looking for anything else. 

EVERYTHING you need for a relaxing, comfortable, fun, and enjoyable staycation with the family is right HERE.

Even if the Yub and I didn't book an international or out of town getaway for this long weekend, we still felt that we didn't miss out on anything.

Who wants to get delayed flights (like what many people experienced) or spend a ginormous amount of money from a trip that will just get you so drained when you get back home?

In fact in MARCO POLO ORTIGAS, we didn't need to go anywhere!!!!!!

For the lazy afternoon, you could have tea, snacks, and free wifi in CONNECT LOUNGE!

For a looooong and fun swim that won't give you a horrid sunburn, they have an olympic sized pool that's heated and indoors!

For an extra ordinary Chinese meal, indulge at LUNG HIN!!

For night owls, there's VU'S SKY BAR AND LOUNGE!

For a top notch breakfast, greet the morning with CUCINA!

For delicious snacks, no need to go the fast food route, because you could always go to CAFE PRONTO!

And for rooms with first class amenities that would just make you want to stay in all day and keep awake all night (just so that you won't miss any of it).

So really. Why go anywhere when you've got your 5-stars here??

We certainly DIDN'T.

And we came back home, happy, joyful, and in true 5-star spirits with the wonderful family memories.

All courtesy of MARCO POLO HOTEL in Manila!!!!



Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City



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